Things I have been loving lately

Yet another listy post, they seem to be all I have time for at the moment. So here goes with things I have been loving lately.

1. My water infuser. Mine was free with my spatone sachets. I load it up in the morning and refill through the day. I drink way more water and have noticed that I actually pee more with infused water than plain. My fave combo is lime, cucumber and mint!

2. Eggs- obsessed with eggs at the moment I am loving them!

3. Croutons- on everything please

4. Emerson at big w have really nice basic tshirts for $5. Long enough, nice fabric and a good neckline. Yes please.

5. Kmart had turquoise cake stands, sets of turquoise and pink tea cups with saucers and matching turquoise teapots from their Mother’s Day range down to $5 each. I bought up big and got a whole set. I can see tea party’s being a big part of my future.

6 speaking of teaparties I want to have one for the new princess. It will certainly involve this cake jamie Oliver created for her.

7. Cooler days means Woolies jumpers and ugg boots. I kind of love it kind of hate it.

8. Competitions, I have been the lucky winner of a few competitions. A cleanser from me, my best and I, a book and dove set from squish and a set of creams from indeed labs!

what are you loving?



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