Lately I have been reading a lot of minimalist blogs. A lot of the ethos behind this really appeals to me. I often find blogs are so filled with consumerism. There is a massive hype around the latest product, a lot of which numerous big bloggers have been paid to endorse. Whilst I have no issue with people making money from blogging, I prefer to take my views from smaller, less commercial blogs, which may not be as attractive or professional, but are real.

Some of the minimalist blogs I have been loving include Light by coco, Becoming Minimalist, minimalist baker and blonde on a budget. These blogs are all about simpler living, quality over quantity, products which do the job, easy, clean ways of life filled with experiences over items and I love it. In the past I have been really interested in the minimalist lifestyle. A lot of it suits me and I have written about it before on this blog

I am involved in Project 50 Pan and doing pretty well. This year I am buying nothing unless I have absolutely none of this product left to use up! I actually cant see me needing anything. The only concession to this, as I don’t want to get too extreme is that I am having a monthly look fantastic beauty box. For me part of minimalism is trying things to find what really works and using that. So with my products I am also going to do a big sort out and get rid of items which just don’t work for me.

My wardrobe is looking fairly sharp, or at least I think so. I am getting pretty good and not buying unnecessary items. The only thing I can even think I need is a new pair of running crops. Lululemon I am coming atcha. With my wardrobe I am aiming for quality over quantity and have been for a fair while. As a result, I think, I have a really nice wardrobe I just need to tone up and fit it all. The exception to this is pregnancy clothes, breastfeeding clothes and clothes for when I am not quite back at goal…. in these instances cheap and cheerful fits the bill.

Minimalist food. I am counting weight watchers points again to try and shift the last of this baby weight but at the crux of any plan is clean eating. This does not need to be fancy it can , infact, be quite minimalist. Salads, soups, meat and veg, fish and veg, basic smoothies, porridge so many easy meals made from basic ingredients. I love this idea. Strip it back and eat basic, have a treat  occasionally and keep the diet simple.

Minimalist exercise. As a mum I am getting into this. Not minimal exercise but no fuss exercise which I do from home. What works for me is walking/jogging a few times a week and toning 2-3 times. I do exercise videos, get outside and use youtube. Its simple and it works.

A minimalist home. Recently we looked at a bigger house, we have looked at renovating our house and I think we have decided to stick with what we have. What do we have? A slightly small house, with a relatively small mortgage in a fantastic suburb. We also have a low maintenance house which could be rented at the drop of a hat allowing us to travel. So for now my challenge is ensuring we have no clutter. There just isn’t room. I think I can do some more clearing out but am not taking it extreme I am just keeping things we either use or love and that’s it. I have also loaned all Milly’s baby stuff to friends who are expecting and they will just give it back for us to use if we are lucky enough to have another baby. After which we will sell it.

This next year is going to be a busy one for us so any tips to keep it easy are great, also  now we have officially dropped my wage thinking twice before spending and selling unused items is a great help.

Are you minimalist? do you know any good blogs?


Life lately and an update

There is only one real word for life lately… Busy! I don’t mind busy too much but this has been a bit laughable. Work is flat out crazy at the moment, almost so busy you don’t get anything done. For me it is still a good thing as I am learning all the time and all the things I am learning are rounding off my experience so I am happy with that wit 8 days of 12 hours at work, plus extra days in my weeks off has left me tired.

My diet lately has slipped, a few more fodmaps, a few more treats and I don’t feel the best. On the upside I have regulated myself so I haven’t got properly ill I have just felt uncomfortable. On the downside I am not at my best. I have noticed that eating fodmaps leads to spots on my skin which is not cool in the lead up to the wedding. I have been exercising but am often exhausted at the end of the day so am exercising less regularly. I can now run an easy 6km in 40 mins though and the boys at work have set me a 35 min challenge to run it within 2 months… Bring it.

Interestingly through a week of detox and more indulgent weeks when I am we’ll over points my weight always seems to stay constant!

This break I am chilling out mainly, focusing on cleaning and clearing out my house and also exercising daily. I will be trying bikram this swing. Trying to do it daily as there is a $20 offer for 10 days and now the weather has cooled it seems like the perfect chance. I also have my final level 1 pole class after which I can go to smoulder and spin classes.

I am on a really tight budget at the moment. I have just paid off my car in full and have really worked to meet my savings goals. It has been well document that Perth is one of the most expensive places on the planet to live and we are trying to be sensible with a long term plan that gives us options. As part of this we may be moving out of our beautifully renovated house in a few months and renting it to my dad, who is likely moving to perth. I am not going to lie this is a little heart braking as we have poured everything into this house but we always knew it was not forever and at least it will be with family who will look after it.

In the same vein of saving and down sizing I have been selling some stuff on eBay. I have a variety of old clothes which no longer fits properly and I don’t need or use so am selling it. Today I am off to the post office posting things to their new owners!

This swing I am feeling like I need some good food for energy so we are doing my fall back, a soup and smoothie week. On a week like this I don’t limit myself to just eating soup and smoothies I just ensure that I eat a lot of these alongside everything else. It works trust me!

Since the gwinganna seminar I have been sleeping through the night. Right through, for seven hours, unheard of….. Quitting the diet coke and only having 1 coffee in the morning is key. Also, not having any sugar in the evening has made a massive difference to me. Try it if you sleep badly.. It’s awesome.



I tried gel nails and loved them. I have a kit winging its wait to me. Anything where you only have to paint your nails and they stay chip free for over a week and I am sold. I bought a kit with an LED light as I was unsure of the effect of UV and with my previous skin cancer I didn’t want to risk any extra exposure.


I have also been loving this little bracelet and necklace from etsy


Whew, what a long post… I leave you with this image of my favourite way to eat dessert nowadays.


what have you been up to lately?

The detox

As I mentioned in a few posts my weightloss has pretty much stopped since November and I have just maintained whilst toning up. Although I feel immensely healthier and am pretty proud after loosing 25kg I wanted to do a detox. I wanted to really get back to super health, to focus on putting good things in my body and also was interested to see what would happen with my weight… Would I loose a few kg?, stay the same? And I hoped that if I stayed pretty much the same I would know I was at an easy to maintain weight for me, which I suspect is the case.

I think I have banged on about this numerous times before on here but I am not about deprivation or guilt associated with eating at all and so with the detox I wanted to focus on putting the good stuff in more than cutting the bad stuff out. I also didn’t count points whilst doing it. A summary of each day is below.



The first few days I suffered with flu like symptoms and felt pretty rotten. On day 4 this had passed and I felt like I had detoxed so I started enjoying a few other foods. I use the word enjoyed loosely as I realised I really wasn’t into them any more and was eating them out of habit or because I thought I liked them. I learned a few things that I really enjoyed in the detox and definitely want to take forward I also realised there were a few foods and drinks which were low in points but not that good for me and I was eating out of habit… Like diet coke.

Habits I want to take forward

Hot lemon first thing each morning ( definitely before my coffee)

Greek yogurt with fresh fruit and LSA sprinkled on top for breakfast. I feel this is better than protein heavy eggs every morning and easier on my digestion.

A salad daily, which I already did.

A soup daily.. As a low fodmapper juices are out so a smoothie or soup daily provides easy to digest blended vitamins. At work I have a drink of liquid chlorophyll daily in place of a juice and I have really found this to put some pep in my step in the afternoons.

Increased fish and white meat to red meat made me feel quite a lot better.

Obviously fodmap free food works for me and this became very apparent as I indulged after the detox. I also realised that the spots on my face are associated with regular small fodmaps not enough to make me seriously ill but enough that I am not firing on all cylinders.

One coffee a day as my only caffeine, in the morning, meant I slept so much better than ever before.

Limiting fruit to 2 daily portions meant my anxiety was non existent.

When I had sugary desserts after a few days I woke up dizzy and sick from the sugar rush…bleugh.

Dark chocolate of 75% cocoa and over is the perfect treat in 2 square portions. Any of the flavoured ones, except my beloved sea salt, cause a bad stomach.

The first few days I was super hungry. By day 4 I was much less hungry and this has continued with me. Perhaps because I was giving my body what it wanted I needed less extras. I also started to prefer lighter meals and am finding that I crave these more than hearty meals.

I did not exercise whilst I had detox symptoms but will be taking some of these ideas forward which I liked and getting back to regular exercise.

have you ever done a type of detox? What did you learn ?


Enjoyed drinking more green tea and detox tea and will definitely take these habits forwards. Body brush also became something I looked forward to each day and will continue.



Detox ya life

Oooh folks, I am officially on one. I have been reading up, the fire in my belly has been reignited and I am motivated. It is 16 weeks until the wedding and whilst that is not really relevant to these plans I like a time frame to work with. So for the next 16 weeks I am going to be following my detox of my body with a detox of my life.

A great website for reference is the wellness warrior I have been chilling and watching the health talks whilst paint my house.

Over the last few months I have discovered some great products which are all natural and have also tried to clean up my diet and minimise toxins in the house. Over the next few months I am going to try and find a financially balanced way for us to eat organic and continually replace items with use with healthier less refined products.

I am also going to try and continue with project pan 100 ( half way there-yay) as this really gives me a good idea of products which really make a difference and I love. The mix up I a, now including is to try and replace all products with more natural versions. This has already begun with the face products, dr bronners, mineral make up but I am sure it can extend further.

I am also going to try and create healthy morning routines ( even at work), remain calm in life, decrease the a,punt of tv I watch ( possibly limiting myself to my kitchen rules only) and read more, actively rest more and to detail this on this here blog.

With regard to clothes and other items I now have more than enough. I will be making and effort to wear more of a variety of clothes and to use the rule that if I buy something new it is to replace something or I have to donate something to charity or sell something!

Wowsers, I am feeling more cleansed by just writing this.

do you detox your life?

The break up

Sorry for another deep post but I feel like this year so much has already happened and changes in my mind have happened so I wanted to chat about it.

I started 2013 pretty triumphant after a great 2012 where I had really gotten myself into shape. Come January and I was feeling pretty darn flat. I think that I felt lost without resolutions, goals and challenges. To be honest I have always been more driven by the prize than the journey and more motivated by getting to goal than enjoying myself. The start of the year I fell back into some old habits of trying ridiculous diets and failing and I have slipped with the FODMAPS a fair bit recently.

I did keep up the exercise though and I have had a pretty stressful time of it with my job. To be honest flat does not even begin to describe how I felt at the start of the year with all of this and a lot of annoying jobs to fill my time disheartened or downright depressed may be a better description.

I have also struggled with the fact that I no longer recognise my reflection, my head thinks I am a lot larger than I am.

Anyhow, back to the present. I feel like I have ridden this wave and the tide is turning. Alongside this I have had a few realisations and all of these are things I am proud of.

1. I am a trooper, in it for the long haul and even if I don`t know where things are going I have learned to accept them, remain open to opportunity and change, chip away at it, take each day as it comes and do your best each day and ride it out…. until one day you realise you are on top of things again.

2. Although I do not recognise myself still. I talk to people about this so it is more real. Each time I don’t recognise myself I make myself look in the mirror and observe it with interest.

3. I hate eating FODMAPs. I feel crappy, my tummy hurts, my digestion is shot, I am tired and to be honest I hate feeling bad about myself.

4. In stressful times I don’t need chocolate I need sleep, love, care, exercise and full blown nutritional eating behind me…. And a bi of chocolate.

5. I can quite easily maintain my current weight on a diet including daily treats.

6. I cannot maintain health on that diet.

7. Health is more important to me. I am addicted to feeling good.

8. If you feel good you look good. SIMPLES

9. When you live a healthful lifestyle your body is given a new healthful equilibrium ( represented but not only in weight and fat).

10. you cannot pick your equilibrium. Forcing your body to be too small = BAD, being too big = BAD. Eating and exercising healthily in a way your body likes =BLISS

11. You just have to get over the fact bliss may not equal miranda kerr for you.. damn you genes!

I am pretty delighted with these realisations and feel that sometimes you need to let old habits in to prove to yourself you are no longer friends. Bingeing, FODMAPs, negative feelings towards myself we had a long relationship but sadly this is no longer working for me and you are no longer welcome in my life….

its not you its me

I have changed. I can`t be arsed wasting my energy on feeling bad about myself. I am happy to eat treats as long as I really want them and they don’t hurt my tummy ( dark chocolate and sea salt hello) if you are a FODMAP filled food I am eating for any other reason I do not want to know any longer. If you are a negative thought about myself… be gone. I am not interested…. I am a young woman doing my best. I cut other`s slack and respect them for trying and now I respect myself.

I fell off the wagon so to speak.. did i? or was it part of my journey? Did I need to do this in order to get the guts to break up with the past?

This post may not mean much to you, but it is massive to me. I am hayley, I weigh 11.5 stone and I think that I look ok. I love my life, I am proud of my body and what it can do and I want to nourish my body so it can continue to help me live life to the max.

What does your body mean to you? Have yoou ever broken up with yourself?

The Detox Plan

Details of the detox plan I will be using have been requested on twitter. So here goes. What I am doing is loosely based on Dr Sandra Cabot Ultimate Detox . As I work away I cannot really do 2 weeks straight as I have limited control over my food and also its origin, organic is recommended. It is also impractical to make fresh juices up there. I plan to blends scoop of vital greens powder with a coconut water and drink that each day instead.

The plan is a two week plan based on vegan whole food, plenty of fruit, veg, wholegrains, juices and also a soup which you have to eat daily made of a rainbow of foods. Obviously some of the foods are not appropriate for FODMAPS, including juices, so I will make substitutions- such as juices made with limited low fodmap fruit and including lots of veggies. The plan has no dairy, caffeine and sugar also.

I am starting tomorrow, as it is was my birthday last friday so I wanted to celebrate that first . I am planning for that week of work to be an ease in week which will comprise of most of the aspects of detox as best as I can implement them at work. After that on my break I will do the plan to a T for the week. The next week at work I will take up the soup for dinner and follow as best as possible, then do a second full on week on break followed up by an ease off week.

Most of the foods are on the weight watchers filling and healthy plan for which you don’t have to count points so I may well give that a miss whilst I detox.

Each week I will recap how I have felt and what I have eaten and keep you posted.

Have you ever done a detox?