Cleansing and culling

imageI am doing a 30 day clearing challenge with my bestie. It’s really enjoyable as I love sending her snapchats of culled items and also messaging about how our houses will look like New York loft apartments when we are done (never going to happen I have kids)!

I am using the template she sent me from popsugar. I get satisfaction from ticking off daily.

when it comes to my clothes though whilst I have a few items which can go I really do love a lot of my clothes. I am still carrying baby weight and still breastfeeding, and hope to remain breastfeeding the best part of this year, so now is not the time to cull. I do, however, think I can be much more aware and not purchase items unless truly necessary so I end up with a much smaller selection by next year.

The same goes for beauty products. I have a relatively small stash, in blog terms, but far too much for just one person. At the same time I am reluctant to throw things I have never tried. So the rules are if I find something I can’t live without and it runs out I can only repurchase if I use up or donate all alternative products in my stash.

My bookshelf is also pretty full, but it’s books I haven’t yet read. So rather than culling I am going to try and read my bookshelf this year then consider if a book is worth a re read before I put it back. 

My kitchen is quite clear but as the girls grow up I need to remain in top of clearing baby items. Same goes for my linen cupboard. The only extra is baby stuff we use currently but won’t in a couple of years. I would really like to gradually replace my bedding with much nice quality items and this will remain a goal with time.

The rest of the house is in pretty good shape but I am going over it all in 30 days as outlined. Having less means easier cleaning and organization!

Do you cull?




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