3 months

Dear Milly,

I see these post on other peoples blogs and I was never going to join in, but you grow so fast and I forget so I wanted to write down and cherish some of these things. My gorgeous girl you are now 3 months old and what a 3 months it has been. I have never loved quite as hard as I do with you. From the minute you were born I have been surprised at just how much I love you, how just looking at you can make me cry with happiness, how a smile from you makes my day.

In the last three months you have adjusted so well to life outside in the real world. You have never been put on a schedule, more encouraged, and you now go good stretches between feeds, you sleep from 8 or 9pm until around 6 or 7 am with just one feed at 3.30am, you play and grab things, you talk, you shout and your smiles make everyone around you happy.

You seem to love being with me, as I love being with you, and together we do everything ( mum and baby aqua, mum and bubs pilates, bubs on board barre class and mothers group). You love round and round the garden and row row your boat, you love bath time with daddy, you like being outside for walks, and you LOVE bubbles. You like to sit on my lap in cafes and with my friends and just do a lot of looking, you like a story book being read to you and you love singing. Lately you have started playing peak a boo at the end of your feeds. you will pop off the boob and smile then pretend to go back on before looking up with a cheeky grin. I can tell you find yourself hilarious.

Days with you are not the chore I was led to believe being a stay at home mum would be, infact they are a delight. We have a little routine most days where we get up, feed and play, do nappies and get you dressed. You then pop in the high chair and chat to me whilst we have breakfast and I clean the kitchen up. You often have a nap after this which Is when I clean the house and get dinner on ( slow cooker!). We either walk in the morning or afternoon most days and run a few errands with the pushchair. Monday to Thursday we do one of the classes I mentioned above and you love seeing the other children. We play a lot in the days and you also like nappy free time kicking your legs on your play mat. Once daddy gets home you play with him too and have a bath with him each night. All I ever hear is laughing and him singing ‘pop go the bubbles’ to you. After that you sit in your highchair ( if you are in the mood) whilst we have dinner. If you are not in the mood we eat one at a time whilst the other sings and bobs you. Around 7 or 7.30 you start to get tired so I take you in the bedroom and we give you a bedtime feed, read a book and pop you down.

I worried that I would feel restricted with a baby but more than anything I want to work hard, in a job I love, to be healthy and active, to love, laugh and travel and teach you to love all these things too.

You are a delight, Mummas delight and I love you Milly pops.

photo 4


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