Life lately

Life lately and thoughts of late

A smashed Pyrex dish with that nights lasagna in it- devastating


I ordered a lip gloss from strawberry net to get free shipping. Anyone else feeling a bit old for gloss? Or that it may be a touch dated?


The Priceline goodybag was insane I am so happy I made an effort to get one.

I started back at work two days a week. Milly was fine with her dad, next week she is with a sitter for a day and I hope that goes as well. I am loving being back, my confidence which I felt seeping away came flooding back and I feel good about working again!

I have pulled out my old maternity clothes, sorted them through and am washing them ready to wear! Second time around this bump is steaming ahead and popping out further what feels like daily.

Reading- finally reading again. Philipa gregory and also victoria hislop are in my to read pile.

Self care- taking time to eat well, moisturise, exercise and look after myself. After a few months where tumbling into bed was all I could manage I need to work on these things being mandatory and habitual!

Maximist- I love the concept of minimalism but sometimes you just need to spend and try everything so you are confident your capsule contains the best. A project pan 65428 sounds appropriate about now 😂😂😂

We hAd a lovely weekend down south at busselton it was just what we needed. Anyone travelling with a young family I highly recommend the bay view in busselton. It’s so easy and they have great winter rates. Now I am back to ticking off jobs, work, life, renovations and just getting a stuff done before the baby arrives! I know it’s ages off but we have a house to rearrange, old furniture to sell and lots of big ticket jobs like that.

Making good choices. Now my first trimester sickness has passed I need to get applied to making good choices daily. No more treats, just good clean eating!

Saving- we need to get saving routinely again! Haaaa stop small splurges and get frugal again.

where are you all at lately?


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