Folks I have been absolutely and unapologetically MIA. I have just returned from the best 4 weeks of my life having a beautiful time at home with friends, family, loved ones and oh yeah… GETTING MARRIED!

I will be back to blogging and tomorrow I have the house to myself and am planning on getting some posts done and sharing a lot of what I have been up to. Today, however, following another celebration with the Aussie family and a rather large jet lag induced sleep I feel a curl up on the couch and a catch up with what you have all been up to (via your blogs) is in order.

I am however in possession of a large list of posts which I need to/ want to write. A spanky new lap top and a DSLR so improve blogging abilities, photos and also the ability to comment on your posts is in hand.

For now I leave you with a photo of the chapel where it all happened.

Fill me in what have you been up to?



This week in pictures

This week has been a busy week for me. Work has finally settled out after a few uncertain weeks and has evened out into a crazy busy state of play. I don’t think the business was the best time to choose to detox but I did and a post reviewing this is coming.


I saw some goats including these new born Baby goats.


I panned these products. I used to love this moisturiser but am so much happier with my mario badescu range so sticking to that. The two John frieda shampoo and conditioner definitely work to perk up blond hair but now I have my highlights I don’t feel I really need them and am happy with the organixs shampoo I use, so I won’t repurchase these.



A couple of beautiful sunsets which I have enjoyed. In other news I have a busy break happening which is full of exciting/ important jobs to do and I am so looking forward to a restful weekend.

A massive sea food dinner


how has your week been?

Long time no blog

Yes it’s been another big blogging gap so here is a round up of what’s been happening the last few weeks…in photo form and things I am loving…









View, through a fly net, of paddy fields and volcano in Bali, Bali pedicure with petals in water, pretty Bali toes, from Warhol to Picasso art exhibition, amazing cuticle cream, giant wardrobe clear out with assistance from my lovely mum, an amazing engagement gift of art.

how have you been? Fill me in

Grab a cuppa let’s catch up

Wells it feels like it has been aaaages since we had a chat. How have you been? What’s been happening?

I have been working hard.. Probation is at an ended I have been given really exciting projects and I am really conform able with that area of my life now.

At home we are well on track with the renos I have just put a load of rooms, which were in chaos,back together and it is so satisfying. A new, well gumtree new, wooden table and chairs and even if I say so myself it looks pretty slick.

Want a peak?


A tidy laundry- floors still to be done.


A spare bedroom… Mattress needed.. Ikea tomorrow yeah!


Dining room… Do you like our hand made elephant?

So onto the other stuff… I had a little breakthrough this week with the lifestyle guru when he made me realise with my eating,as with my life, all I can do is open myself to things, educate myself about what is available to decide what I want but after this the person who knows what is best for me is not dieticians etc… It’s me!

I trust in this as it has worked in all other areas. So this week I decided that what I wanted was a break… A break from weightloss. I have lost 14kg now and I wanted a week off. I had a training few days from a hotel, and a break with lots of social activities and I was interested to see how I went. In the olden days I would have thought well I can’t be perfect so screw it I will go all out unhealthy and not work out. Actually what has happened is not that. I have made better choices, such as buying fruit for the tea break to not have lots of biscuits, I have selected what to indulge in… Hello superpit chocolate mousse, my meals have still been fairly healthy and I have had some wine. I have also done quite a few 1 hour walks. I am pretty happy with this and confident any gain will be due to water and gone in a week or so. What I have found is that dairy and wheat are not friends with me.. Nor are carb heavy meals, my body also loves routine, lots of plain food and fresh fruit and veg.

Last week I was scratching my head wondering what my next diet step was. I want to loose about the same again. I have a clear goal.. Firstly health but yes I want to be thinner and more toned. I am pretty happy with the exercise but miss yoga, I want this to change so will body balance tomorrow and Monday. I love running now and am keeping it up this weekend. I am looking forward to my next challenge after a period of feeling flat about weightloss. I will log points still but want to do a month challenge of foods in natural form.. Fruit, veg, meat, fish, eggs etc I know this is what I need. I also think a hot lemon or apple cider vinegar in the morning will help as will lots of green tea with exercise 6 times a week in what ever form I choose ( could be a 20 minute dog walk). BINGO I love how life works around us and if we are listening tells us what we want!

Today I am cooking, in my week of freedom I am making food for friends… On the menu…

Chargrilled peppers, feta salad, Mediterranean salad, olives, flat bread, falafels, courgette fritters and tzatziki and special sauce, I am marinating chicken for DIY kebabs or gyros! Dessert is fresh strawberries, melon and home made chocolate salted truffles.. Washed down with wine.. Summer has hit. Photos, reviews, recipes and links to follow over the weekend.

Tomorrow is dinner with friends and Sunday a BBQ… It’s 27 degrees in Perth people are venturing out as summer is coming.. I love it!

What are you up to? Where are you at?

Congrats to all those on mini challenges especially ffion… Awesome result for some reason. Just can’t comment to your blog!