Moroccan oil dry shampoo

Through several periods of my life dry shampoo has been key. Whether being a new mum, travelling or just a lazy student I enjoy using a dry shampoo when there is just not time for a wash and style. I also find that a quick spritz of dry shampoo can give the roots some body when hair is looking a bit flat.

I was contacted to see if I would like to try a new dry shampoo containing moroccan oil. I am a keen user of hair oils and was really interested to see how this would work. My man gripes with dry shampoo are the product which stays making hair look grey, a crispy feeling and the price point for many which don’t have these problems.

The seven wonders dry shampoo smells like some kind of argan oil, watermelon, blessed out beach holiday. It really reminds me of a small from my past but I just can’t put my finger on what. It also cleanses hair nicely and all traces of the product rub out easily leaving no grey tinge to my hair. Finally and I am not sure how this works the hair feels not only clean, and not crispy, but almost conditioned… I have no idea how this happens. I was interested if it made hair greasy as it contains oil, but it doesn’t at all!

With the product performing this well I was nervous of the price but it is available at leading pharmacies ( terry white, chemist warehouse, my chemist etc) and is just $12.95 for 150ml. I think this is so reasonable and it will be now my go to dry shampoo.

have you used this? Does it tempt you?



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