The challenges of two under two 

I don’t want to write about dirty nappies, lack of sleep and babies crying. I just don’t, it bores me, it is hard at times but I decided to have two kids and it’s just for now. 

I also don’t want to moan about doing it alone, I don’t, my husband works away so I can be home with the girls and honestly it’s a privilege not a right in current society to be home and watch them grow.

What I do want to mention is the challenges which have suprised me since becoming a mum. 

The lack of calm- some days it all runs smoothly but rarely is there the calm and peace I used to find from a morning cleaning and an afternoon spent on a sofa, in a clean house, with a candle lit. My house is pretty clean but it’s not calm any more there is always toy clutter, laundry clutter, dishes clutter. It’s only once everyone is asleep at night do I have a chance to restore a clutter free home, then I drop asleep myself. Who knew enjoying a calm and clean home was a luxury I loved? Not I.

A lack of quiet. Now there are two I am rarely alone. Naps rarely co incide and someone always needs you. Don’t get me wrong I don’t wish to be alone but peace and quiet is what restores my energy. Some people love a social event, I get my energy from the quiet moments when I am alone.

No time for hobbies. We do lovely things, we really do, and I have a lovely life. I have played with makeup and done things like that but I miss true hobbies and creativity. Not snatched moments. At the moment I am enjoying snapping away with my iPhone, maybe i will try the big camera? Maybe I will incorporate it to our adventures? Maybe I will write a little here also? There needs to be no purpose other than me enjoying it.

To this end I have re- evaluated. Hubs is away now for two weeks and I need to get established in our life as three. I am trying to prioritise a quiet read, a clean home and enjoying it, quiet exercise ( like yoga), trying a new recipe, taking a few pictures and writing a few words. 

I’ve no idea how this will affect this blog or my life but it feels like it’s worth a try.


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