Bellaboxes.. beauty and baby

This month I ordered two bella boxes. The beauty box and the baby box.

The beauty box

photo (7)

The beauty box contained the following:

An Innoxia lipstick (RRP $14.95) this felt nice on my lips but the colour was gold which I would honestly never wear.

Designer brands paw paw plus ointment (RRP $4.99) which I will use gladly. I do have a few others of this from other brands which I got in other boxes.

Chapstick ultimate lipkit (RRP $8.99) this is three of their flavours ( classic, strawberry and green apple) in a little retro tin. I will probably give this to my niece.

Anastasia lash genius waterproof topcoat (RRP $39.00) I haven’t tried this yet but apparently it makes any mascara waterproof which is a good thing when I do aqua classes twice a week.

She aromatherapy fruit gloss tube (RRP $12.95) this was in a plummy colour with sparkles, it tastes really fruity and to be honest I wont really use this as it is a bit gloopy with a strong smell.

As a bonus there was also a sachet of aloe vera gel.

I do think these boxes are the best value I have yet seen for the beauty boxes but as with all of them I get annoyed as I just wont use most of the items. This is not to do with the box it is because I am FUSSY!

The baby box

photo (8)

This box is designed for both mother and baby and contained

Aveeno baby wash and shampoo ( RRP $10.99), Little innocents winter blues balm (RRP $10.99), Go natural fruit twisters ( side note: I ate these and they are delicious!), Heinz baby weaning spoon (RRP $4.99), Jack n’ Jill silicone baby finger brush (RRP $6.95), La Clinica refining day cream, burts bees almond hand cream, biore skin balancing cleanser, libra hotties heat pack (RRP $4.99), mater pregnancy body balm, tommy tippee disposable breast pads.

I have only included the value on things which were not trial size. I loved this box. I will use the baby items and also the little skincare treats are great for travel. If I were to continue a box it would be this one.

Do you get a monthly box? which is your fave am I missing out?


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