A day in the life- 20 week old baby

I used to love reading day in the life posts when I was pregnant. I felt it could give me an honest idea of what to expect as a mum. Whilst each baby and parent is different, as is each day, here is a typical one at home for us. Also it changes as my husband works away every other week so there is some variation there which is noted.

5-6AM Milly wakes and needs a quick feed, she often does some nappy business then I pop her back into her cot and she drifts off. I read blogs, emails, check facebook and have a coffee and brekkie ( as a note for improvement I would like to have hot lemon and prep a green smoothie instead)

7.30AM Milly wakes properly. I dress myself whilst she is still in her cot chatting. The give her a quick wash, nappy change and dress her

8-9AM Milly has her reflux medicine, some solid food two courses ( pear and banana baby rice and also some pear puree) then she has a play. I often do sitting up practise aswell as she is better at it in the morning when she is more refreshed.

9AM- 40 min sleep ( I wish it were longer). At this point I do housework and make a snack ( I would like to start having some brekkie in this spot and a coffee)

She then plays until

11am- feed her

12- solids ( two course one veg and one fruit) followed by water

12.30 – 40 min nap. In this one I may finish laundry, prep dinner, make some lunch etc etc. If I am doing aqua, pilates etc this falls around this time so I miss out on my nap for jobs!

2- feed

3- 40 min nap followed by playing. Often I may do a walk with the pushchair and run errands after 2 as she naps well in a pushchair and  gets some fresh air plus the tail end of the day is hardest, I have found, with a baby. If my husband is away I feed the dog and the chickens, collect the eggs, and feed the fish. I have usually finished just in time for her to wake up!

we then play until…At this point I get her bed ready for night, take nappies out to the bin etc.

5pm solids two courses ( garden veg and rice, followed by fruit puree)

5.45 bath for Milly

6pm feed

6.30pm down for the night

At this point I would love to start having dinner, doing a workout dvd and then having a bath and doing some pampering. Often I also do a house tidy and final wash of dishes so I wake to a clean house. I get to bed between 9 and 10, sometimes earlier for a read!.

2.30am she wakes for a feed.

As you can see it is quite full on being a mum, especially as you still need to be with them for play time. I have found the jobs are never actually done so I have to make a real effort to take time out and designate a nap time, which is precious time for jobs, to doing a little bit for myself. Sometimes, especially if you are a little run down, being a mum is like being on a treadmill which doesn’t stop! I wouldn’t change it for anything and we do also have lovely coffee dates etc but there is a lot to get done in a day.


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