Holidays are coming



It’s nearly here; fires are lit, babies cheeks are ruddy and the tree is up. Already I am overdosed on gluten free minced pies and ready for the January detox!

Happy Christmas to one and all



It’s nearly Christmas, which means nearly new year, and new year means resolutions. I am so happy with how 2014 turned out I loved this year. Having my daughter, and giving her my all this year, has been amazing but this year is my gap year before we try for another and this year is about me regaining some of my world for me….

1. Find work for a couple of days a week in some way, shape or form- a couple of days per week at work is something I look forward to and think will be good for me.

2. Run the perth half marathon – another goal just for me!

3. Quit sugar- I really want to do a couple of months without and then eliminate all hidden sugars and just have considered treats

4. Loose last bit of baby weight! Simple

5. Read more- I can’t wait to get reading again and really want to set a reading example for milly!

6. Get into at home exercise- dvd or online program I guess!

7. Do a silver smithing course- I have wanted to do this for ages and should be able to finally once she is weaned!

8. Finally I hope to cut spending and for us to get frugal and start saving again- with considered treats and splurges!

What’s your resolutions? Are you happy with how this year has gone?