July goals

Here are my goals for July. Last month we did lots but I also slipped a lot. I went back to work and milly and I have, so far, handled the adjustment well. I am out of the nasty first trimester and feeling more energized and less sick so ready to get on top of health and diet. I also outlined spending goals, good lord I have products coming out my ears, I need to stop buying and get using and reviewing!


Save my pocket money in my savings account for post preggie wardrobe.

Workout 2 x weekly, plus a class and at least 1 long walk as well as shorter walks which don’t count.

Track points and stick to good choices, I know I am pregnant but I have obs approval to watch what I eat carefully this time.

Keep working and do a good job and hopefully get contract extended.

Keep up posting a little more.

Organise our finances and get us in a structured, regular savings plan.

Eat through the cupboards and freezer using stuff up. Only supplement with butcher and grocer! #challenge

Our new robes are going in so I want to actually organise my way through everything and potentially do a yard sale or car boot sale.

Pack away lots of items which I love but are not for pregnancy and I will look forward to again when I am smaller afterwards!

what are your monthly goals?


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