Antipodes round two

After my love of the Antipodes anti aging minis I was delighted to be sent a couple of new items to have a test of. I was sent a Immortal SPF 15+ Natural Sun Protection Moisturiser and a Jubilation Ultra Nourishing hand and body cream. I am not going to rehash all the information on these products but rather tell you what I like about them.

photo (19)

First up the sunscreen. I am a huge advocate of sun protection, as someone who has had a cancer cut out, sun protection is vital. Since having the baby we have been out walking regularly and in the sun and the sun protection has been brilliant. It is also nice and natural so I keep it in the nappy bag and will happily pop some on the baby.

As a general rule I prefer body oils to moisturisers as they just take too long to sink in for getting dressed and I am currently time poor. This sinks in nice and quickly, leaves your body soft and smooth and is a pleasure to use. It also feels lovely after time in the sun.

Do you use antipodes? What is your favourite product?


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