‘Oh My GOD is that from Tiffany?!?’ That is the name of this blog and its a title with meaning. Welcome to my small piece of cyber space and feel free to join me on the adventures of a girl in her late twenties ( just) as I try to navigate my way through all the demands faced by a modern working woman.

Tiffany is most girls fantasy store. I fell in love when I saw the blue packaging and the beautiful shop fronts. I fell further in love when I watched the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

My first Tiffany item was a necklace, the Paloma Picasso heart necklace in case you were wondering, which was bought for me by my mother as a graduation gift. My second Tiffany, and latest, well this was something special. My second Tiffany was a beautiful diamond engagement ring given to me by my wonderful boyfriend when he asked me to marry him last year and the blog title….. well, that was my response!

This blog was initially a place I wrote about things which made me happy, focused my goals and documented my way to a weightloss of over 20kg. Recently I have had my first baby and this blog is now used to record memories made with her, days out, recipes, post baby weightloss, products I like and the trials associated with being a working ( hopefully) mummy in today’s world.


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