An Eco cleaning adventure

I have expressed more than a passing interest in saving money and limiting my exposure to chemicals by living a cleaner greener life. I find it quite hard that less processed and more environmental products are so much more expensive than chemical laden products. As I don’t believe in waste I have gradually run down my products whilst looking at what I really use and need and have researched how to overhaul our cleaning routine. I trip up when I am unprepared as if you need to clean you need a product so in order to stop myself replacing these products I have done and calculated initial spend to equip myself when these products run out.

There are some great sources of information online but one of my faves has been a thrifty mrs. Some of the images I am including here are screen dumps of her how to’s which I have replicated.

So things I have got to use in greening up my cleaning routine.

A Hoover steam mop

This disinfects floors and I have been impressed with its cleaning abilities on our floors. I have a set of 8 colour coded microfibres cloths you put on it which you then pop in the laundry.

Plus this Hoover hand held

For deep cleaning the house. All of this costs me $225, a birthday gift to myself.

I have also bought a pack of 10 microfibres cloths

Some scrubbing brushes

For the washing I got laundry balls

And for polishing bees wax

Tonight I am off to Bunnings to get some borax, bicarbonate of soda, white vinegar and some empty spray bottles. I already have tea tree oil and lemons at home.

I shall be making the following


Home made shower cleaner


Multi purpose cleaning spray


General cleaning for toilets etc


Vinegar cleaning

Plus this homemade dusting spray ( website included on photo)


I also planning on following this with home made room scents ( website on photo)


I also will be using a glug of apple cider vinegar to wash my fruit and veg.

This outlay has been around $300 with the most expensive items being the steam cleaners. You could easily start without that and just the home made products. Think of the savings.

do you make your own cleaning products? Would you consider it?


Eco cleaning

As has been mentioned on here before I am interested in more natural living and reducing all the chemicals and nasties in my world.

When we first moved into our house it had a nasty old broken shower and I tried to clean it. I actually splashed the products around and shut the door to wipe it and got stuck in the shower with the products and the fumes. It was after then that my stomach started getting really bad and I realized that these products are not all good for us.

I like a clean home. I do think that some germ exposure isn’t bad for us or we can become allergic to the world but a clean home makes me happy.

I treated myself to a birthday present, yep I am officially old now I am 30! I have wanted a steam mop for a while to clean and sanitize my house just using water.

Hoover is a brand I am familiar with from the uk and after doing some research I thought I would rather have a better brand as the reviews for cheaper models said they often broke or didn’t work so well. As I was really keen to avoid cleaning products I wanted this to work.

I ended up getting a great deal. I got the Hoover stand up mop like this one and a hand held unit also by Hoover which cleans tiles, shower screens, windows and steam cleans clothes etc saving on dry cleaning.

I also got a set of 8 color coded microfiber clothes to go on the mop.

This whole set was worth orotund $350 and I paid $225. So far I am loving it. It is cleaning my house really deeply, it picked up an embarrassing amount of dirt from a floor I considered clean after vacuuming and mopping! If I don’t need products over time I hope this more than pays for itself.

Akward do you steam mop? Any Eco/ thrifty cleaning tops