October already

I cannot believe it is already October. Where the hell has this year gone? Is it rushing for everyone else?

I am part of a group of girls who do the gold star challenge. Each week we email and review goals and set goals for the week. I love this but to be honest am a little bored of the sound of my own voice because whilst I do get some jobs done others remain on the to do list. So here are my goals for the end of the year.

  • Clean up my diet, count my points and get the rest of the baby weight gone
  • Start running again ( fingers crossed I get the all clear for this soon)
  • Start doing a work out dvd for toning
  • clear out our stuff before we go home for xmas as I have a suspicion miss Milly may end up with a few gifts this year.
  • Send out invites for the christening
  • Update cv and arrange some appointments to figure out work for next year if possible.
  • Work harder on this blog
  • Learn to use the DSLR and make time for better photos and more regular postings with a theme ( weekly face, what’s on my plate, a recipe and a weekly recap perhaps?? any thoughts??)
  • work out what to pack for the uk

Quite frankly the last month has been exhausting. Between friends in need, husband working away, colds, flus, chest infections, sinus infections, immunisations and teething sleep has been far between and few and energy has been low. Still back to it, lets pick our selves up, dust ourselves down and kick some goals.

How have you been? what have you been up to? any pre xmas goals?


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