Feb goals

Well what do you know? I have a, touch wood, easy baby. This makes getting life back on track so much more achievable and as such here are my few goals:

Meal plan and get back on track with a healthy diet

Exercise- I’ve been walking lots but now including 3-4 weekly circuits 

Read a book

Blog. About me, frivolity and some real non Kid related things like weightloss and makeup… And perhaps a weekly life round up just for the memories.

Save both as a family and independently. As a family is explanatory. independently means saving half my pocket money each week! My husband and I each have pocket money for whatever luxuries we fancy and I want to save half mine. 

Any goals In February? 


Clearing and nesting

It’s that time again, when all I want to do is clear and nest. It happened last time and I got rid of so much stuff and have regretted nothing, so here goes again.

Actually in some ways it’s easier as our building work and renos are nearly complete so I am being forced to clear as I go. I have cleared the bathroom and whilst I still have a big stash of makeup and skincare products I have given away anything which is just not to my taste.

I have been through my wardrobe and cleared so much stuff which feels fabulous. Obviously the pregnancy clothes will be given away and then I have some more breastfeeding specific items and post pregnancy forgiving items. These will all be sold as I move towards the end of my post partum year and breastfeeding, also hopefully as I work towards my goal body in terms of strength, fitness and size.

For both of these areas ( bathroom and wardrobe) I love the idea of minimalism but hate waste. So I plan to document in the next few weeks on here what I think my capsule wardrobe and bathroom products looks like, as things get used up I can only repurchase within these categories and that means in a less ruthless manner I am working my way there.

I need to give the bookcase a going over.

I have gotten rid of a lot of furniture which no longer fits our needs, I have a sofa left on gumtree and then I can buy the new baby cot and a day bed and be done with that.

Finally I will go through the toy box. As far as possible I feel like I have done pretty well with my xmas shopping for milly to choose more quality wooden toys that should last the distance with two little girlies playing with them and I am really aiming for quality over quantity. I went through all her old baby clothes as well and they are boxes and labelled ready for our new arrival.

Finally I am going to be clearing out the kitchen this week as the works on that starts, being honest and getting rid of out of date items, getting rid of things we just don’t use and also trying to weed out any nasty items which I don’t want to be part of our diet. Things have slipped a little with life and renos and I want to refocus on good whole foods and setting a good example.

did you nest? How often do you clear out? Are you minimal?

The lengthy one

gosh it has been a long time between drinks around these parts hasn’t it? I hope everyone is well. This post has been such a long time coming and it’s a big one, a wordy one, a from the heart one but hopefully it goes a way towards explaining where I have been.

I have always been a particular personality type, an over achiever in some ways. Whilst nothing remarkable I have pushed and pushed and pushed myself often getting to the goal and rather than enjoying it saying ‘what’s next?’ I know I am not alone in this.

Around 8 years ago I met a man, this is not a Story of how a man has changed me, a man who was wonderful but felt very opposite to me. A hardworking man, a good man, in fact one of the finest I have ever met. He had no ambition for wealth or status, he wanted happiness, and to be comfortable, and a family. This man supported me on what has been a lengthy journey of learning myself, learning to relax and owning myself. He also became my husband.

As we realised we wanted to marry and have a family we had to make joint financial decisions and lifestyle descisions and together we made a commitment to never being luxury folk and being sensible with extra money that should come our way but also always prioritising family and happiness over extra wealth.

Since having a child this has never been more true. From taking all the time both milly and I needed for her breastfeeding (1 year thanks) before returning to any kind of work, to handing in my notice and free falling into no job for the first time in my life when it became apparent I was completely undervalued as a mother he has been there. I have learned to have more faith in life and placing more value on myself and my family is ok.

So what transpired is another job fell in my lap. An 8 week part time contract, this was extended to 5 months and it may lead to a permanent position next year. I am delighted, turns out I really was worth more. This has been a steep learning curve as I have given it my all but not everything, because again family has come first, I have also really managed stress and anxiety about work which is a whole new thing for me and I like it. Gradually I am learning to say no, I have the experience and I know I am right, or yes I made a mistake let me fix it but not worrying myself sick about it. Valuing myself seems to have rubbed off and they value me also- who would have thunk it!

I have also been juggling some problems with an investment. I always felt nervous of letting this go, like I was sabotaging the future, but honestly at times things are more trouble than they are worth. My time is worth more, my family deserves more and I am now selling. Previously I would have felt like a failure for not coping. It’s not, I realise, that I am not coping more I have evaluated and decided for me it’s not worth it at this point.

I always felt nervous of making a proper commitment to Australia, I felt like I would break my mums heart, that I would disappoint everyone. This possible new job and the confidence I have gained in being myself has allowed me to own it and say ‘I want to only work part time and be home for my girls’ Australia allows this. And just like that for the first time ever it is home and I am ready to move all my treasured items from the UK to here and into my home. I should also note I have received nothing but love and support in this descision since I told my family which shows just how blooming strong my mum is to let me fly as I need to.

Which leads me to another part of where have I been. We bought a sensible house, a fibro on a bigger block in the best area we could afford. Whilst we loved the house it was a do upper and bought based largely on good financial reasoning. After years of doing reno ourselves and slowly adding value it’s doing ok. We have done the research and are currently having it changed to a 3 bed. We started trying to do this as we had always done…. Ourselves. Between my husband working away 2 out of 3 weeks, me working 2 days plus a week and us Using no childcare except for when I work and he is away it was too hard. I felt so guilty but we released some money from the house and are getting the work done. Whilst I still co ordinate all the tradies and work it’s being done on our time frames and with less stress. Our time is just worth more right now and due to past hard work we have that option.

This blog is a hobby, it always has been, and I have not made time for it lately. Partly because I have been busy. Mainly because I have made a commitment that family comes first, time with family comes first and if other things are stressful I commit to letting them go. In becoming a mother I gave really cemented this and I own it. So I’m sure I will be dropping back InTo chat about life, nail polish, diet and goals but I will do it when I am ready because right now my priority is to not overcommit.

This, I feel, has gone a massive way to me loving motherhood. I am still practising all the time to not get anxious, or stressed as much and to simplify. With only 15 weeks (max) until I am ten proud mother of two girls under two any stress and life management is key.

How has life been for you? How has being a mother Changed you? Or how do you think it will?

Money chat

Let’s talk money! Right now I am a little nervous, although in some ways we are in a good position with me doing some part time work and my husband working away the last few months have been a challenge. I have to add we are in a fortunate situation and doing ok with money but we could do better, and if we don’t reign it in could be a lot worse. Through roster changes, sickness and other likes we have ended up earning less than standard. This has resulted in a bit of a credit card bill.

$4500 to be exact.

Now $1500 was a deposit for the new built in robes which we will use my tax return for.

$500 was for payment for car mechanics as a result of an accident which is being claimed back. Note done!

There are also a few medical claims I need to lodge. Must do this.

But the rest is just spending. We have budgeted this year for our tax returns and mid year bonus and money from selling a car to go towards certain items- namely renovating the house, the birth of the next baby ( we are private) and having a savings buffer of at least $10k.

It’s not that we waste a lot of money, honestly we don’t eat out much, we don’t shop heaps but things do slip through the net. So I am challenging myself to a $150 shopping budget per week ( sounds a lot but this includes cleaning products, nappies, toiletries etc) or $100 if possible. I plan to do this using meal plans and using up items in freezer and cupboard. I may even start posting a meal plan here. I plan to start keeping track of this by using a cash in envelope method.

I have been treating myself a bit, mainly to beauty products, and whilst I don’t regret these purchases they need to stop. Each week the husband and I get pocket money to spend as we see fit. I am going to try and save at least half of mine ($50per week) and put it in savings for a new wardrobe in a year or so once i have reached my ultimate post baby goal. Again I plan to use a cash in envelope method for the money I can spend and not touch the rest. Into my savings account I will also put money I make from selling any items I am not truly going to use on eBay. Any beauty products I have got and never used I may also sell.

Honestly we are pretty well set up our supers are in order, we have insurances and we pay a little extra on our mortgage every time but now my husband works away our goal is to
save routinely from his paychecks ( however little). In not getting accustomed to the money we are not tied to a fifo life.

Whilst I know we only are on less for a period of time until I am back to working full time in a couple of years. However, that doesn’t mean we are in stalemate right now- no siree we can still creep forward at the pace which suits us at the moment!

Are you budgeting? Have you got savings goals?

July goals

Here are my goals for July. Last month we did lots but I also slipped a lot. I went back to work and milly and I have, so far, handled the adjustment well. I am out of the nasty first trimester and feeling more energized and less sick so ready to get on top of health and diet. I also outlined spending goals, good lord I have products coming out my ears, I need to stop buying and get using and reviewing!


Save my pocket money in my savings account for post preggie wardrobe.

Workout 2 x weekly, plus a class and at least 1 long walk as well as shorter walks which don’t count.

Track points and stick to good choices, I know I am pregnant but I have obs approval to watch what I eat carefully this time.

Keep working and do a good job and hopefully get contract extended.

Keep up posting a little more.

Organise our finances and get us in a structured, regular savings plan.

Eat through the cupboards and freezer using stuff up. Only supplement with butcher and grocer! #challenge

Our new robes are going in so I want to actually organise my way through everything and potentially do a yard sale or car boot sale.

Pack away lots of items which I love but are not for pregnancy and I will look forward to again when I am smaller afterwards!

what are your monthly goals?

Scented candles

I love scented candles. I always used to be a fan of the cheap as cheapo ikea and Kmart varieties and have them constantly burning. Now I am a little more fussy. Here are some of my current ones with my thoughts.

Yankee candles popular the world over. I bought about four of these half price when I was pregnant with milly. I have barely used them as they make a black smoke and I just don’t like that. I also think the fragrance is slightly synthetic smelling so wouldn’t bother buying these again.

Neom organics I was lucky enough to get a travel candle for Christmas. I like these they burn nicely and smell great.

evaglo candles are insane. These soy candles smell so good it’s outrageous. As they melt you can use the liquid as a massage oil to moisturise skin! I love these so much. Expensive but locally made and to be honest at the rate I burn candles now ( not fast with small grabby hands around) I would prefer these.

I also have a engraved Jo Malone candle which is such a special wedding present as it is from someone who has since passed away. I think whilst they smell amazing until I am a millionaire I will burn this sparingly but will always replace the rose candle with the engraved top as when we do it is normally a special occasion, with a. Glass of wine, just the two of us and I know the giver of the gift would love these moments. I always think of her when we light it and remember her and I know she would fully support some down time with wine or bubbles and just enjoying being us! A memory of our wedding, us and a wonderful lady.

Finally my latest candle is a ecoya again a soy candle I was lucky enough to get this as a anniversary gift. The scent coconut and elderflower is just delicious!

What candles do you love and why?


Life lately

Life lately and thoughts of late

A smashed Pyrex dish with that nights lasagna in it- devastating


I ordered a lip gloss from strawberry net to get free shipping. Anyone else feeling a bit old for gloss? Or that it may be a touch dated?


The Priceline goodybag was insane I am so happy I made an effort to get one.

I started back at work two days a week. Milly was fine with her dad, next week she is with a sitter for a day and I hope that goes as well. I am loving being back, my confidence which I felt seeping away came flooding back and I feel good about working again!

I have pulled out my old maternity clothes, sorted them through and am washing them ready to wear! Second time around this bump is steaming ahead and popping out further what feels like daily.

Reading- finally reading again. Philipa gregory and also victoria hislop are in my to read pile.

Self care- taking time to eat well, moisturise, exercise and look after myself. After a few months where tumbling into bed was all I could manage I need to work on these things being mandatory and habitual!

Maximist- I love the concept of minimalism but sometimes you just need to spend and try everything so you are confident your capsule contains the best. A project pan 65428 sounds appropriate about now ­čśé­čśé­čśé

We hAd a lovely weekend down south at busselton it was just what we needed. Anyone travelling with a young family I highly recommend the bay view in busselton. It’s so easy and they have great winter rates. Now I am back to ticking off jobs, work, life, renovations and just getting a stuff done before the baby arrives! I know it’s ages off but we have a house to rearrange, old furniture to sell and lots of big ticket jobs like that.

Making good choices. Now my first trimester sickness has passed I need to get applied to making good choices daily. No more treats, just good clean eating!

Saving- we need to get saving routinely again! Haaaa stop small splurges and get frugal again.

where are you all at lately?

Freedom london

Yet more budget beauty. My quest for budget beauty continues and this pretty little lot was delivered to australia for around $60


freedom makeup is a new launch which I had seen being tagged as #macforthemasses whilst I am not a huge fan this really reeled me in. Imagine such quality products at affordable prices!

I chose two bronzers ( animal print), two blush and highlight kits, an eyeshadow pallette and three lip butters. As always I am not planning to swatch everything but just show you some items on the face and have a general chat about them. So far I like the products, they smell nice quite powdery but nice, the eyeshadows feel a bit more creamy than I like and half of them are more glittery ( not glitter though as I hate this) and the other is a perfect everyday slight sheen. The blush and highlight kits are just lovely so much selection and honestly gorgeous colours these are complete winners for me. I have used the setting spray and will continue to do so and so how this affects the staying power of my makeup.

One product which has really suprised me is the lip butters. These look like a gloss in packaging with a wand applicator but are much more matte. They have a fairly sheer but build able colour and I really like them. Your lips needs to be in good condition but I think they are really wearable, non sticky, and a nice alternative to gloss.

Have you tried freedom london? They currently have 20% off if you sign up which takes the bargains to even better value. I would definitely recommend the blush and highlight palettes, shadow palettes and lip butters.

Here are a few pics of my ugly mug wearing some of the products. If you want proper swatches shout!




Today has been one of those days. The sun has been shining, milly has been so happy, my husband is home, we shared looking after her so he had time to renovate the house and I hd time to work from home. I sat in the sun with my daughter and my bump and freshly laundered bedding blew in the breeze on the line. My husband and daughter happily went for a afternoon walk around the duck pond whilst I worked from home in the sun.


Pretty bloody amazing and textbook. This would probably be a really popular post if I didn’t tell you the rest of the picture. Today was awesome but my husband was home as we have all been sick ….. For weeks. Today is the first day all three of us have felt good. The sun warmed my skin and bones and I didn’t feel like my head was going to explode with gunked up sinus pain. My laundry was done but the house is not clean. It’s surface clean but not clean clean because what is the point when we are midst renovations and more dust is generated daily. After all the shocking events of the weekend we are reminded life is not perfect but if those sheets blowing in the breeze can make you smile, small feet walking round a pond shouting duck can make you smile and curling up for ceasar salad and chicken wings whilst watching the voice with your husband makes you smile then smile on… If you don’t smile at the small stuff today you may not get a chance to tomorrow.

I am sad about the loss the world has suffered this weekend but I am going to smile at the small stuff daily for the people who can’t.

are you sad? What small things make you smile?

W7 cosmetics

Forget minimalism lately I have been loving budget beauty. Without all the extra cash of two incomes I have been diligently applying myself to trying some brands I normally overlook! W7 came to my attention because some of the products appeared to be very similar to some higher end faves of mine. Available from chemist warehouse I think W7 is actually a uk brand. My only gripe is lack of availability of all items- there is more I would love to try.


I tried the flirty lashes mascara. I felt this had a similar brush to benefit they’re real but for me did not perform as well. I liked it and thought it was great for everyday but it wasn’t quite as good. I have heard absolute lashes is a much better dupe and I will try this when I see it.

The honey queen honeycomb blush looks really similar to a lot of benefit blushes. I don’t like to pay high end prices for cardboard package as it can look ratty quickly and doesn’t travel well in my opinion. I really like this blush for a soft, subtle daily look with bb cream and lipbalm.


Alternatively with a statement lip where you want blush which won’t clash!

The gel liner is excellent in my opinion. I am more of a liquid liner girl but this stuff doesn’t budge all day! Winning I have been reaching for this more and more. Very black in colour and good longevity.

Finally the looser, for me, the light diffusing concealer is a bit lumpy, dry and chalky and I just don’t love it!

what W7 products do I need to try next?