The breastfeeding diaries

The breastfeeding diaries

Breastfeeding fashion is in a word ugly! Frumpy cuts, plain styles and not at all trendy! I have found using a set of breastfeeding tanks or singlets I can wear a variety of regular clothes and continue on my merry way. Shirts over a tank provide easy access for an ad hoc feed whenever needed. I like tshirt to be embellished ( so you don’t need jewellery) but I like any detail to be flat or rounded so there is no risk of scratching babies! Flat shoes are perfect for slipping on in a hurry- feed baby, burp baby , throw baby in pram/ carrier to get from a to b before they cry! Always a fan of real leather I am converted to good faux leather jackets- mine is from new look and can be chucked in the wash or wiped down after spew attacks! Finally a liquid liner that won’t budge all day works and a lip stain which doesn’t transfer or those little bubbas end up covered from all the kisses!

what do you wear to breastfeed?


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