Minimalism- my rules for 2015

As I have been saying I have been watching heaps of minimalist youtube videos and also reading blogs. I love so many of the concepts within these. Life being less about owning and more about doing. Simplifying life. Making time. Making space. Feeling Free. I think I would like to take our own journey a step further. For us we are by no means minimal but we are a family in a , relatively small house, that has to be conscious of what we own. We are also a young (ish) family on a single income so all savings are welcomed.


I have been thinking a lot as it seems becoming more minimal is a really personal journey. Everyone’s definition of minimal is varied and to what extent they want to follow the lifestyle is also varied. I do not think we want to rush on in. In fact I doubt we will ever become truly minimal. I tried this a few years ago and, honestly, it just made me a bit sad as choosing clothes, accessories and makeup for the day is one of my fun points. However I am also someone for whom to many belongings feels stifling. To clear out is cleansing for me and I would like to remain on top of this. Some of the areas I have identified which could be addressed are written above. I think this year my main goal is to limit spending, to find what works and to clear out as I go.

1.Tupperware- I freakin love this stuff and have acquired lots since Milly was born. I have gained without loosing the stuff which is stained and we don’t use. I need to have a clear out.

2. My Clothes- I have just done one clear and gotten rid of the breastfeeding tops finally. In a few months I need to clear through all the undies and get rid of breastfeeding stuff and see if the old stuff fits. This may mean a few new bras. I also need to look at my clothes, some of which I am so bored of, some of which are just not going to suit my new shape and some of which I just don’t wear. I am reluctant to rush in and do this as I don’t quite know what my post breastfeeding shape will be and have not quite reached goal.

3. My makeup and skincare- By my standards I have a LOT of this right now which I really need to work through and use, chuck or giveaway. I am not going to get rid of things I have not yet trialled I am going to give myself the time and space to try things and pass them on if they are not for me. I found limiting yourself to early on means you don’t try new things and can miss out on looks you may enjoy or products you may love. There is a fine line for me between minimal and stuck in a rut.

4. Jewellery- I love jewellery. I do not by any means have masses but there is plenty. I need no more. What I will do is pack away sentimental jewellery, which I do not wear, for storage and sell any unused costume jewellery.

5. Body products- I have a stash of this the size of Europe. Last year I culled all the creams as I really don’t like these and now I have a real stash of body oils to get using.

6.Nails- I have a gel nails kit and my regular nail stuff. I do use a lot of this but could lose a few colours which are not faves.

7. Pantry- I would really like to do another run down of our cupboards over the next month to use it up. Then I will do a clear out to get a good idea of what we actually like and use. I am still keen for a new recipe each week.

8. Millys stuff- I am pretty on top of this but with her first birthday approaching I may need to give her toys a sort out. As we are hoping for another baby we are loaning all her stuff to our friends who are expecting and once we are finished we will permanently pass them on.

9. Miscellaneous items- cd’s, dvd’s, knick knacks, books. I am going to work through all of this and get rid of things which are unnecessary.

10. Finally lifestyle- keeping it simple, keeping spending low, prioritising experiences over items and keeping life simple yet fun.

As a note I am subscribed to the look fantastic beauty box for a treat each month and I also have popbasic credit for new clothes which was part of my Christmas present so these are exempt

What are your rules of minimalism? Also, mums what are the rules for your children- it feels odd dealing with other peoples items?

I have


Project pan 50

it has been such a long time since I posted and I have been panning. This year I feel like I am really getting a good grasp on what I do and don’t like and what products work for me. 

Soap and glory hand food. This had separated and gone off. Whilst I did t mind this product for me l’occitane or Crabtree and Evelyn are holy grail hand creams.

Body shop lip butter- I think this was guava flavour. Although I did like this I prefer a stick as my nails get too long and gunky in pots. To be honest I do t really use lip balm and when my lips are dry I use the nuxe reve du miel at night and this fixes them. 

Antipodes avocado pear nourishing night cream- I think this is wonderful but I just am an oil person at night rather than cream so I am passing this and the full one I have to someone who will use them.

Origins ginzing eye cream- this is two years old. It’s nice, and feels refreshing, but aside from that I don’t feel it does much for me.

Dermalogica skin prep scrub. I hated the smell of this and just really think my skin does better on the exfoliating toners.

A mixed bag of makeup. This is as one as it wasn’t used up stuff but a lot was either past its date or I just had too many similar products so only kept my favorites.

Radox bath soak- we get through so much of this or Epsom salts in our house it really helps after a good exercise session or my husband uses it if he is sore after a day at work as his job is quite physical.

Dr bronners in rose liquid Castile soap. I love this stuff too much. It’s doesn’t irritate anyone’s skin, is cheap, has lovely scents and is my favorite shower gel and bath product for daily use.

Opi mini polish and top coat. This is a candy pink colour and just doesn’t go on nicely and the top coat leaves a purple hue which I just don’t like. 


Project Pan 50

Woah it has been ages since I did an update post and actually, but not shockingly, I have been terrible at taking pictures. I have purchased a couple of new items but have also given away a lot of makeup which is not listed so I feel pretty even about it all. I am going to go through it all again and get rid of so much more. I am heavy with product at the moment, half of which I will not use, so I want to really get to it. Anyway here are the items with my brief thoughts on them….

10. Eco store coconut and vanilla body wash- this was nice but we churned through it quickly. We got it on special and whilst it was not expensive it wasn’t cheap either.

11. Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish- So so sad this is gone, nothing matches this in my opinion. I am trying other cleansers but will be asking my mum to bring me a stash. Great value, natural, smells nice, cleans my skin. This is my all round favourite cleanser – HOLY GRAIL

12. Wen hair care- To be perfectly honest I didn’t really get this. My hair did feel nice but I am yet to find a product which really rocks my hair in the washing department.

13. Mitchum deodorant- I always use this. Not natural, probably not the best for me but with all the walking about and chasing of a toddler I don’t want wet patches.

14. Herbal Essences shampoo- This was ok but as I said I am yet to find a shampoo which really, really works for me.

15. Laura Mercier Primer- I was so excited to try this and it did nothing for me. I wasn’t more radiant, didn’t notice longer lasting makeup and it just felt too liquidy and nothingy for me.

16. Derma sukin body wash- I got this bottle free with the other and thank god its gone. It was not a pleasure to use

17. Mitchum deodorant- I had two on the go and they both ran out

18. Herbal essences conditioner- same as the shampoo.

19. Banana shampoo- a random birthday gift from Thailand. I hated this and didn’t finish it. It made my head smell like banana medicine and my hair like straw.

20. Banana conditioner- I didn’t even open this,

Wahoo I am at twenty products. I am going to be clearing my products now and getting rid of items I just don’t really want to use or like. I will take some pictures of this and add comments if you would like?

Are you panning?