Life updates

The last life update I wrote I was fully disorganized in my head. I honestly didn’t know where I was at for home or work. Now things have settled, as per usual, everything has it’s own way of falling into place.

We got a new car a Volkswagen tiguan and it’s great, really perfect for families who do inner city driving as well.

We also did some research and got some opinions and decided to reclad the outside of our house. This is quite an expense but will add value as well as decreasing heating/ cooling costs. By doing this and getting new windows we have spent a fair bit on our abode but it has upgraded it and made it more of a three bedroom house.

I am nervous that we are spending our savings but it seems positive that there will be some kind of job that I want for next year. Ideally I would like to work in my given field 2 or 3 days per week.

The knowledge that I could be working again next year means I am treasuring this year. Making every effort to enjoy each day for what it is. Even if that day is one of those days where milly needs to be cuddled all day and we are parked on the couch. Smiles like this make it soooo worthwhile .


We have also been working out loads: walking in the sun by the river, mum and baby pilates, aqua and barre extend bubs on board are part of our week as well as a vibro plate class which condenses an hours work out into 30 mins so is perfect for mummas. I should get the clearance to run in a week or so aswell! We have been loving these classes as they get us out the house and amongst others!

The diet is gradually being cleaned up, I didn’t stress about an all or nothing approach but am working with crowding out ( ie chucking the good stuff in so there is less room for the bad stuff) as each day goes by I crave the bad stuff less.


This particular offering was pear, coconut water, cucumber, lime and mint! Oh hello gorgeous!

The sunny weather has meant we have been using the pushchair heaps and I carry a blanket in the bottom so if we are running early we can have a quick lie down in the breeze and kick our legs about ( more her than me).

how is life lately for you?


Le weekend

A little delayed, as appears to be my blogging style, this post is a quick wrap up of the weekend which involved lots of fun and rest. Friday night was a couple of wines and a meal at a volcanic hot stone cafe with a girlie friend. It was lovely, I was a little scared after reading some terrible reviews on urban spoon but we decided to go for it anyway as I had bought a scoopon voucher and we didn’t want to waste it. Pleasant surprise, great food, great service and a lovely time.

Saturday I was home alone waiting for the foxtel man and so hung out watching a black and white movie, making jewellery (above) and just chilling out and doing housework.

Saturday evening was dinner and a cheesy movie cuddled up on the couch with the candles lit.

Sunday was a quick food shop for the week, more house work, watching Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake at Hoyts imax 3d which was fantastic and a roast dinner with dancing with the stars! Great weekend.

I hope everyone else’s weekend was fabulous?