Scented candles

I love scented candles. I always used to be a fan of the cheap as cheapo ikea and Kmart varieties and have them constantly burning. Now I am a little more fussy. Here are some of my current ones with my thoughts.

Yankee candles popular the world over. I bought about four of these half price when I was pregnant with milly. I have barely used them as they make a black smoke and I just don’t like that. I also think the fragrance is slightly synthetic smelling so wouldn’t bother buying these again.

Neom organics I was lucky enough to get a travel candle for Christmas. I like these they burn nicely and smell great.

evaglo candles are insane. These soy candles smell so good it’s outrageous. As they melt you can use the liquid as a massage oil to moisturise skin! I love these so much. Expensive but locally made and to be honest at the rate I burn candles now ( not fast with small grabby hands around) I would prefer these.

I also have a engraved Jo Malone candle which is such a special wedding present as it is from someone who has since passed away. I think whilst they smell amazing until I am a millionaire I will burn this sparingly but will always replace the rose candle with the engraved top as when we do it is normally a special occasion, with a. Glass of wine, just the two of us and I know the giver of the gift would love these moments. I always think of her when we light it and remember her and I know she would fully support some down time with wine or bubbles and just enjoying being us! A memory of our wedding, us and a wonderful lady.

Finally my latest candle is a ecoya again a soy candle I was lucky enough to get this as a anniversary gift. The scent coconut and elderflower is just delicious!

What candles do you love and why?



W7 cosmetics

Forget minimalism lately I have been loving budget beauty. Without all the extra cash of two incomes I have been diligently applying myself to trying some brands I normally overlook! W7 came to my attention because some of the products appeared to be very similar to some higher end faves of mine. Available from chemist warehouse I think W7 is actually a uk brand. My only gripe is lack of availability of all items- there is more I would love to try.


I tried the flirty lashes mascara. I felt this had a similar brush to benefit they’re real but for me did not perform as well. I liked it and thought it was great for everyday but it wasn’t quite as good. I have heard absolute lashes is a much better dupe and I will try this when I see it.

The honey queen honeycomb blush looks really similar to a lot of benefit blushes. I don’t like to pay high end prices for cardboard package as it can look ratty quickly and doesn’t travel well in my opinion. I really like this blush for a soft, subtle daily look with bb cream and lipbalm.


Alternatively with a statement lip where you want blush which won’t clash!

The gel liner is excellent in my opinion. I am more of a liquid liner girl but this stuff doesn’t budge all day! Winning I have been reaching for this more and more. Very black in colour and good longevity.

Finally the looser, for me, the light diffusing concealer is a bit lumpy, dry and chalky and I just don’t love it!

what W7 products do I need to try next?


Yet more items

Mitchum deodorant- standard repurchase

Pantene ice shine shampoo- hate this it made my hair feel coated

Christopher Robin prickly pear conditioning mask- this was so lovely. It was in my look fantastic box but was £50 to repurchase and I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that money.

Thai body scrub- ewwww. Smelled so fake and wasn’t that scrubby. I ended up binning this.

L’occitane huile d’almonde. Oh my lord I love this stuff and got it on a great strawberrynet deal. It’s so expensive for shower gel but luckily a friend bought me another one so I am not too devastated! I will be when the next is gone though.

Balance me revitalizing hand and body wash. I really liked this and would use it again. It made a nice change from dr bronners.

What have you finished lately?

Holy grail items of 2015

well this is a big title but I really feel like I have found some great things this year. 
Nutrogena alpha and beta toner- this is an exfoliating toner I got after reading Sali Hughes pretty honest and I love what it has done for my skin. With limited time for treatments and masks a quick time has helped with radiance and skin brightness. I would like to investigate other exfoliating toners but for now I am happy with this.

Nuxe reve du miel- this lip conditioner is so good. I bought it last year for labour and didn’t actually need it. With the change in season I have been getting dried lips and a dose of this before bed has worked like a charm. Expensive yes but I would rather have one product which works than various cheaper that don’t. 

Liz Earle cleanse and polish- this is really my ultimate cleanser. I have sadly used this up and think my next purchase for after using the stash of cleansers I have will be the Emma Hardie cleansing balm. I love a balm or oil cleanser which removes makeup.

I have also made strides with my makeup and have a few new gems.

Bare minerals complexion rescue is everything I had hoped for. The coverage of a bb cream, a gel like texture and mineral product. Holy grail!

Max factor creme puff in lavish mauve. I really was so tempted by the sound of the ambient blush by hourglass but when I went to look at them they had too much glitter for my liking. When I read these were a dupe I got them and have been loving this. It’s subtle, warm and a little glowy.

Benefit roller lash. I swapped my old curlers for a decent sized trial of this and folks it is fantastic. I will be getting one once I have used my stash.

Do you have any new products which you love?


I love this box- April Edition

I love this box is a subscription based box which costs $14.95 per month ( inlcuding delivery) and contains 5-6 luxury sample or full sized products. April was my first month I had signed up for and I was a little nervous.

My beauty regime includes quite a few high end high street products. My favourite brands and Lancome, Bobby Brown and Benefit and to be honest I had been trying to cut down on beauty products as I wanted to streamline and have a base of products which worked and I used. I hate buying products which I dont like and wasting money. So really I used to go about once a year and spend spend spend on a new look and that would do for the year. I would replace items I had used with replacements of exactly the same. I have used the same foundation since I was 21.

I decided I love this box would be a fun way for me to try new products without loosing too much money. Now onto the box, this review is a little late as I have been using the products non stop!

These are the products I received in the box. Firstly was an Avado organic gel exfoliant. I really liked this as it felt very fresh on my skin and I have been using it every morning in the shower. It is not particularly gritty, probably so that you can use it daily, so I use it with a muslin cloth for some extra oomph! You also got a $5 voucher to spend on the brand at priceline. Avado products are certified organic and use aloe vera and essential oils to keep the skin radiant.

A Just D’lish handmade soap in passionfruit. I haven’t used this yet and to be honest am not a big fan of bar soaps. Some folks got a scented candle in their box which I am jealous of as I would have loved that.

A maybelline lipstick in 265 Autumn Rush. This is not my colour, but if I ever want to go back to the days of cropped tops, Rimmel Healther Shimmer and Ace of Base it would work a treat for me! Far to brown and dark on my lips, but it did feel nice so in another colour would probably be fab.

Chikii blush/bronzer I LOVE this. It doesn’t say what colour it is but I really like it and have used it everyday to a lot of compliments. It is mineral makeup and lasts for ages. I am now a convert. The only thing I dont like is the packaging as a small tub would be much easier to use and store. A quick look at the website shows they do samples and trial packs at affordable prices. I love to test before a bigger outlay.

Shanga Eyeshadow in Camellia which is also lovely a shimmery peachy pink which I have worn daily and has also been complemented. This also is a long lasting product. Shanga combines natural makeup with technology to produce results and all products have a 100% money back guarantee which is fantastic for giving confidence in the products.

Overall I think that the Ilovemybox is a fantastic way to experiment with new products without the risk of outlay on products which you just don’t like, I will be continuing with my subscription. Infact the mineral makeup has impressed me so much I have delved further into this world and bought a maybelline mineral makeup kit.

The set includes a mineral concealer which I apply liberally to any spots or imperfections then tap into the skin to blend. I use the mineral foundation with the rubbish baby kabuki brush provided and just sort of buff it in with a circular motion. The mineral veil is used as the finish. I like this it lasts and covers well. It is possibly a little matt in finish for me as I prefer dewy skin. So on the advice of memybestandI I have been to the everyday minerals website. I have ordered the Kabuki which is just $14.99 and a bargain with great reviews, plus a sample kit with 7 samples of their products for just $0.01 ( you can opt to pay more and it goes to charity). I also got a lippy for $6.99 as if you spend more than $18 you get 2 free products. As long as i like the products this is a bargain.

Along the lines of the natural makeup I bought these to replace my shampoo, conditioner and body wash. They may not be too flash but at around $5 each and easily available from the supermarket that suits me and my budget. So far I have enjoyed them.

I like the world of luxury samples and free/ cheap trials it allows makeup to be fun and for you to try items without the pressure and guilt of spending too much. I have been so impressed so far. Further reviews to come. Please note I am not super knowledgeable or a guru of any kind I am just a regular gal with spotty ish skin trying to look my best!

What do you love? any products for me to try???