Things i loved in February 

I quite like these posts and YouTube videos so thought I would write my own monthly post of things I loved over the month. 

1. Fifth leg wine- omg now Lottie settles at a predictable time and generally sleeps for a long period I can have a cheeky glass. I love a nice dry white and this fits the bill. 

2. Bio oil- working wonders on the chronic stretch marks/ tiger stripes / whatever you want to call them. Whilst many consider them a badge and wear them with pride I, whilst not being ashamed, look forward to them fading and this seems to help. 

3. Emma hardie cleansing balm- true love that’s all. 

4. Nip fab exfoliating pads- I am converted to chemical exfoliation now and these are so convenient. 

5. Body shop grapefruit sorbet- way less tacky than a moisturiser, smelling so fresh- it’s love! 

6. Jamberry nails- skeptical I was indeed. But these are fab they last over a week, even with my dodgy application, and require no drying. You can guarantee the one night you decide to do your nails you will have just painted them and a kiddo will need you! Problem solved. It’s also making me braver in my choices, rose gold sparkles anyone? 

7. My kitchen rules- need I say more! 
What have you been loving? 


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