Freedom london

Yet more budget beauty. My quest for budget beauty continues and this pretty little lot was delivered to australia for around $60


freedom makeup is a new launch which I had seen being tagged as #macforthemasses whilst I am not a huge fan this really reeled me in. Imagine such quality products at affordable prices!

I chose two bronzers ( animal print), two blush and highlight kits, an eyeshadow pallette and three lip butters. As always I am not planning to swatch everything but just show you some items on the face and have a general chat about them. So far I like the products, they smell nice quite powdery but nice, the eyeshadows feel a bit more creamy than I like and half of them are more glittery ( not glitter though as I hate this) and the other is a perfect everyday slight sheen. The blush and highlight kits are just lovely so much selection and honestly gorgeous colours these are complete winners for me. I have used the setting spray and will continue to do so and so how this affects the staying power of my makeup.

One product which has really suprised me is the lip butters. These look like a gloss in packaging with a wand applicator but are much more matte. They have a fairly sheer but build able colour and I really like them. Your lips needs to be in good condition but I think they are really wearable, non sticky, and a nice alternative to gloss.

Have you tried freedom london? They currently have 20% off if you sign up which takes the bargains to even better value. I would definitely recommend the blush and highlight palettes, shadow palettes and lip butters.

Here are a few pics of my ugly mug wearing some of the products. If you want proper swatches shout!




W7 cosmetics

Forget minimalism lately I have been loving budget beauty. Without all the extra cash of two incomes I have been diligently applying myself to trying some brands I normally overlook! W7 came to my attention because some of the products appeared to be very similar to some higher end faves of mine. Available from chemist warehouse I think W7 is actually a uk brand. My only gripe is lack of availability of all items- there is more I would love to try.


I tried the flirty lashes mascara. I felt this had a similar brush to benefit they’re real but for me did not perform as well. I liked it and thought it was great for everyday but it wasn’t quite as good. I have heard absolute lashes is a much better dupe and I will try this when I see it.

The honey queen honeycomb blush looks really similar to a lot of benefit blushes. I don’t like to pay high end prices for cardboard package as it can look ratty quickly and doesn’t travel well in my opinion. I really like this blush for a soft, subtle daily look with bb cream and lipbalm.


Alternatively with a statement lip where you want blush which won’t clash!

The gel liner is excellent in my opinion. I am more of a liquid liner girl but this stuff doesn’t budge all day! Winning I have been reaching for this more and more. Very black in colour and good longevity.

Finally the looser, for me, the light diffusing concealer is a bit lumpy, dry and chalky and I just don’t love it!

what W7 products do I need to try next?

Big Bucks and lovely clothes

Well the week has been huge fun. I have had a friend staying and had a few days off work and it has involved a bit of cider, a day in fremantle and some eating of these

We also did a 2 hour cycle ride around the river, spent a fair bit of time in the pub, ate fro yo and SHOPPED! I ended up buying 2 grey cardigans ( too boring for pictures). Two pairs of nine west shoes

I also got them in red.

watching a LOT of this

TOWIE a guilty pleasure if ever I had one!
More shopping with 5 news tops from french connection, mink pink, ojay and also a charideeee shop or ( op shop as they are known here)
Needless to say a lot of fun has been had and a lot of spending occurred and now we need to batton down the hatches and save some pennies as I have big bills coming up and a credit card to pay off! BOOOOO. So I join the beautifully glossy project pan 50 or low buy challenge. I shall be aiming to not purchase anything unnecessary until the end of July ( when I will reassess). In that time I will pay my large bill from the uk, pay off the credit card and just shop my stash. I have a heap of products which need to be used, a heap of ingredients in my fridge and cupboards which need to be used and a heap of DIY products such as paint which just need the elbow grease to get the house finished. I already have tickets to a few fun events and I have ordered some items over the last month (some from the states) so I should have a steady inflow of new items over the next month to keep me occupied.
Along the way I am going to do posts on my empties and a quick review of which I would re- buy, recipes with the store cupboard faithfuls and outfits of the day with clothes that were long forgotten, plus a possible post of two on DIY and room make overs on a budget!
So for now we focus on saving, being happy with the items we have and using forgotten items, renovating, exercising and pro point counting.
How are you all doing?