This weeks goals

Frankly overall I am kicking my goals ass for the year. 

I’m down about 5kg

Been walking most days

Budget is in action! 

However the last few days have been miserable. Stress, tiredness and illness have gotten to me. I took a few days off the weight watchers plan- not to eat ridiculously but to eat to hunger and have had numerous rest days. This week I plan to get back on track. 

Walk daily with the girls

Do 3 X circuits! 

Do my aqua class ( I have been doing this weekly)

Give the house a good clean and scrub

Eat up all the fresh food in the fridge so none goes bad. 

Back to weight watchers tracking

Read a book!

Continue to budget hard. 
What are your goals this week?


Weight watchers round up

I used to post my progress on this little blog and did really well so maybe I will do again. 

I finished my first 10 days. I lost my way a little and ate some exercise points which isn’t really recommended but I don’t mind as I got more than double my target and don’t want to loose my milk. 

Ways to improve/ goals for week.

1 treat only per day

Continue walking 6 X week and add 2 toning sessions

Drink only water, 1 coffee and maybe find a good tea.

Add protein- the days I ate more I felt fuller and used lower points. 

Max 2 pieces bread a day and source carbs elsewhere – rice, couscous, wraps, crackers, pasta, oats! 

These are my goals for the next week. I am really happy with how I am going (1.5kg down) and am finding my way with the new program gradually.