The best beauty box

I get so annoyed with beauty boxes. They often contain the same samples over and over and I always get full size products of cheapies, which I could grab myself if I wanted them, and tiny samples of the luxury products. This annoys me as its only ever one application and not nearly enough product to decide if I really like it!

I think the answer, for my needs, is the look fantastic beauty box which contains 5 Travel sized samples.


The feb box contained Moroccan oil ( love) , dr paw paw balm, Korres citrus milk (love), sea mud cleansing bar, bellapiere lip liner and a mini illuminating primer. Its the first time I can confidently say I will use it all and am excited to try the products.

I am selling my old iPhone and that money is earmarked for a years subscription… I really like these boxes. Infact I like them so much I accidentally ordered two February ones and I am keeping them both!

what’s your favorite beauty box?


One thought on “The best beauty box

  1. I used to be a fan of these sample boxes, but realised that I was just accumulating a lot of stuff that I’d never use (or never would have bought for myself). I’m glad this one is working out for you!

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