Project Pan 50

A quick update on the project, this week has seen me doing relatively well. I was considering a clear out and feel like I would like to have a cleanse of clothes, accessories and also makeup and products in the future but as I have a big change in lifestyle coming up in the next few weeks I will resist until I know what I will use then. I am also resisting the clothes clean out as I will always want a spree after and I am hoping that I will get rid of clothes gradually as I loose weight and have a spree at goal!

So for now products which I have used up this week

I really liked this product. For me it was not exfoliating enough and I used a separate scrub. It contained no nasties, was organic and it cost less than a fiver from supermarkets. I am assuming that more expensive organic shower gels would last longer but I was happy with this and would re purchase. For now in the spirit of all things pan 50 like I am going to try to use some bar soaps in the shower. I do have quite a stash mainly because I don’t like them but I will try for now.

Also, forget shop my stash.. this week has been more like steal my stash as my mum, in the uk, requested some of my products. She actually asked me to buy her them but as I have a preference for other blushers at the moment and these were barely used I have passed them on. For reference I have slightly warmer skin tone to my mum and these products were a little to pink on my skin I prefer a peach.

The kit cheek and lip tint is so wearable. It is cheaper than benetint and I prefer this product. I find it slightly more wine coloured that the benetint and much easier for blending. It also lasts for ages. the other is a multi use stick from ELF I cannot remember the colour but I bought two and this one was more pink. I use the same stick in Persimmon often and find it works beautifully as a highlighter for your cheek bones.

Anyhow enjoy. I am off to shop my stash and continue panning! What have you panned this week?