Weight watchers smart points 

So weight watchers has a new system! For those of you that don’t know I lost weight in a really successful and relatively painless manner with weight watchers a few years ago. Now post babies I am reluctant to say I have regained it all because I am not in an unhealthy place, also my body takes a while to drop its pregnancy weight, but I do need to apply myself.

Weight watchers seemed a natural choice as it had worked well before. It also ticks many boxes for me when dieting with young girls in the house; not faddy, no food is off limits and it just seems to be a non event for me. What I mean is I log on, log food, make better choices and the weight goes, end of the matter. No conversations, revolutionary diet plans, numerous trips to the toilet or fads and no bad body image! 

I have been on plan for a week or so now and,it should be noted I have lots of extra points for breastfeeding, I couldn’t beleive just how many points I had. Then I couldn’t beleive how many points were in foods, or how many I got from my Fitbit data, or how none of them seemed available to eat. I have done research now on the new plan and I am completely onboard. These are my thoughts;

Do not eat your exercise points unless really needed- I am totally down with this. It took me years to undo my link between food and exercise and to exercise for its benefits. However if I do run a half I will just go off plan for that day.

You have more points- no bother to me a number is just that a number I can work with whatever you give me boss.

Zero point foods- are only zero, I beleive, when eaten whole. Green smoothies have points now. Which makes total sense as you could have a few fruit portions in one.

Food points have changed- they really have. One day I ate more protein and had points to spare, I thought it was perhaps because it was filling me but nope it’s because of how they are calculated. Apparently calories have no part in the calculation, it’s based on protein, fat, carbs, sugar, fiber etc to include how your body will metabolise them. I can see that whilst I have space for treats now at goal I will be eating very well in order to use my points wisely and I am really cool with this, Infact it completely aligns with what I want, loosing weight not just to be skinny but to be really healthy. 

Your weekly points are calculated based on age, details and how active you are.

Have you done the new plan? Would you? 


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