I had a massive spree! When I left my previous job I was given a voucher for myer. I had said I would get milly something nice but my husband said no treat yourself. I was going to get clothes but as I am pregnant again I new that wouldn’t work so I popped to benefit.

I like benefit products, have a history of using them, think they are cute and quirky but also pretty expensive for what they are. That said I really like some of these things!


I chose rollerlash. After trading in some old curlers for a trial size of this I was sold and honestly it is worth it. I have no doubt a series of cheaper alternatives will become available eventually but for now this is the ducks nuts!

The three tint balms. I was going to just get a cha cha balm but there was so little price difference with these sets I was sold. I’m actually really glad because the cha cha tint ( which is more coral) is my least favorite with a preference for positing (pink) or benetint (red).

I bought the cha cha tint for my cheeks. (And lips) and really enjoy this. Historically I have had benetint and I got a small positing in a Christmas set but I really like the coral colour of the cha cha to walk your face. As with the others you have to work quickly but it is long lasting and natural looking. It is very build able for a bold lip if that’s what you are after.

Finally in my xmas set I got a small high beam and had been really enjoying this to make me glow. I fancied the sunbeam to accompany the warmer cha cha tint but when I tried it the glitter seemed more prominent than in the high beam and less finely milled. I didn’t like this I want sheen not shimmer. I explained this to the assistant and she suggested watts up! Traditionally used under foundation when used as a highlight over it provides a lovely subtle but slightly warm sheen- I really like it.

These were my buys. They threw in a few samples including they’re real push up liner. This lasts amazingly but I don’t know if I love the applicator.

what do you recommend from benefit? Are you tempted?


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