Holy grail items of 2015

well this is a big title but I really feel like I have found some great things this year. 
Nutrogena alpha and beta toner- this is an exfoliating toner I got after reading Sali Hughes pretty honest and I love what it has done for my skin. With limited time for treatments and masks a quick time has helped with radiance and skin brightness. I would like to investigate other exfoliating toners but for now I am happy with this.

Nuxe reve du miel- this lip conditioner is so good. I bought it last year for labour and didn’t actually need it. With the change in season I have been getting dried lips and a dose of this before bed has worked like a charm. Expensive yes but I would rather have one product which works than various cheaper that don’t. 

Liz Earle cleanse and polish- this is really my ultimate cleanser. I have sadly used this up and think my next purchase for after using the stash of cleansers I have will be the Emma Hardie cleansing balm. I love a balm or oil cleanser which removes makeup.

I have also made strides with my makeup and have a few new gems.

Bare minerals complexion rescue is everything I had hoped for. The coverage of a bb cream, a gel like texture and mineral product. Holy grail!

Max factor creme puff in lavish mauve. I really was so tempted by the sound of the ambient blush by hourglass but when I went to look at them they had too much glitter for my liking. When I read these were a dupe I got them and have been loving this. It’s subtle, warm and a little glowy.

Benefit roller lash. I swapped my old curlers for a decent sized trial of this and folks it is fantastic. I will be getting one once I have used my stash.

Do you have any new products which you love?



Moroccan oil dry shampoo

Through several periods of my life dry shampoo has been key. Whether being a new mum, travelling or just a lazy student I enjoy using a dry shampoo when there is just not time for a wash and style. I also find that a quick spritz of dry shampoo can give the roots some body when hair is looking a bit flat.

I was contacted to see if I would like to try a new dry shampoo containing moroccan oil. I am a keen user of hair oils and was really interested to see how this would work. My man gripes with dry shampoo are the product which stays making hair look grey, a crispy feeling and the price point for many which don’t have these problems.

The seven wonders dry shampoo smells like some kind of argan oil, watermelon, blessed out beach holiday. It really reminds me of a small from my past but I just can’t put my finger on what. It also cleanses hair nicely and all traces of the product rub out easily leaving no grey tinge to my hair. Finally and I am not sure how this works the hair feels not only clean, and not crispy, but almost conditioned… I have no idea how this happens. I was interested if it made hair greasy as it contains oil, but it doesn’t at all!

With the product performing this well I was nervous of the price but it is available at leading pharmacies ( terry white, chemist warehouse, my chemist etc) and is just $12.95 for 150ml. I think this is so reasonable and it will be now my go to dry shampoo.

have you used this? Does it tempt you?


My holiday – the products

I took my 7 week trip back to the UK as a chance to use up all those testers which I had gathered over the year. You know the ones you get in beauty boxes and bags which in my case sit in the back of the cupboard unloved. As I hoped it turned out to be a fantastic opportunity to try new things and see if I liked them.

The good

photo (21)

Demalogica special cleansing gel- LOVE. This made my skin feel squeaky clean.

Precious Oil Tradition absolute oil- Always a winner for me, a splash on dry ends saved my hair from the central heating.

Kosmea rosehip oil- I LOVE this stuff. Give me an oil any day and my skin drinks it up.

Molton Brown orange and bergamot shower gel- OMG the smell. It was nice and zingy for a wake up.

La Clinica -GLY C Refining cream. I think that this would do a fab job at clearing skin and freshening it up. It felt a little stingy on me so is probably not a daily cream for me but perhaps once a week?

Absolutely gorgeous organic rosehip wash- this was nice but to be honest I just wished it was the molten brown.

Waleda skin food- a nice cream but I am basically into oils all the way.

The Bad

photo (24)

David Jones Day and Night cream- These weren’t bad per se I just didn’t love them or choose to use them as I felt other products matched my skin better.

Philosophy purity cleanser- I was so excited to try this as I like this brand. It left me really underwhelmed. I didn’t feel it did much at all and I got spots  a few days in.

Ren-vitamineral day cream and frankincense night cream- I actually don’t know if these truly belong in this category as I tried them and quite liked them after I had a cold which left me with really dry skin around my nose.

Burts bees radiance facial cleanser- again a brand I love but this cleanser just didn’t feel like it did much for my skin. I like skin to feel clean after a wash and this was perhaps to creamy for me.

Clairol colour shampoo- just shampoo nothing special

Body shop rose body moisturiser- I just don’t like body cream I am an oil girl I have come to realise.

The  Ugly

photo (23)

Moton Brown Seamoss stress relieving hydrosoak. This is around $45 I just looked it up. It makes your bath water look like a dirty pond. But it is so amazing. It is like Epsom salts times 10000. I LOVE THIS! I wish I could afford it all the time.

What products have you tried lately?

Mummy face!

Mummy face!

The mummy face is a challenge. It needs to be doable in 5 mins, pretty hardy as you don’t have time for touch ups and make you feel good after less than perfect sleeping!

I like mineral base as sometimes, if we are honest, you don’t quite make it to taking your makeup off before tumbling into bed!

A bronze to warm up the skin, lip stain so you can give lots of kisses with zero transfer to baby and I am enjoying a tube mascara as there is zero smudge! Finally a wash of 24 hour shadow so it doesn’t slide all over the face and you are ready for anything.

Currently I have a lot to use up and am working in doing this before Christmas. I do have a few wish items on my list….

Jane iredale foundation
Naked pallette

In the meantime I will try and join the project pan brigade again!

what are your basics? What do you lust after?

What’s in my bag…. With a twist

I see a lot of what’s in my handbag posts and I love a onset into other people’s worlds. At work I don’t carry a bag so is doing a what’s in my donga post. A donga is a portable room which is used at mining camps.

I snapped a few quick pics of things I use most at work.




The first picture is my laundry bag $15 from cotton on body. Not only essential to keep your small room tidy but also to take you clothes to the laundry block without any embarrassing drop your knickers on the path experiences.

Next is my at work makeup bag. I used to never wear makeup to work but at this site the girls do wear a little. As I am nearer 30 than 20 a little help from products which not only make you look better but also protects your skin is welcome. In my bag is.

Invisible zinc tinted sunscreen in light. This goes on shiny, has a light coverage and I imagine is somewhat similar to a BB cream in coverage.


Elf bronze and blush duo. Natural , cheap and a perfect colour combo for my skin. Reportedly a Nara Laguna/ orgasm dupe. I wouldn’t know as I have never had the Nars but am really happy with this little combo. I also curl my eyelashes most days.


I also have Lucas paw paw ointment for so many uses ( mainly lips), a model co mascara if I want a little something for a night at the wet mess and a lipgloss ( which I never use).

There is also a lip stain, a Lancôme concealer, eyelash curlers and a foundation brush from sigma.

The next photo has more hair and body stuff. I actually have more up there than I currently use but the main contenders are.

Dove summer glow, so I am not quite so Lilly white when I go on break.

Mitchum deodorant. It is over 40 degrees most days now.. Industrial deodarant needed.

Gwen stefani love rocks body spray.. You may be at work…you don’t need to stink.

Natures instinct mineral sunscreen for body.

Coconut oil in frangipani fragrance from Fiji as the water really dries my skin out up there.

Moroccan oil curl mouse to try and get some condition in my hair. I got a Moroccan oil set with the oil, curl mouse and hair spray. I keep the oil and spray at home and relegated the curl mouse to work where I let my hair dry naturally. This saves karting products between the two places. Mario badescu glycolic toner, aveda radiance moisturiser and skinstitut glycolic cleanser.

In my shower I have organic shower gel ( sls free as this adds to the drying effect of bore water) and I am trying dermalogica micro foliant at the moment after reading rave reviews and am currently unsure. I also have John Friedan go blond shampoo and conditioner that I alternate with organically moisture replenishing shampoo and conditioner.

So there you go?..

what’s in your bag?

Blackheads be gone

Honestly there will be no pictures in this post… That would be too much of an over share. Although I have never had extreme blackheads I have suffered with enlarged nose pores which get congested. For years the best I could do was biore pore strips. I use this so religiously I actually bulk buy off eBay so it’s cheaper.


This year as I have worked on refining my skin are and makeup I have discovered that as a standalone product these are no longer good enough. First use some mario badescu silver powder


Let it dry, wash off with warm water then use a pore strip. Trust me you will never look back.

I currently then tone with mario badescu glycolic toner


This week I am then using the kosmea radiance youth boost, from my Eco box, and loving it.


You may notice the pills in the background?.. There has been a lot of flu in my house. I am meant to be on a hens day right now. Instead I am at home resting. I have been taking odourless garlic and pamaxea super sinex and am on the mend.

what are your current skin care loves?

Just a little Rosti at this

Historically I am a person that finds a product and sticks with it. For years my go to nail polish was Chanel rouge noir ( yep the one from pulp fiction). This year I picked up opi just a little Rosti at this.

It’s a berry red; dark enough that it’s not too girly yet not as rock chic as a black or my beloved greys. A perfect toe colour also.


Topped with Sally Hansen mega shine top coat.

what colours are you into?

Lust have it Eco box

I was amazed this morning when this little gem turned up


In a rattan bag it contains all sorts of lovely organic and Eco items. Mine had a

Lady lay eye pencil in blue ($20)
Avado exfoliant ( 14.99)
Exotic nectar argon oil treatment (19.95)
Bursts bees lip shimmer in rhubarb (12.95)
Sanrom body lotion (30.00)
Kismea radiance youth boost ( 39.95)
Wicked wiz organic baby jar (34.95)

A stonking amount of value for $29.95 I have high hopes for the Eco box as it is only four times a year so I won’t end up with more samples than I can deal with and all of these are items I will use. So far I have tried the burts bees ( love it) and the blue eyeliner ( not my normal colour but I am enjoying it.. I love how these boxes make you try new things). I already have the Avado gel from a previous box but it doesn’t worry me as I can take it up to work and leave it there. I love the smell of the candle and can’t wait to burn that, am super excited about the kosmea youth boost and the hair oil and body lotion will be great for travelling…

An all round win I think….are you tempted?

For the rest of my day I am off to get my hair done and chill with the other half.

Project Pan 50

A quick update on the project, this week has seen me doing relatively well. I was considering a clear out and feel like I would like to have a cleanse of clothes, accessories and also makeup and products in the future but as I have a big change in lifestyle coming up in the next few weeks I will resist until I know what I will use then. I am also resisting the clothes clean out as I will always want a spree after and I am hoping that I will get rid of clothes gradually as I loose weight and have a spree at goal!

So for now products which I have used up this week

I really liked this product. For me it was not exfoliating enough and I used a separate scrub. It contained no nasties, was organic and it cost less than a fiver from supermarkets. I am assuming that more expensive organic shower gels would last longer but I was happy with this and would re purchase. For now in the spirit of all things pan 50 like I am going to try to use some bar soaps in the shower. I do have quite a stash mainly because I don’t like them but I will try for now.

Also, forget shop my stash.. this week has been more like steal my stash as my mum, in the uk, requested some of my products. She actually asked me to buy her them but as I have a preference for other blushers at the moment and these were barely used I have passed them on. For reference I have slightly warmer skin tone to my mum and these products were a little to pink on my skin I prefer a peach.

The kit cheek and lip tint is so wearable. It is cheaper than benetint and I prefer this product. I find it slightly more wine coloured that the benetint and much easier for blending. It also lasts for ages. the other is a multi use stick from ELF I cannot remember the colour but I bought two and this one was more pink. I use the same stick in Persimmon often and find it works beautifully as a highlighter for your cheek bones.

Anyhow enjoy. I am off to shop my stash and continue panning! What have you panned this week?