The new rules of wardrobe

I like how my wardrobe currently looks. I have a fully functioning wardrobe with just the right amount of clothes and a good spread of clothes. After a series of clean outs and being honest about what I do and don’t actually wear my new rules are one in … One out. If I want to buy something new I must first get rid of something old. It is so tempting to keep buying and then not wear all your clothes. I hope this will help me to gain a good quality, functioning wardrobe. I also hope this will enable me to not waste money on un needed items.

what’s your wardrobe policy? The more the merrier?

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Weightloss wardrobe

As has been mentioned on this blog I had such plans for goal weight. I was going to spend money on a brand new wardrobe and it would be amazing. I am now single digits from goal and no longer feel that is necessary. I have gained some new clothes whilst loosing weight and had some lovely things for Christmas. I can hope I may get some more for birthday and to be honest I d t really need at more clothes. My wardrobe functions well. There are a couple of items I will pass on or sell on eBay at the end of this summer which are too big but that aside I am sorted. Some clothes I will be getting altered to a little smaller, some I will keep as a little roomy and some have transitioned well.

I thought I would do a summary of clothing which transitions well with you, in my experience, as you loose weight. For me these are the pieces worth spending a little more on.

Leggings… For me witchery is the brand. They come up high, have a wider waistband so less muffin and wash really well.
Jumpers… Can transition for fitted to sloppy and this looks good for some plainer styles.
Jeggings.. Oh how I turned my nose up at these. Oh how well they shrink with you and how well they tuck in boots for winter. Mine were $19 from k mart. As with leggings just make sure tops are long enough… They are not trousers.
Vest tops/ singlets… These have all stayed with me.
Maxi dresses… These have needed slight adjustments but almost all of mine have just got considerably more flowy!
Coats… All mine still fit, same for blazers.
Oversize going our tops/shrugs/ little beaded items which you throw over a singlet.
Work out clothes… These are Lycra so shrink. I really value decent workout clothese, they make you feel better and look better and want to exercise more. I wear a good sports bra, any kind of wicking top ( cotton in works for me for both these) but I am funny on the bottoms and to be honest y lululemon running trousers were one of the best things I ever bought. Mine were about $100 ( I think) but are 18 months old, wash like a dream, still fit 22kg later, moisture wicking and have anti camel toe technology. I would really like a second pair so I never have to wear anything else again.

what clothes have you found transition well with weight loss/ gain

How much of your wardrobe do you really wear?

I often wonder this and with the transition from a city based job to site based I need a lot less clothes. When I heard this sneaky tip ( I can’t remember where from sorry) I knew its an easy measure of what you really wear. I really do think its a great idea for me, especially if you are loosing or gaming weight, so you only replace the essentials.

Firstly turn all your clothes on hangers round the other way. As you wear items hand them back up the right way which gives an easy visual of what you really do wear.

For my drawers I am going to put stuff all in one half of the drawers and move to the other as I wear them.

I think this is a great way to wardrobe detox and be honest about what you wear most.

have you tried this before? How do you wardrobe edit and update?