I have no work…..

A random post, possibly cathartic and more about me than you, but here goes.

After 9 years of work and 4 years of Uni I may have no job. I have always left jobs with the next lined up. I have always earned my own money. I have honestly, luckily, always moved in good times so not had to search too hard.

Yes, I am currently a stay at home
Mum but I am also a well trained geologist who took such pride and joy from her work previously. Whilst I definitely don’t want to work full time I do want to do some.

But what??? Do I wait until something I can do standing on my head pops up and do that a couple of days per week, do I wait for something in my field which excites me…… Or do I try something completely new??? And does that mean all the experience I have worked so hard to build is null?

For now I am trying to remain open, put the feelers out, question my heart as to what excites me ( related to current field or not), work out what makes it beat faster and what is important to me. Remind myself there is no rush, every day spent with milly is a day spent well. A day for enjoyment.

Know my limits (2 days per week away from her and a role which inspires me) and be open to the universe as it often has better ideas for me than I could have dreamed up myself…..

But for now to wait is hard. So I wrote this post which I can read when I find it tough.

are you waiting for the universe?


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