Thoughts of late #3

Well, I need to get back in the game. My sugar dodging ways have slipped, since my birthday, and although I am eating way less than I was I still feel sluggish. It also speaks to me again, I hear bakeries calling, and I loved it when they didn’t so I am doing a final two week no sugar push. Then I am going to enjoy some fruit! I have learned so much this last few weeks I will write a post about it.

I am still enjoying life and have been working on a few projects. It’s not ready enough to share on here but I am so excited about it all. A bit of a final push and the ball may get rolling!

I need to look into support financially. If I am not returning to work, which looks likely for now, then I think we would be due some government assistance with the baby. Next weeks jobs!

I am loving Kayla and finally, next week, having finished the pre workouts I start the proper program! Working out this way really suits me and my current life!

I have had so much coming through my letterbox lately sometimes I think doing a YouTube video may be easier!!! What do you think?

After my post when life throws you lemons, I can confirm we are super happy with decisions made and where we are at…. Let’s not stress about what we can’t control.

But let’s continue to cut back where possible. Foxtel…. Gone, back to base monitoring… Price halved, life insurance etc,… Reassessed and reduced as I am not earning, centre link…. Being visited, stuff going on Gumtree!

Also, I think I have a good grasp on what I wear post partum, as a mum and also when pregnant now. I don’t like clothes which make me feel mumsy. Clean, simple clothes with a pop of colour, studding, leather or something a little edgy and I feel good. Frills and flower prints get me down. Time for a clear out and eBay sale me thinks!

how are you all feeling? What’s new?


Mentor me off sugar- 2 weeks in

I am now around 2 weeks into mentor me off sugar and I have a few observations. I read the literature, joined the Facebook group and have given it a shot. I personally didn’t follow the meal plan, as I don’t like having what I eat specified, but I can see it looks tasty and is so balanced you would only get better results from using it.

I really thought I was sugar aware, it turns out I was, but was using a lot of sweetener namely stevia in my day to day. Baked beans, but with stevia, coffee , with stevia, tomato sauce, with stevia, baking with stevia. Over the last few weeks I have stopped this. Well, actually there have been three minor diet coke incidences, and a chocolate incidence (sweetened again with stevia). Aside from these it has gone ok. I have eaten ,more bread than Laura recommends as it needed using up and I had an Australia Day blow out on crisps ( but I checked there was no sugar) which is far from ideal.

I have had some realisations. Giving up sugar really does reset what tastes sweet. After just one week I was tasting sweetness in things like green curry, chicken wings etc. I read people did and didn’t believe it, so tried some to see, and it surprised me. Coffee without stevia is fine, in fact most meals are fine as long as you are prepared. This has been key, dedicating some time to cooking a supply, and really eating from home is key to my success. So much food, even bread, when out and about has added sugar, even if its just in the sauces. I have found when I eat for nutrition there are no cravings. An ideal meal is protein, fat and veggies ( and carbs if you like) but I need to eat before I am ravenous or I want all the carbs and all the sugar. Luckily for me it seems I don’t suffer to much for emotional eating my junk food lust is mainly associated with unbalanced blood sugars.

Baring all of this in mind, I am so happy I took part of the program, I have learned heaps about myself and am only one third of the way through. I am also pleased with the way I am looking, I feel like I am loosing a bit which is always nice, and a great motivator. For the next four weeks I want to fully commit to the program and have no sugar, sweetener or fruit and to also only have wholegrains. I think this will bring fabulous results. Laura is pretty open about the fact you will slip up, and this makes me so relaxed about it, which is great as you feel no guilt and I almost observed with interest how my coke didn’t taste good, chocolate made me feel sick etc. so I am planning a slip up- it’s my birthday and I know a friend is making me a cake. I am allowing myself one slice, also I am going for a seafood lunch with hubs and I plan to have a glass of wine and some bread if it looks lovely and I fancy it… Otherwise I am dedicated. I think this is ok, the plan is all about putting good stuff in and being gentle, rather than being extreme and crazy diet like.

So what have I been eating… A typical day for me is

Breakfast- eggs, veggie slice, with sprouted spelt bread, or porridge or sweet potato granola on greek yogurt. Coffee.

Snack- handful almonds

Lunch- salad and something today I had a quinoa crust quiche which I made

Afternoon- coffee

Dinner- meat or fish and veg or salad.

Snack ( occasionally) natural yogurt with desiccated coconut sprinkled on.

Other things I have enjoyed are Laura’s almond meal crackers, roast pumpkin, veggie sticks and humous and lots of cinnamon. I drink sparkling mineral water with a lemon or lime wedge, water, coffee or occasionally a coconut water.

What I really like about this is, as long as I am prepped, it is easy. I don’t really think about food. My cravings have gone and I need less. I think the thing that makes the difference is that i am not having the sweet stuff rather than just subbing it out with sugar replacements, this may work for some but, for me it doesn’t stop cravings.

Where do I see myself long term? This may change and I will do a similar post in 4 weeks time. I would like to continue a diet based like this. Perhaps I will Include some berries once or twice a week. I would like to have 1 treat meal per week- whether this includes wine, eating out or dessert ( or indeed all of this) I am flexible and I know it’s nothing a good meal after wont fix In terms of long term cravings. I enjoy eating more from home, as the food doesn’t have sneaky sugar in it,and will continue to do this except for a treat meal. I hadn’t realised how much I ate out- all this money is treating myself to a monthly beauty box in place of it.., and going towards budget 2015!

have you given up sugar? Would you? Do you get cravings?

* I was given a place on this program in return for an honest review. All sugary slip ups, opinions and stevia addictions are my own!