Thought of the day

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I saw this image and loved it. It is the most true observation I have ever read. I am so very much an achiever I really have to work hard at stopping to smell the roses. In some ways having a baby forced me to stop. Breastfeeding has forced me to slow, rocking her to sleep forced me to be in the moment and the way she grows has forced me to celebrate the moments as she changes so fast I will never get them back.

I should extend the kindness she gets to myself. She needs to see this so she learns to expect to behave this way towards herself. So in honour of not sacrificing health and living in the moment here are a few little life goals.

* I will enjoy my body in all various stages of post partum shape all the whilst nourishing it best for health and letting it lose the weight as it needs from a healthy diet.

*I will exercise for pleasure and no other reason, if we are tired we will rest

* I will do my jobs spread over a week and not worry if small things do not quite get done

* I will take time for myself

* I will cherish this week as next week we are heading to sleep school for help with the baby and it makes me nervous. But that is next week and this is today!

At times this year has been so hard, moving in what feels like slow motion for me, having the patience needed. When I look back we have achieved so much- house renovation, organising affairs, growing, birthing and raising a little person and through it all remaining happy, healthy and together. Perhaps there is more than a little truth to the wise words above.

Do you live in the moment? Do you prioritise health?


Antipodes round two

After my love of the Antipodes anti aging minis I was delighted to be sent a couple of new items to have a test of. I was sent a Immortal SPF 15+ Natural Sun Protection Moisturiser and a Jubilation Ultra Nourishing hand and body cream. I am not going to rehash all the information on these products but rather tell you what I like about them.

photo (19)

First up the sunscreen. I am a huge advocate of sun protection, as someone who has had a cancer cut out, sun protection is vital. Since having the baby we have been out walking regularly and in the sun and the sun protection has been brilliant. It is also nice and natural so I keep it in the nappy bag and will happily pop some on the baby.

As a general rule I prefer body oils to moisturisers as they just take too long to sink in for getting dressed and I am currently time poor. This sinks in nice and quickly, leaves your body soft and smooth and is a pleasure to use. It also feels lovely after time in the sun.

Do you use antipodes? What is your favourite product?

October already

I cannot believe it is already October. Where the hell has this year gone? Is it rushing for everyone else?

I am part of a group of girls who do the gold star challenge. Each week we email and review goals and set goals for the week. I love this but to be honest am a little bored of the sound of my own voice because whilst I do get some jobs done others remain on the to do list. So here are my goals for the end of the year.

  • Clean up my diet, count my points and get the rest of the baby weight gone
  • Start running again ( fingers crossed I get the all clear for this soon)
  • Start doing a work out dvd for toning
  • clear out our stuff before we go home for xmas as I have a suspicion miss Milly may end up with a few gifts this year.
  • Send out invites for the christening
  • Update cv and arrange some appointments to figure out work for next year if possible.
  • Work harder on this blog
  • Learn to use the DSLR and make time for better photos and more regular postings with a theme ( weekly face, what’s on my plate, a recipe and a weekly recap perhaps?? any thoughts??)
  • work out what to pack for the uk

Quite frankly the last month has been exhausting. Between friends in need, husband working away, colds, flus, chest infections, sinus infections, immunisations and teething sleep has been far between and few and energy has been low. Still back to it, lets pick our selves up, dust ourselves down and kick some goals.

How have you been? what have you been up to? any pre xmas goals?

A day in the life- 20 week old baby

I used to love reading day in the life posts when I was pregnant. I felt it could give me an honest idea of what to expect as a mum. Whilst each baby and parent is different, as is each day, here is a typical one at home for us. Also it changes as my husband works away every other week so there is some variation there which is noted.

5-6AM Milly wakes and needs a quick feed, she often does some nappy business then I pop her back into her cot and she drifts off. I read blogs, emails, check facebook and have a coffee and brekkie ( as a note for improvement I would like to have hot lemon and prep a green smoothie instead)

7.30AM Milly wakes properly. I dress myself whilst she is still in her cot chatting. The give her a quick wash, nappy change and dress her

8-9AM Milly has her reflux medicine, some solid food two courses ( pear and banana baby rice and also some pear puree) then she has a play. I often do sitting up practise aswell as she is better at it in the morning when she is more refreshed.

9AM- 40 min sleep ( I wish it were longer). At this point I do housework and make a snack ( I would like to start having some brekkie in this spot and a coffee)

She then plays until

11am- feed her

12- solids ( two course one veg and one fruit) followed by water

12.30 – 40 min nap. In this one I may finish laundry, prep dinner, make some lunch etc etc. If I am doing aqua, pilates etc this falls around this time so I miss out on my nap for jobs!

2- feed

3- 40 min nap followed by playing. Often I may do a walk with the pushchair and run errands after 2 as she naps well in a pushchair and  gets some fresh air plus the tail end of the day is hardest, I have found, with a baby. If my husband is away I feed the dog and the chickens, collect the eggs, and feed the fish. I have usually finished just in time for her to wake up!

we then play until…At this point I get her bed ready for night, take nappies out to the bin etc.

5pm solids two courses ( garden veg and rice, followed by fruit puree)

5.45 bath for Milly

6pm feed

6.30pm down for the night

At this point I would love to start having dinner, doing a workout dvd and then having a bath and doing some pampering. Often I also do a house tidy and final wash of dishes so I wake to a clean house. I get to bed between 9 and 10, sometimes earlier for a read!.

2.30am she wakes for a feed.

As you can see it is quite full on being a mum, especially as you still need to be with them for play time. I have found the jobs are never actually done so I have to make a real effort to take time out and designate a nap time, which is precious time for jobs, to doing a little bit for myself. Sometimes, especially if you are a little run down, being a mum is like being on a treadmill which doesn’t stop! I wouldn’t change it for anything and we do also have lovely coffee dates etc but there is a lot to get done in a day.