Clearing and nesting

It’s that time again, when all I want to do is clear and nest. It happened last time and I got rid of so much stuff and have regretted nothing, so here goes again.

Actually in some ways it’s easier as our building work and renos are nearly complete so I am being forced to clear as I go. I have cleared the bathroom and whilst I still have a big stash of makeup and skincare products I have given away anything which is just not to my taste.

I have been through my wardrobe and cleared so much stuff which feels fabulous. Obviously the pregnancy clothes will be given away and then I have some more breastfeeding specific items and post pregnancy forgiving items. These will all be sold as I move towards the end of my post partum year and breastfeeding, also hopefully as I work towards my goal body in terms of strength, fitness and size.

For both of these areas ( bathroom and wardrobe) I love the idea of minimalism but hate waste. So I plan to document in the next few weeks on here what I think my capsule wardrobe and bathroom products looks like, as things get used up I can only repurchase within these categories and that means in a less ruthless manner I am working my way there.

I need to give the bookcase a going over.

I have gotten rid of a lot of furniture which no longer fits our needs, I have a sofa left on gumtree and then I can buy the new baby cot and a day bed and be done with that.

Finally I will go through the toy box. As far as possible I feel like I have done pretty well with my xmas shopping for milly to choose more quality wooden toys that should last the distance with two little girlies playing with them and I am really aiming for quality over quantity. I went through all her old baby clothes as well and they are boxes and labelled ready for our new arrival.

Finally I am going to be clearing out the kitchen this week as the works on that starts, being honest and getting rid of out of date items, getting rid of things we just don’t use and also trying to weed out any nasty items which I don’t want to be part of our diet. Things have slipped a little with life and renos and I want to refocus on good whole foods and setting a good example.

did you nest? How often do you clear out? Are you minimal?