Spending ban

  Sadly my maternity pay has now come to an end. In the spirit of saving I am going to try and make it fun here by having a no buy rule between now and my uk trip. I will be shopping my stash, generating wish lists for when I am away and also reviewing empties etc so I know what I really use and like.

Watch this space.

Do you do spending bans?

Goal weight

I always love to have a reward for when I get to goal. Now my milk supply is established I am back on weight watchers to loose my baby weight and get to that goal. I have set myself the timeframe of by my 32nd (eeek) birthday which is in February! My progress, which I don’t want to make a song and a dance of, will be logged on the weightloss page!

In this blog I will be compiling a list of clothes I like and looks I want to try when I get to goal. Largely my wardrobe has good basics but they are getting pretty heavy duty wear and washing ( thanks to a spewy baby!) so will need replacing by that point. I am also going to choose some items for when I am no longer breastfeeding!

do you reward yourself and make lust lists?

Mummy face!

Mummy face!

The mummy face is a challenge. It needs to be doable in 5 mins, pretty hardy as you don’t have time for touch ups and make you feel good after less than perfect sleeping!

I like mineral base as sometimes, if we are honest, you don’t quite make it to taking your makeup off before tumbling into bed!

A bronze to warm up the skin, lip stain so you can give lots of kisses with zero transfer to baby and I am enjoying a tube mascara as there is zero smudge! Finally a wash of 24 hour shadow so it doesn’t slide all over the face and you are ready for anything.

Currently I have a lot to use up and am working in doing this before Christmas. I do have a few wish items on my list….

Jane iredale foundation
Naked pallette

In the meantime I will try and join the project pan brigade again!

what are your basics? What do you lust after?

A working mother

I have been meaning to write this for a while. When I was pregnant I was sure I would want to return to work a few days a week after a year. Everyone said I would change my mind. I remained open to changing my mind as everyone was so sure I would.

At 3 months I love being a stay at home mum. I would find it hard to go back now as she needs me lots. I look forward to returning to work next year. I hope I can find a job that suits. I am not willing to work more than 3 days a week, I need to be my daughters main carer, and we are lucky to have the luxury I don’t have to. I do miss work, I loved my job and it interested and excited me. Infact more than ever I want to do a job I love, go to work and come home smiling to tell my daughter I loved it. I want her to see people having jobs they love so she expects and wants that for herself!

The extra money is also handy for financial stability and for my other passion travel . I want to show her the world from a young age so she learns to love it and be excited by it as opposed to scared of it.

are you a working mum? Do you plan to be?

Life updates

The last life update I wrote I was fully disorganized in my head. I honestly didn’t know where I was at for home or work. Now things have settled, as per usual, everything has it’s own way of falling into place.

We got a new car a Volkswagen tiguan and it’s great, really perfect for families who do inner city driving as well.

We also did some research and got some opinions and decided to reclad the outside of our house. This is quite an expense but will add value as well as decreasing heating/ cooling costs. By doing this and getting new windows we have spent a fair bit on our abode but it has upgraded it and made it more of a three bedroom house.

I am nervous that we are spending our savings but it seems positive that there will be some kind of job that I want for next year. Ideally I would like to work in my given field 2 or 3 days per week.

The knowledge that I could be working again next year means I am treasuring this year. Making every effort to enjoy each day for what it is. Even if that day is one of those days where milly needs to be cuddled all day and we are parked on the couch. Smiles like this make it soooo worthwhile .


We have also been working out loads: walking in the sun by the river, mum and baby pilates, aqua and barre extend bubs on board are part of our week as well as a vibro plate class which condenses an hours work out into 30 mins so is perfect for mummas. I should get the clearance to run in a week or so aswell! We have been loving these classes as they get us out the house and amongst others!

The diet is gradually being cleaned up, I didn’t stress about an all or nothing approach but am working with crowding out ( ie chucking the good stuff in so there is less room for the bad stuff) as each day goes by I crave the bad stuff less.


This particular offering was pear, coconut water, cucumber, lime and mint! Oh hello gorgeous!

The sunny weather has meant we have been using the pushchair heaps and I carry a blanket in the bottom so if we are running early we can have a quick lie down in the breeze and kick our legs about ( more her than me).

how is life lately for you?

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Popbasic wanderlust

Untitled #8

Yves Saint Laurent genuine leather pants
$2,665 – montaignemarket.com

Converse sport shoes
$78 – office.co.uk

This is the breastfeeding diaries #2. Popbasic is a great little company who curate micro collections of wardrobe staples. I have found quality and value to be great. The wanderlust collection has been paired with converse for running around like a headless chicken ( me most days!) and leather trousers ( easy wipe clean- mums best friend). A tshirt and cardy also works for breast feeding mummas to allow a subtle snack for baby where ever you may be ( bus stop anyone? Just me?).

You can get $15 off you first popbasic order using this link

3 months

Dear Milly,

I see these post on other peoples blogs and I was never going to join in, but you grow so fast and I forget so I wanted to write down and cherish some of these things. My gorgeous girl you are now 3 months old and what a 3 months it has been. I have never loved quite as hard as I do with you. From the minute you were born I have been surprised at just how much I love you, how just looking at you can make me cry with happiness, how a smile from you makes my day.

In the last three months you have adjusted so well to life outside in the real world. You have never been put on a schedule, more encouraged, and you now go good stretches between feeds, you sleep from 8 or 9pm until around 6 or 7 am with just one feed at 3.30am, you play and grab things, you talk, you shout and your smiles make everyone around you happy.

You seem to love being with me, as I love being with you, and together we do everything ( mum and baby aqua, mum and bubs pilates, bubs on board barre class and mothers group). You love round and round the garden and row row your boat, you love bath time with daddy, you like being outside for walks, and you LOVE bubbles. You like to sit on my lap in cafes and with my friends and just do a lot of looking, you like a story book being read to you and you love singing. Lately you have started playing peak a boo at the end of your feeds. you will pop off the boob and smile then pretend to go back on before looking up with a cheeky grin. I can tell you find yourself hilarious.

Days with you are not the chore I was led to believe being a stay at home mum would be, infact they are a delight. We have a little routine most days where we get up, feed and play, do nappies and get you dressed. You then pop in the high chair and chat to me whilst we have breakfast and I clean the kitchen up. You often have a nap after this which Is when I clean the house and get dinner on ( slow cooker!). We either walk in the morning or afternoon most days and run a few errands with the pushchair. Monday to Thursday we do one of the classes I mentioned above and you love seeing the other children. We play a lot in the days and you also like nappy free time kicking your legs on your play mat. Once daddy gets home you play with him too and have a bath with him each night. All I ever hear is laughing and him singing ‘pop go the bubbles’ to you. After that you sit in your highchair ( if you are in the mood) whilst we have dinner. If you are not in the mood we eat one at a time whilst the other sings and bobs you. Around 7 or 7.30 you start to get tired so I take you in the bedroom and we give you a bedtime feed, read a book and pop you down.

I worried that I would feel restricted with a baby but more than anything I want to work hard, in a job I love, to be healthy and active, to love, laugh and travel and teach you to love all these things too.

You are a delight, Mummas delight and I love you Milly pops.

photo 4

When I get my wings

This little lass o’ mine she is growing so fast. Breastfeeding is, what I understood to be, the best start you can give someone in life. So I did it. I thought if I could do 6 weeks it would be fab. 3 months in we are still going and to be honest I cant see us stopping soon. I would like to definitely go to 6 months after which she will definitely be having some solids. At this point I would love her day feeds to be expressed milk in a cup and for me to do nights and mornings still until a year. Obviously this may not be possible but it is what I hope for.

Currently Milly and I are never apart and I know that over the next few months we need to practise being apart a bit in readiness for when we can be. In a few weeks I will be cleared to jog again so 3 times a week ( is my goal) I will head out for 20-30 minutes and she will be at home with her dad. Whilst nervous of leaving her I am really looking forward to running again.

I thought it may be useful to make a list of things I would like to do once I am able to leave her so it reminds me to look forward to them rather than being upset about not being with her.

1. jogging

2. a massage- my baby is big and my back is sore. I look forward to a massage and pamper

3. cocktails with the girls

4. a Bikram class

5. Girls night at the movies ( the ones with champers and a goodie bag etc)

That is probably about it for now, but I will keep this list handy to start ticking them off once I am able to be slightly more independent.

What would you put on your list? was it hard to leave your baby first time?

The breastfeeding diaries

The breastfeeding diaries

Breastfeeding fashion is in a word ugly! Frumpy cuts, plain styles and not at all trendy! I have found using a set of breastfeeding tanks or singlets I can wear a variety of regular clothes and continue on my merry way. Shirts over a tank provide easy access for an ad hoc feed whenever needed. I like tshirt to be embellished ( so you don’t need jewellery) but I like any detail to be flat or rounded so there is no risk of scratching babies! Flat shoes are perfect for slipping on in a hurry- feed baby, burp baby , throw baby in pram/ carrier to get from a to b before they cry! Always a fan of real leather I am converted to good faux leather jackets- mine is from new look and can be chucked in the wash or wiped down after spew attacks! Finally a liquid liner that won’t budge all day works and a lip stain which doesn’t transfer or those little bubbas end up covered from all the kisses!

what do you wear to breastfeed?