Lately I have been reading a lot of minimalist blogs. A lot of the ethos behind this really appeals to me. I often find blogs are so filled with consumerism. There is a massive hype around the latest product, a lot of which numerous big bloggers have been paid to endorse. Whilst I have no issue with people making money from blogging, I prefer to take my views from smaller, less commercial blogs, which may not be as attractive or professional, but are real.

Some of the minimalist blogs I have been loving include Light by coco, Becoming Minimalist, minimalist baker and blonde on a budget. These blogs are all about simpler living, quality over quantity, products which do the job, easy, clean ways of life filled with experiences over items and I love it. In the past I have been really interested in the minimalist lifestyle. A lot of it suits me and I have written about it before on this blog

I am involved in Project 50 Pan and doing pretty well. This year I am buying nothing unless I have absolutely none of this product left to use up! I actually cant see me needing anything. The only concession to this, as I don’t want to get too extreme is that I am having a monthly look fantastic beauty box. For me part of minimalism is trying things to find what really works and using that. So with my products I am also going to do a big sort out and get rid of items which just don’t work for me.

My wardrobe is looking fairly sharp, or at least I think so. I am getting pretty good and not buying unnecessary items. The only thing I can even think I need is a new pair of running crops. Lululemon I am coming atcha. With my wardrobe I am aiming for quality over quantity and have been for a fair while. As a result, I think, I have a really nice wardrobe I just need to tone up and fit it all. The exception to this is pregnancy clothes, breastfeeding clothes and clothes for when I am not quite back at goal…. in these instances cheap and cheerful fits the bill.

Minimalist food. I am counting weight watchers points again to try and shift the last of this baby weight but at the crux of any plan is clean eating. This does not need to be fancy it can , infact, be quite minimalist. Salads, soups, meat and veg, fish and veg, basic smoothies, porridge so many easy meals made from basic ingredients. I love this idea. Strip it back and eat basic, have a treat  occasionally and keep the diet simple.

Minimalist exercise. As a mum I am getting into this. Not minimal exercise but no fuss exercise which I do from home. What works for me is walking/jogging a few times a week and toning 2-3 times. I do exercise videos, get outside and use youtube. Its simple and it works.

A minimalist home. Recently we looked at a bigger house, we have looked at renovating our house and I think we have decided to stick with what we have. What do we have? A slightly small house, with a relatively small mortgage in a fantastic suburb. We also have a low maintenance house which could be rented at the drop of a hat allowing us to travel. So for now my challenge is ensuring we have no clutter. There just isn’t room. I think I can do some more clearing out but am not taking it extreme I am just keeping things we either use or love and that’s it. I have also loaned all Milly’s baby stuff to friends who are expecting and they will just give it back for us to use if we are lucky enough to have another baby. After which we will sell it.

This next year is going to be a busy one for us so any tips to keep it easy are great, also  now we have officially dropped my wage thinking twice before spending and selling unused items is a great help.

Are you minimalist? do you know any good blogs?


2 thoughts on “Minimalism

  1. I love light by coco, she really pushed me towards committing myself to this lifestyle. Thanks for the blog suggestions. Instead of a project pan Im on a beauty ban all together. I have more than enough make up and I’m working through all my skin care lotions and potions. I’ve decided to make a capsule wardrobe as we head into a new season and I’ve been on “a bag a week” project where I get rid of a bag of clutter a week. Meal planning and making do with what food we have before going to buy more groceries has slashed our food bills as well. Yay to minimalism!

    • Well done you. I am aiming for groceries also. I still need to find my fave products so am still testing but once I found them I only buy that once it runs out. As for capsule wardrobe??? Once I have finished having babies I will do a big cull and get to that!

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