Things which have changed lately….

1. My new friends in my phone come in pairs e.g Shelley and pippa
2. My bath is full of squeaky toys and a colorful no slip mat
3. Sleeping for 5 hours feels like a luxury
4. My daily points allowance jumped from 30 to 43!!!
5. Doing one major outing per day is plenty
6. It takes me about 15 minutes to get out the front door as long as I have started preparing to leave half an hour before that!
7. If my husband and I won a fancy stay at a hotel we would say thank you we have been looking forward to injecting some extra SLEEP in our lives
8. Life has never been at a slower pace for me
9. Life has never been more fun
10. I have never been so in love with one person, actually two people because one of them helped me make the other!



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