An abundance of life

Do you live an abundant life? Is your life full of lots of living? Recently I have been watching Casey Neistat videos on YouTube. Oh man can this guy live. The videos are shot beautifully and each day is so full of positivity and living. I am inspired.

In some ways I do feel like I am good at living life but sometimes I don’t do it to the max. A fear of being tired, having a little one and other factors sometimes mean I feel like I am loving an average life rather than my fullest life.

Guys lets challenge ourselves not just in one area but in all areas. Let’s live a full life. What do you really want to do? What do you really want to achieve? How can you make it happen? Did you live today to the max? I want to be able to answer yes to all of these!


Food philosophy- with kids

These post is going to be one of those ones where everyone has their own views. A bit of context is I used to be heavier and not feel great, I improved my diet and was smaller then got pregnant. I have not quite got to pre pregnancy weight but my eating has stayed pretty moderate and I am smaller than I was. My husband is a shocker he is on a health kick but his idea of that is shakes plus unhealthy food as it causes weightloss rather than the balanced diet I worked towards.

With a daughter comes immense pressure, I feel, to ensure she doesn’t see me dieting, hating myself or do anything other than enjoy food and exercise. With this in mind we have been pretty good and walked or done mums and bubs most days since she was born. I think she loves to get out for a walk, a bike ride or many other activities and I am happy a good relationship is being cultivated with that. She goes to the crèche and sees her mum making exercise a priority which is also, I believe, important.

With regards to diet I have put a lot of thought into my approach. I lost weight with a healthy approach, I used weight watchers to track my points and it essentially taught me to eat enough, well spaces healthy food and have 20% ish treat food. I would like to pass this on. Whilst I love making cakes etc, we really don’t need them around the house calling out to be eaten. My husband will eat them all, then feel bad, or they will go to waste. Furthermore, as she has been encouraged to try everything and anything, there is an expectation from milly that she shares or tastes whatever we have. I read about mothers dutifully cooking healthy treat food and then children not understanding why they can have this and not treats when they are out. With all this in mind we have fallen to a routine I really like. At home is the 80% where she generally has all home cooked from scratch food. When we are out its the 20% so she may have a biscuit at nanas, share ice cream with dad, have half a cookie when she goes for coffee with mummy and a friend. It works well, she loves to go out and have coffee and eat because she knows she can join in. Today she had a plain ice cream cone with nothing in whilst we had a coffee and loved it!

The 80% at home varies day to day but here are some of the things we cycle through.

Always a banana
Either scrambled eggs, wholegrain toast and avocado, almond milk porridge and blueberries, occasionally pancakes or rice bubbles but this would be once in a blue moon!

Morning snack
Fruit, sometimes a home made snack of some kind of she’s hungry like a wholegrain banana bread. Raisins are also a fave.

She loves bits it’s usually cheese, ham, cherry tomatoes, grated carrots, sweet corn fritter, sweet potato fritters, tuna fish cakes any of this or wider. She likes wraps aswell.

Afternoon snack
Same as morning- she normally only has one snack daily depending on how late/ early lunch was.

Literally anything, rissoles, spag Bol, salmon, chicken, coleslaw, sweet potato, mash, beans, sausages, broccoli and chicken pasta, all normally served with a portion of microwave veg which she loves as they are little so she can eat in a pincer grip. We finish dinner with some fruit and also yogurt buttons ( milly has trouble with dairy but has some cheese and a few yogurt buttons daily to gradually get used to it)

She has water, sometimes with a squeeze of lime or something for flavour, mainly plain. If constipated she has had watered down Apple juice which worked like a charm. She also has a sippy cup of milk after breakfast and after dinner. We still use soy formula as she has problems with milk.

I love this philosophy and it works well for hubs and I. There isn’t stuff laying around the house to tempt us. We eat well knowing we can all have a nice treat and it’s a good occasion. Grandparents can treat her as they wish and I don’t have to
I worry and she never wants for that food at home. Infact I would say this is her top 5 foods currently

1 blueberries
2 banana
3 cheese
4 chicken ( used to be ham I think this has been bumped now for chicken)
5 peas

I am pretty happy with her love of these food!

what philosophy do you have to raising your child around food? Or will you have?

Things I have been loving lately

Yet another listy post, they seem to be all I have time for at the moment. So here goes with things I have been loving lately.

1. My water infuser. Mine was free with my spatone sachets. I load it up in the morning and refill through the day. I drink way more water and have noticed that I actually pee more with infused water than plain. My fave combo is lime, cucumber and mint!

2. Eggs- obsessed with eggs at the moment I am loving them!

3. Croutons- on everything please

4. Emerson at big w have really nice basic tshirts for $5. Long enough, nice fabric and a good neckline. Yes please.

5. Kmart had turquoise cake stands, sets of turquoise and pink tea cups with saucers and matching turquoise teapots from their Mother’s Day range down to $5 each. I bought up big and got a whole set. I can see tea party’s being a big part of my future.

6 speaking of teaparties I want to have one for the new princess. It will certainly involve this cake jamie Oliver created for her.

7. Cooler days means Woolies jumpers and ugg boots. I kind of love it kind of hate it.

8. Competitions, I have been the lucky winner of a few competitions. A cleanser from me, my best and I, a book and dove set from squish and a set of creams from indeed labs!

what are you loving?


Tired days

Some days, especially towards the end of my husbands two week swing, I tire! I just don’t want to do much at all. Naturally with a toddler this is not possible. Today was one of those days so with nothing booked in for the morning we decided to pop to the shops.

A girls trip. We made it special and we had coffee ( i did), water ( she did) and a smarties cookie (we did). Milly sat beautifully and ate her food. I have been taking her to a cafe since she was little. At home we eat well but In a cafe she can share a treat with me. Generally she is pretty civilized as she knows she will have a nice time. We chat and look about and have fun and it’s a nice way to break up they day. For around $10 it’s a bargain way to pass some time and refuel myself.

We then went and spent her birthday money and a little more, if I am honest, and she was an absolute angel. I feel refreshed now and ready for this afternoon.

Sometimes a little treat and a Change of scene is as good as a holiday!

what are your tips for those kind of days?

Goals for end of May and June

I feel like writing goals on here really really helps! So here they are.

Read 5 books!
Move for an hour daily 5 x per week
Send off cv
Drop treats to two little treats per week and one treat meal
Eat veggies at breakfast
Listen to podcasts on an educational subject
Do a big clean and cull of the house!

what are your mid year goals?

Catch up

Once again it has been ages! It feels like life is rushing by and to be honest I have been tired, busy and at times a little flat. Anyway, things are on the up and evening out, as they always do, so here is a round up of late.

My baby is one year old. I have no idea how this has happened all I know is she is a delight and her party went by in a whirl of fun, games and pink sugar!




I saw pitch perfect two for chicks and the flicks. It was a great night out and I loved the film!

My husband is now a permanent FIFO worker. In someways this is hard as two weeks alone is a long time, but every third week off is amazing. Also having structure to our lives means we can book stuff in. There is also some extra money which is needed for renovations and a few trips. I am trying to make it positive so have been enjoying long baths with some lovely products (l’occitane huile d’almond!) and early nights. I have been using a l’occitane pillow spray after my bath and reading ( so far I read the social diary and I am part way through a book with another ordered), it has been joyous. I was given an adult colouring book, for Mother’s Day, and find this really relaxing also.




I have been panning and clearing out. Whilst I realise now Is not the time for a succinct capsule wardrobe it is worth being aware of what I do and don’t wear and not caring extras. I am happy with how I am travelling.

I have been using my new recipe books, meal planning and going fairly well. Particularly now milly eats adult food we often share. I would still like to get better at stopping incidental spending but this honestly doesn’t happen too much anymore! I also really want to make an effort to clean up my diet again. I have brought the good stuff in, now to get rid of extra treats, and keep it to occasional.

The gym has been out of the window the last few weeks also. I have just been tired and it was so wet! Now I plan to get my a game back on with gym, DVDs and walking!

We ( milly and I) had a trip to busselton with my dad and his wife. Despite the rain and milly on antibiotics it was really enjoyable. We have managed to book another weekend when my husband is home and are hoping that the jetty and observatory will be open this time! Milly loved where we stayed. Mama ducks is all I heard. There was a playground and swimming pools onsite and plenty of space to toddle about!


Has anyone else tried roller lash? I think it may be the best thing ever. I want to buy a full size but am telling myself I need to pan all other mascara a to do so- this week I am having a final check of them and then I will bite the bullet!

My look fantastic beauty box was another winner this month. Twofold Infact, i Like the products and packaging was hours of fun! I am finding this monthly delivery really helps stop me purchasing all sorts as I get a little fix each month!



I have had some people approach me about random part time work from
Home. It’s not in my field but is for friends so I am excited. I may also have some contract work in my area coming up and I have some places to send my cv. These are jobs I need to get done! I feel like doing a bit of work will help challenge my brain, I am starting to feel I have not much about me except being a mum right now. This is not a problem I am proud to be a mum, but, I think I need to do some work so an not to loose confidence in my ability. Anyone else felt like this?

what have you all been up to? Fill me in?

Holy grail items of 2015

well this is a big title but I really feel like I have found some great things this year. 
Nutrogena alpha and beta toner- this is an exfoliating toner I got after reading Sali Hughes pretty honest and I love what it has done for my skin. With limited time for treatments and masks a quick time has helped with radiance and skin brightness. I would like to investigate other exfoliating toners but for now I am happy with this.

Nuxe reve du miel- this lip conditioner is so good. I bought it last year for labour and didn’t actually need it. With the change in season I have been getting dried lips and a dose of this before bed has worked like a charm. Expensive yes but I would rather have one product which works than various cheaper that don’t. 

Liz Earle cleanse and polish- this is really my ultimate cleanser. I have sadly used this up and think my next purchase for after using the stash of cleansers I have will be the Emma Hardie cleansing balm. I love a balm or oil cleanser which removes makeup.

I have also made strides with my makeup and have a few new gems.

Bare minerals complexion rescue is everything I had hoped for. The coverage of a bb cream, a gel like texture and mineral product. Holy grail!

Max factor creme puff in lavish mauve. I really was so tempted by the sound of the ambient blush by hourglass but when I went to look at them they had too much glitter for my liking. When I read these were a dupe I got them and have been loving this. It’s subtle, warm and a little glowy.

Benefit roller lash. I swapped my old curlers for a decent sized trial of this and folks it is fantastic. I will be getting one once I have used my stash.

Do you have any new products which you love?