Things I am loving lately

I think the odd roundup of things which I am loving should be a regular feature on here. I have various things I love at any one time and to be honest they fit into absolutely no category, so lets lump them in one and make a post!

1. My coffee plunger- I missed you whilst I was away!

2. The imitation game- I have not seen this but literally cannot wait to. A film about the second world war and cracking the code- right up my alley. When I was younger I had a real Churchill fascination so I really like films set in this period.

3. My friends- I have come home, been tired, jetlagged and homesick ( as well as hormonal) and luckily my friends have been fabulous. A coffee and catch up most days means I notice less I am now home alone with the baby after 7weeks of being surrounded by loved ones. The sunshine also helps as does planning future activities. Ironically last week I was searching the weather for the best day to get out and about based on probability of rain and this week I do the same looking for days where the temp is merely in the thirties and not fourties!

4. Fringed Kimonos- I don’t even know if these are on trend but I like it- worn with chunky rings, stacked bangles, sea salt hair and a breast feeding singlet ( always the breastfeeding singlet- ugh!)

IMG_2367 - Copy

5. Rimmel Provocalips in kiss me you fool. This was my Christmas lip of the year and my love seems to be holding strong in Jan. worn with a bit of liquid liner I really like it and it stays on forever!

6. My salad dressing jar- recipes on the jar! With a cork stopper so I can keep it out the fridge with no flies dropping in. So far this week we have had herby dressing and Friday night the girls are coming over for caeser salad.


7. Millys bento box- made by my mum its silicon cupcake cases in a tub and she loves it with finger food

IMG_2364 - Copy

8 New haircare items. It came to my attention there was a reason my hair had been increasingly unruly. It was my mum who pointed it out- pregnancy has made it really rather curly! So I am not fighting it and using Moroccan oil curling cream after a wash. Second day I pep it up with Kevin Murphy hair resort spray. Finally A new product is Seven wonders Moroccan argan oil dry shampoo. I have only used this once- first impressions smells good, does the job and my hair felt like silk. A full review to come once I have used it more.

9. My new hooks- these were a Christmas present from my bro. How cool!

IMG_2365 - CopyIMG_2366

10. Last but not least makeup I am loving-


The bourjoirs flower perfection primer and also poudre de riz ( that tin alone makes me happy). Both feel lovely and make your foundations look fab. Carmex lip balms now come in a variety of flavours- I blooming love these lipbalms. The benefit sexy and scrumptious set- heres a peak of the inside but its a cute tin full of slightly peachy neutrals.


Also my new bare minerals set. Purchased from the airport it was cheaper than the standard kit and comes in a lovely case with only 1 brush. I like the kits as they contain everything I need but I really don’t need three brushes each time.


What have you been loving lately?


3 thoughts on “Things I am loving lately

  1. Kimonos are a big deal at the moment. I have a floral one, but it’s not fringed, great for covering up and as an alternative to a cardigan. I’m currently loving hot chocolate, getting back to the gym, play dates with the little one and my new Inika organic eye liner.

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