What I ate Wednesday and Weigh in

Well after a whistlestop week and quite a few over indulgences there were nerves surrounding this weeks weigh in. Although I have stuck to points and exercised the quality of the food may not be as good as you could have wished for. Still a week with friends is worth it.

I have decided to join the What I ate Wednesday which is hosted by peas and crayons.

I feel that a weekly check in of what I am eating should hopefully help me to keep tabs on keeping the diet balanced and will provide a reference of what I am eating whilst loosing. As of next week I will take more pictures but for now on todays menu…

A skinny cappuccino and ham and cheese toastie ( I was running late!)- 9 pro points

A tuna sushi roll set with 5 pieces of tuna sushi ( 5 PP), salad and dressing ( 1 PP), edamame ( 2 PP) and miso ( 1 PP).

Snacks- apple and a freddo 1PP

Dinner – veg and lentil soup and toast 10 PP and stewed plums.

which takes me to a grand total of 29 pro points for the day. I also went to hash club after a quick weigh in and did about 1 hour of moderate exercise for which I earned 6 Pro points.

I am also trying to tick off a few things each day so I remain focused on health and not weight loss ( as long as we ignore the week long party which was last week).

Today has included protein ( cheese, ham, tuna and lentils), veg ( salad, veg soup, lentils), dairy ( cheese and cappu), plenty of water to drink and 2 serves of fruit… so not perfect but not terrible either!

Results of the weigh in have been posted on the tab but for a quick peak the result was…..0.1kg loss, so not fab but given a week of fun and the totm it’s ok.

Happy hump day