Thoughts of late #3

I really enjoy these mish mash posts about thinks I like/ am thinking

1. The wheels are in motion for finding work/returning to work. Whilst there is no rush the idea of working again and also wearing nice clothes is so exciting!

2. I gave up sugar…. This was my first week and honestly it was easier than I thought. Using the mentoring scheme I have found it fairly easy. I didn’t stick to the food plan but used a lot of recipes. I had a couple of slips, which is to be expected, but these were in the form of a diet coke or meal out rather than sugar. So far I note that I don’t crave sugar, food or anything as much as I used to. Smaller portions satisfy me and I feel less hungry between meals. Also after a nap I used to be almost blind I was so dizzy until I had sugar…. No more! I am doing another 5 weeks and next week my goal is to get it 100% after the 5 weeks I will assess how I feel about sugar and what I want in my regular diary.

3. Millys toys have been having a picnic while she sleeps! My mum gave me this idea and if you set up an enticing scene, a few times a week, you get your coffee I peace whilst they play and destroy it!


4. We have been so outdoors it has been fab…. Water park, beach, walks, river, garden. I am loving summer!

5. Jessica has written a fab post about decreasing food bills. Ideas I am taking include bulk buying cleaning produce and toiletries (including nappies etc for us), meal planning but with space for shopping local and frequently for meat and veg etc! Also a monthly store cupboard item delivery!! I am starting this month by recording what we actually use and eat!

6. Operation Kayla I have been doing the pre workouts ( to get ready for the 12 week challenge after having a baby) and am loving this. It fits my life so well!

7. I think I am finally getting towards the end of this round of life admin… Granted it’s a big few things left, sorting life insurance with new job roles etc, remortgaging flat, getting work done on flat, sorting job….. Buuuut I feel like we are getting there.

8. Milly is getting more independent and loving time with other family members. What’s a girl to do -NEW HAIR


The first pic was post salon, second was post nap on second day. I love it and the beauty is it airdries with some product so I don’t even have to style it!

8. Loving reading blogs and watching youtube channels- note to self must comment more!

9. This week I have been putting myself out there, taking time to think and be creative and working on stuff…. I think it’s good for the soul.

10. After feeling quite run down spa tone sachets seem to be really helping… Anyone else have these?

11. Frozen lemon wedges in the freezer- used to pep up water instead of ice cubes


12. quinoa and sweet potato fritters in mah belly


13. I caved and signed back to beauty boxes. After using all the testers on my trip to the uk I caved!

14. I am still panning up to 7 items now just waiting for enough for the next post!

what are your thoughts lately?


At eight months old

Oh my baby girl where have you gone?





You are such a delight and so much fun. You stand, you crawl, you clap, you blow raspberries, you sing, say yeah yeah yeah, dadda and it sounds like hi! You play with your toys, yunnmm with each food mouthful and crawl over to the curtains pull them out and wait for us to say ‘where’s milly?’ Then you drop the curtain and smile for us to say ‘peepo’.

You come over and cuddle us, snuggle up to me a few times a day and also share your toys and food ( or at least try to). The joy on your face when you smile and the happiness you spread each day is unreal.

I have never loved anyone so much and love you more than I thought possible each day. Being your mumma is my greatest joy!

I love you milly pops x

Thoughts of lately no. 2

You all seemed to really love the thoughts of lately post I wrote last time so here goes again…..

1. I am trying so hard not to freak out about how open my future is. I am talking, talking talking about it to rationalise it all and being really open. Which leads me to…..

2. I am being BRAVE, or at least brave for me, I am throwing myself out there. Email contacts who may like my cv for if there is work In my Industry and meeting new people to get my name out there in tough times.

3. I also attending the Pure Glow Cleanse beach workout on Saturday. I got a ticket via Instagram and went along SOLO? Can we just say I never go to anything voluntary solo. In actual fact I am so glad I did as I met some fabulous people and tasted some delicious juice. I had been waiting for Milly to wean so I could do one of their cleanses but I now think I may just buy a six pack to give me extra nutrition once I have finished my no sugar detox (picture below)

4. I have started my no sugar detox with Laura from Happy Sugar Habits so far so good. The first day I was really busy which probably helped but I had…..

Avo and eggs on toast

Coffee no stevia ( not as bad as I thought!)

Falafel and humous

Coleslaw, home baked ham and bread

Coffee no stevia and handful of (wait for it…. ) activated almonds – note for anyone not living in Australia this will not be hilarious, for anyone in Australia – Surprisingly delicious!

And dinner was barley salad with falafel and humous.

My snack was natural yogurt with cinnamon and a sprinkle of desiccated coconut.

All in all I had lots of energy, zero cravings and it was quite delicious!

5. Did you know up to 50% of fruit and veg grown can end up in landfill because it is deemed too ugly for supermarkets? I didn’t and am feeling quite outraged and am hopefully meeting some people with ideas about this!

6. Ever heard of The Relauncher? I met this lady at the Saturday event, she didn’t know I knew who she was as that was a step too far out my comfort zone, but it looks like she has some fab networking and small business workshop events coming up in Perth and I am pledging to go!

7. I have been so busy. Between job hunting, throwing myself out there with networking, chasing up things in the uk for my flat, sorting the house, selling our stuff or giving it away/loaning it out, following up my potential business idea it is flat out.

8. I am really, really happy with my skin after reading the advice in the Sally Hughes book. If your skin bothers you GET IT NOW.

9. Benefit positint and high beam- how pretty

10. I have A new cleaner. She will come and rearrange your Tupperware cupboard whilst licking it all clean. She only charges cuddles, sloppy kisses and watermelon…



11. Have you heard of hunter-rose my friend has started a sleepware business. No sets are over $50, they are flattering and wear well. Go forth and feel cheeky in bed!

12. evaglo candles are delicious. They smell amazing and as they melt the soy can be used as oil for a massage.

13. After years if keeping this secret my bro and friend Jenn know about this wee blog, hiya folks!

14. A final note, so we dont end on number 13. Milly finally crawls forward. This makes life far less frustrating as she reaches her toys instead of getting further away!

what are your thoughts of late?

Giving up the sugar…. The week before

I have nominated today as the day I give up sugar. It’s a 6 week mentor me off sugar program by Laura of happy sugar habits. This week I have paid attention to what I have eaten and what I crave.

Breakfast I often have eggs on toast with Vegemite- this is low sugar as long as the bread has no sugar. Mine is spelt bread often sprouted spelt bread which is fine. Another option is the eggs with spinach and avocado, this sounds lovely.

After reading all I the material for the course I realized that my ‘healthy’ stevia is not so healthy when you have it all the time as your body is just tasting sweetness and not recalibrating. I am now trying a coffee with full fat milk. Ideally this will become my only coffee a day and I will start the day with a warm lemon water.

Lunches on the plan look varied and enjoyable. I am confident this will be fine.

Then afternoon hits. How did I become a sweet tooth afternoon snacker??? I am sure it is to do with breastfeeding and needing calories. I think I grabbed a quick sugar fix to pep me up and now it’s habit. Infact today I tried to go without my coffee and sweet treat and caved with a stinking headache. Nuts, avocado on crackers and other foods are suggested. I am going to aim for this with a green tea.

Dinner is again healthy with loads of delicious ideas… But those after dinner snacks are going to be hard to beat. I am going to find a tea I think. If I wasn’t breastfeeding I would definitely have liquorish as it’s sweet and delicious or a cup of home made chai.

Wish me luck, I have a feeling the next week or so will challenge me a LOT!

have you got tips? Any teas you can recommend?

*i am taking part in this program for free in return for me writing about my honest opinions on this blog. All sweet tooth withdrawls and rants are my own!

Moroccan oil dry shampoo

Through several periods of my life dry shampoo has been key. Whether being a new mum, travelling or just a lazy student I enjoy using a dry shampoo when there is just not time for a wash and style. I also find that a quick spritz of dry shampoo can give the roots some body when hair is looking a bit flat.

I was contacted to see if I would like to try a new dry shampoo containing moroccan oil. I am a keen user of hair oils and was really interested to see how this would work. My man gripes with dry shampoo are the product which stays making hair look grey, a crispy feeling and the price point for many which don’t have these problems.

The seven wonders dry shampoo smells like some kind of argan oil, watermelon, blessed out beach holiday. It really reminds me of a small from my past but I just can’t put my finger on what. It also cleanses hair nicely and all traces of the product rub out easily leaving no grey tinge to my hair. Finally and I am not sure how this works the hair feels not only clean, and not crispy, but almost conditioned… I have no idea how this happens. I was interested if it made hair greasy as it contains oil, but it doesn’t at all!

With the product performing this well I was nervous of the price but it is available at leading pharmacies ( terry white, chemist warehouse, my chemist etc) and is just $12.95 for 150ml. I think this is so reasonable and it will be now my go to dry shampoo.

have you used this? Does it tempt you?


I have no work…..

A random post, possibly cathartic and more about me than you, but here goes.

After 9 years of work and 4 years of Uni I may have no job. I have always left jobs with the next lined up. I have always earned my own money. I have honestly, luckily, always moved in good times so not had to search too hard.

Yes, I am currently a stay at home
Mum but I am also a well trained geologist who took such pride and joy from her work previously. Whilst I definitely don’t want to work full time I do want to do some.

But what??? Do I wait until something I can do standing on my head pops up and do that a couple of days per week, do I wait for something in my field which excites me…… Or do I try something completely new??? And does that mean all the experience I have worked so hard to build is null?

For now I am trying to remain open, put the feelers out, question my heart as to what excites me ( related to current field or not), work out what makes it beat faster and what is important to me. Remind myself there is no rush, every day spent with milly is a day spent well. A day for enjoyment.

Know my limits (2 days per week away from her and a role which inspires me) and be open to the universe as it often has better ideas for me than I could have dreamed up myself…..

But for now to wait is hard. So I wrote this post which I can read when I find it tough.

are you waiting for the universe?

Things I am loving lately

I think the odd roundup of things which I am loving should be a regular feature on here. I have various things I love at any one time and to be honest they fit into absolutely no category, so lets lump them in one and make a post!

1. My coffee plunger- I missed you whilst I was away!

2. The imitation game- I have not seen this but literally cannot wait to. A film about the second world war and cracking the code- right up my alley. When I was younger I had a real Churchill fascination so I really like films set in this period.

3. My friends- I have come home, been tired, jetlagged and homesick ( as well as hormonal) and luckily my friends have been fabulous. A coffee and catch up most days means I notice less I am now home alone with the baby after 7weeks of being surrounded by loved ones. The sunshine also helps as does planning future activities. Ironically last week I was searching the weather for the best day to get out and about based on probability of rain and this week I do the same looking for days where the temp is merely in the thirties and not fourties!

4. Fringed Kimonos- I don’t even know if these are on trend but I like it- worn with chunky rings, stacked bangles, sea salt hair and a breast feeding singlet ( always the breastfeeding singlet- ugh!)

IMG_2367 - Copy

5. Rimmel Provocalips in kiss me you fool. This was my Christmas lip of the year and my love seems to be holding strong in Jan. worn with a bit of liquid liner I really like it and it stays on forever!

6. My salad dressing jar- recipes on the jar! With a cork stopper so I can keep it out the fridge with no flies dropping in. So far this week we have had herby dressing and Friday night the girls are coming over for caeser salad.


7. Millys bento box- made by my mum its silicon cupcake cases in a tub and she loves it with finger food

IMG_2364 - Copy

8 New haircare items. It came to my attention there was a reason my hair had been increasingly unruly. It was my mum who pointed it out- pregnancy has made it really rather curly! So I am not fighting it and using Moroccan oil curling cream after a wash. Second day I pep it up with Kevin Murphy hair resort spray. Finally A new product is Seven wonders Moroccan argan oil dry shampoo. I have only used this once- first impressions smells good, does the job and my hair felt like silk. A full review to come once I have used it more.

9. My new hooks- these were a Christmas present from my bro. How cool!

IMG_2365 - CopyIMG_2366

10. Last but not least makeup I am loving-


The bourjoirs flower perfection primer and also poudre de riz ( that tin alone makes me happy). Both feel lovely and make your foundations look fab. Carmex lip balms now come in a variety of flavours- I blooming love these lipbalms. The benefit sexy and scrumptious set- heres a peak of the inside but its a cute tin full of slightly peachy neutrals.


Also my new bare minerals set. Purchased from the airport it was cheaper than the standard kit and comes in a lovely case with only 1 brush. I like the kits as they contain everything I need but I really don’t need three brushes each time.


What have you been loving lately?

Healthy sugar habits- operation health kick 2015

Operation health kick 2015

As you may or may not know 2015 is about me reclaiming my body for myself. This year is going to hopefully be my ‘gap year’ between babies. As such I really want to get in the best shape possible. A few years ago prior to my first pregnancy I lost around 25kg. I lost it using weight watchers in the end as I just couldn’t face not having my treats.

This is the story of my life. I would say I am passionate about health and eating well, and exercise nowadays, but I would say that after each meal and in the evening I get really strong cravings for sweet food. I HATE this it really annoys me and I wish it would go. I saw a dietician and it does improve when I eat ,more carbs and fat and eat regularly but I hate having to eat when I am not hungry just to avoid reaching the biscuit tin!

Earlier this month Laura from healthy sugar habits offered for me to take part in her mentor me off sugar program. Naturally I jumped at the chance. A chance to take 6 weeks, with support, and to finish it with my sweet tooth in check- perfect. I read more on her website and I am excited. It’s just the kind of moderate program I like, no long term restrictions of food groups just a more considered approach to sugar.

My goals are to be able to breeze through days without sugar cravings. To enjoy some fruit but not need it all the time and to be able to have a few small treats on occasion and then put them back in the box with ease. Ultimately I would love to not need snacks between meals and to drop my final baby weight. I am happy to keep snacks whilst I am breastfeeding still but once I am finished I would love to just want three meals a day.

Have you done a sugar detox? Would you?

Millys christening

This blog is such a miss match of items. Some beauty, some health, a lot of goal setting, dumping of my thoughts and then some recording of lovely events. In the future I would like to do a photography course and include more images from days out or perhaps a highlights of the week type post which I can look back on and remember all the great things we have done.

Our rule has always been that with one half of the family ( the Australian branch) sharing our day to day life we try to have the celebrations in the other hemisphere. So we trotted back to the UK and christened the bubba!

If you read about my wedding you would know that I truly struggle with large events but I really did want a chance for the extended family to meet Milly and to just celebrate her and the joy she brings. I also really did want her to be blessed. Luckily the local church had such a gorgeous and relaxed vicar that we had a quick 30-40 minute ceremony followed by a high tea at my parents house. I really wanted the christening to have a girly, vintage but relaxed feel so that it didn’t get confused with Christmas ( as it was on the 20th December). I think we achieved that. It was a lovely day and here are a few snaps.

In case you are wondering what I wore… and I know you must be! I got an amazing jumpsuit from seed heritage which was plain black jersey and I wore it with a zara floral jacket and some studded black high heeled pumps. I really loved this outfit and can see the jumpsuit being worn so very much in the future!

IMG_2296 IMG_2301 IMG_2302 IMG_2303

Project Pan 50

Yep once again I am attempting this over the year. To work out what really works for me and stop indulgent overspending. So far I have used a few items and will write a quick summary below. I will also make a running page for P50P2015! Once I have finished I will treat myself. At the moment the main items I am lusting after are hourglass ambient lighting palettes both highlight and blush. Anything bought with birthday money etc doesn’t count!

1.Nivea in shower moisturiser- I love this. Its so quick and easy I would certainly get it again. Buuuut I wont as I have other moisturisers to use up!

2. Bourjois liner feutre- this wasn’t finished but its transfers to my upper lid whilst I wear it and I cant be dealing with that!

3. Mario Badesu hyaluronic day cream- This was nice, but old, and I think I prefer hydralauron.

Who else is panning?