Millys christening

This blog is such a miss match of items. Some beauty, some health, a lot of goal setting, dumping of my thoughts and then some recording of lovely events. In the future I would like to do a photography course and include more images from days out or perhaps a highlights of the week type post which I can look back on and remember all the great things we have done.

Our rule has always been that with one half of the family ( the Australian branch) sharing our day to day life we try to have the celebrations in the other hemisphere. So we trotted back to the UK and christened the bubba!

If you read about my wedding you would know that I truly struggle with large events but I really did want a chance for the extended family to meet Milly and to just celebrate her and the joy she brings. I also really did want her to be blessed. Luckily the local church had such a gorgeous and relaxed vicar that we had a quick 30-40 minute ceremony followed by a high tea at my parents house. I really wanted the christening to have a girly, vintage but relaxed feel so that it didn’t get confused with Christmas ( as it was on the 20th December). I think we achieved that. It was a lovely day and here are a few snaps.

In case you are wondering what I wore… and I know you must be! I got an amazing jumpsuit from seed heritage which was plain black jersey and I wore it with a zara floral jacket and some studded black high heeled pumps. I really loved this outfit and can see the jumpsuit being worn so very much in the future!

IMG_2296 IMG_2301 IMG_2302 IMG_2303


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