Mentor me off sugar- 2 weeks in

I am now around 2 weeks into mentor me off sugar and I have a few observations. I read the literature, joined the Facebook group and have given it a shot. I personally didn’t follow the meal plan, as I don’t like having what I eat specified, but I can see it looks tasty and is so balanced you would only get better results from using it.

I really thought I was sugar aware, it turns out I was, but was using a lot of sweetener namely stevia in my day to day. Baked beans, but with stevia, coffee , with stevia, tomato sauce, with stevia, baking with stevia. Over the last few weeks I have stopped this. Well, actually there have been three minor diet coke incidences, and a chocolate incidence (sweetened again with stevia). Aside from these it has gone ok. I have eaten ,more bread than Laura recommends as it needed using up and I had an Australia Day blow out on crisps ( but I checked there was no sugar) which is far from ideal.

I have had some realisations. Giving up sugar really does reset what tastes sweet. After just one week I was tasting sweetness in things like green curry, chicken wings etc. I read people did and didn’t believe it, so tried some to see, and it surprised me. Coffee without stevia is fine, in fact most meals are fine as long as you are prepared. This has been key, dedicating some time to cooking a supply, and really eating from home is key to my success. So much food, even bread, when out and about has added sugar, even if its just in the sauces. I have found when I eat for nutrition there are no cravings. An ideal meal is protein, fat and veggies ( and carbs if you like) but I need to eat before I am ravenous or I want all the carbs and all the sugar. Luckily for me it seems I don’t suffer to much for emotional eating my junk food lust is mainly associated with unbalanced blood sugars.

Baring all of this in mind, I am so happy I took part of the program, I have learned heaps about myself and am only one third of the way through. I am also pleased with the way I am looking, I feel like I am loosing a bit which is always nice, and a great motivator. For the next four weeks I want to fully commit to the program and have no sugar, sweetener or fruit and to also only have wholegrains. I think this will bring fabulous results. Laura is pretty open about the fact you will slip up, and this makes me so relaxed about it, which is great as you feel no guilt and I almost observed with interest how my coke didn’t taste good, chocolate made me feel sick etc. so I am planning a slip up- it’s my birthday and I know a friend is making me a cake. I am allowing myself one slice, also I am going for a seafood lunch with hubs and I plan to have a glass of wine and some bread if it looks lovely and I fancy it… Otherwise I am dedicated. I think this is ok, the plan is all about putting good stuff in and being gentle, rather than being extreme and crazy diet like.

So what have I been eating… A typical day for me is

Breakfast- eggs, veggie slice, with sprouted spelt bread, or porridge or sweet potato granola on greek yogurt. Coffee.

Snack- handful almonds

Lunch- salad and something today I had a quinoa crust quiche which I made

Afternoon- coffee

Dinner- meat or fish and veg or salad.

Snack ( occasionally) natural yogurt with desiccated coconut sprinkled on.

Other things I have enjoyed are Laura’s almond meal crackers, roast pumpkin, veggie sticks and humous and lots of cinnamon. I drink sparkling mineral water with a lemon or lime wedge, water, coffee or occasionally a coconut water.

What I really like about this is, as long as I am prepped, it is easy. I don’t really think about food. My cravings have gone and I need less. I think the thing that makes the difference is that i am not having the sweet stuff rather than just subbing it out with sugar replacements, this may work for some but, for me it doesn’t stop cravings.

Where do I see myself long term? This may change and I will do a similar post in 4 weeks time. I would like to continue a diet based like this. Perhaps I will Include some berries once or twice a week. I would like to have 1 treat meal per week- whether this includes wine, eating out or dessert ( or indeed all of this) I am flexible and I know it’s nothing a good meal after wont fix In terms of long term cravings. I enjoy eating more from home, as the food doesn’t have sneaky sugar in it,and will continue to do this except for a treat meal. I hadn’t realised how much I ate out- all this money is treating myself to a monthly beauty box in place of it.., and going towards budget 2015!

have you given up sugar? Would you? Do you get cravings?

* I was given a place on this program in return for an honest review. All sugary slip ups, opinions and stevia addictions are my own!


Life lately and a few thoughts

A lot of my posts lately have been scheduled ones. This is because I blog on my break and then work whilst I am away. Life lately has been a bit strange really. To be honest ever since the new year I have been a bit up and down and as I have mentioned on here I attribute this to 3 things.

First up, FODMAPS. There is no two ways about this they affect my well being. They affect my physical well being, with stomach aches, but there is so much evidence they affect my mental wellbeing also. I am worth more than this therefore I need to remove them once and for all.

Exercise also affects my physical and mental health and I have become one of those people who enjoys it and needs it. DAILY. I have some little goals now. The perth half marathon in August, a 100km charity walk in October and an entry to the London Marathon Ballot.

Diet. Oh my I slipped. Off the back of the slip I have a few things to say. Since January I have not been religious with counting points. I have attempted other more extreme diets. I have failed and sadly it has affected my well being, feelings about myself and exercise. Recently I fell into the starting tomorrow everyday thing. That has only been lately and I have the rest of the time indulged more and listened to myself. I have basically maintained with a 1.5 kg gain from the last few weeks. This attitude has also affected my tiredness and too be honest I hate it. I am now back to weighing weekly and weight watchers online. $50 per month is a small price to pay to get to my goal.

One of my main slip ups is just my lack of care for food. It is just not priority for me so I don’t eat then get starving and need to eat the nearest thing. This is part of the reason I put on weight and no longer acceptable to me. On the upsideI no longer binge, I am pretty regular with exercise despite what I said above and I am also mostly good at low FODMAPs. I also seem to be pretty ok with maintaining. So for all these reasons I am happy about how I spent the last few months.

I have learned how I like to eat and to be honest just need to tweak it up and count points again. I have done it before and I can easily do this again. I like weight watchers because I can eat healthy, low FODMAP, enough to fuel me and it works. It also doesn’t mean life has to go on hold and this is important as I have a lot of life coming up.

I am almost delighted with these break throughs and feel like although I have a weight goal, the very centre of my healthy range, it is no longer just about my physical body. I am addicted to how good a healthy lifestyle makes you feel and because of that I can no longer living life at any less.

How is your relationship with food? Have you ever had a moment like this?

Life lately and an update

There is only one real word for life lately… Busy! I don’t mind busy too much but this has been a bit laughable. Work is flat out crazy at the moment, almost so busy you don’t get anything done. For me it is still a good thing as I am learning all the time and all the things I am learning are rounding off my experience so I am happy with that wit 8 days of 12 hours at work, plus extra days in my weeks off has left me tired.

My diet lately has slipped, a few more fodmaps, a few more treats and I don’t feel the best. On the upside I have regulated myself so I haven’t got properly ill I have just felt uncomfortable. On the downside I am not at my best. I have noticed that eating fodmaps leads to spots on my skin which is not cool in the lead up to the wedding. I have been exercising but am often exhausted at the end of the day so am exercising less regularly. I can now run an easy 6km in 40 mins though and the boys at work have set me a 35 min challenge to run it within 2 months… Bring it.

Interestingly through a week of detox and more indulgent weeks when I am we’ll over points my weight always seems to stay constant!

This break I am chilling out mainly, focusing on cleaning and clearing out my house and also exercising daily. I will be trying bikram this swing. Trying to do it daily as there is a $20 offer for 10 days and now the weather has cooled it seems like the perfect chance. I also have my final level 1 pole class after which I can go to smoulder and spin classes.

I am on a really tight budget at the moment. I have just paid off my car in full and have really worked to meet my savings goals. It has been well document that Perth is one of the most expensive places on the planet to live and we are trying to be sensible with a long term plan that gives us options. As part of this we may be moving out of our beautifully renovated house in a few months and renting it to my dad, who is likely moving to perth. I am not going to lie this is a little heart braking as we have poured everything into this house but we always knew it was not forever and at least it will be with family who will look after it.

In the same vein of saving and down sizing I have been selling some stuff on eBay. I have a variety of old clothes which no longer fits properly and I don’t need or use so am selling it. Today I am off to the post office posting things to their new owners!

This swing I am feeling like I need some good food for energy so we are doing my fall back, a soup and smoothie week. On a week like this I don’t limit myself to just eating soup and smoothies I just ensure that I eat a lot of these alongside everything else. It works trust me!

Since the gwinganna seminar I have been sleeping through the night. Right through, for seven hours, unheard of….. Quitting the diet coke and only having 1 coffee in the morning is key. Also, not having any sugar in the evening has made a massive difference to me. Try it if you sleep badly.. It’s awesome.



I tried gel nails and loved them. I have a kit winging its wait to me. Anything where you only have to paint your nails and they stay chip free for over a week and I am sold. I bought a kit with an LED light as I was unsure of the effect of UV and with my previous skin cancer I didn’t want to risk any extra exposure.


I have also been loving this little bracelet and necklace from etsy


Whew, what a long post… I leave you with this image of my favourite way to eat dessert nowadays.


what have you been up to lately?

What does 26 pro points look like

26 pro points is the lowest allowance you can go to and to be honest there is not much room for extras at this point. So here is a snap shot of 26 pro points. As per usual it is broken into home and work.

at work
At work I need my meals smaller and spaced through the day to allow me energy to get through a demanding period.

5am breakfast
Chopped fruit 0 pp

9 am second breakfast
2 poached eggs, tomatoes and piece of grilled bacon some days 5pp

Salad with chicken or tuna tin, sometimes rice salad, and normally some dressing, olives, avocado things like that 8pp

Normally 3 pp snack like a banana and nut butter, some nuts, rice cakes, natural greek yogurt etc

Meat or fish and veggies normally with potato or sweet potato 8 pp

This leaves 2 pp for a square of chocolate, coconut water or towards another treat if needed.

at home
My day is more relaxed and shorted so I need to eat less often.

Breakfast 9am
2 pieces spelt bread and nut butter or vegemite. 5-8pp

Lunch 12
A giant salad 8 pp or sushi, seaweed salad and ginger 8 pp

Snack if needed
Greek yogurt and fruit, eggplant dip and gluten free crackers


Proper cooked meal which tends to be pretty varied. Up to 10 pp

My tactics are not to drink your calories, to definitely use all 26 points or I overeat the next few days and to ensure that all 26 pp are used on good healthy whole foods, largely filling And healthy with the 49 pp for treats. At home I try to save the treats for the weekend.

I am also trying to exercise daily except fly in day and fly out day even if it is just a 30 minute walk with the dog. As I mentioned in the last post I do not always point, example if a friend Is staying I choose to eat mindfully but not stress about pointing too much. I find I even out anyway. The bulk of the time I do track points just to keep on track if nothing else.

How do you find the end of a diet? The last part is the hardest part.

Weightloss and detox update

I know this blog seems to have moved on a fair bit lately and be much less focussed on weightloss, probably because I am but I thought that I would check in with you all who are interested. Since November I have lost the grand total of 2kg and I don’t really point all the time. My body seems to even out at a level with exercise which means I maintain fairly easily. I have noticed that eating fodmaps seems to affect my weight management as well as well being and the world is just a lot better without them.

Since November I have lost inches with all the toning and a. Now an easy size 10. I also discovered the scales I was using were inaccurate and the doctor told me I am now 72kg which is around 11 stone. I can see a lot more muscle tone in my body though which will only increase with time and I am 5’6 or 7 so I think this weight is acceptable.

I did up the detox things and experimented a bit and found that I love body brushing, green tea and hot lemon water. I also rely on a daily chlorophyll drink which I love and I don’t really enjoy much sugar in my diet at all ( fructose or glucose), I also naturally gravitate to veg bulked meals rather than white carbs or grains. A fine with all of this. I love fats and proteins for energy and to fill me up. I also think that I may prefer life without coffee or with coffee as a treat. Although I love coffee and the ritual of having a coffee I sleep better and feel better without that. Diet coke sucks, it’s amazing but it sucks and the world is better without it. I do like a sparkling water I place though.

I feel quite happy with how things are at the moment and the way I eat. Have also noticed that with a decrease in dairy and other fodmaps my skin comes back in control so this is obviously something which my body just doesn’t like.

I have been eating tonnes of yummy food like fructose free bliss balls, soup, home made spelt bread, meat or fish and 3 veg meals and large salads.

I have also been enjoying eating, not organic, but locally sourced produce which is sometimes organic and more ethically sourced meat, eggs and fish.

what food have you been enjoying lately? Do you get in comfy zones with your body?

The break up

Sorry for another deep post but I feel like this year so much has already happened and changes in my mind have happened so I wanted to chat about it.

I started 2013 pretty triumphant after a great 2012 where I had really gotten myself into shape. Come January and I was feeling pretty darn flat. I think that I felt lost without resolutions, goals and challenges. To be honest I have always been more driven by the prize than the journey and more motivated by getting to goal than enjoying myself. The start of the year I fell back into some old habits of trying ridiculous diets and failing and I have slipped with the FODMAPS a fair bit recently.

I did keep up the exercise though and I have had a pretty stressful time of it with my job. To be honest flat does not even begin to describe how I felt at the start of the year with all of this and a lot of annoying jobs to fill my time disheartened or downright depressed may be a better description.

I have also struggled with the fact that I no longer recognise my reflection, my head thinks I am a lot larger than I am.

Anyhow, back to the present. I feel like I have ridden this wave and the tide is turning. Alongside this I have had a few realisations and all of these are things I am proud of.

1. I am a trooper, in it for the long haul and even if I don`t know where things are going I have learned to accept them, remain open to opportunity and change, chip away at it, take each day as it comes and do your best each day and ride it out…. until one day you realise you are on top of things again.

2. Although I do not recognise myself still. I talk to people about this so it is more real. Each time I don’t recognise myself I make myself look in the mirror and observe it with interest.

3. I hate eating FODMAPs. I feel crappy, my tummy hurts, my digestion is shot, I am tired and to be honest I hate feeling bad about myself.

4. In stressful times I don’t need chocolate I need sleep, love, care, exercise and full blown nutritional eating behind me…. And a bi of chocolate.

5. I can quite easily maintain my current weight on a diet including daily treats.

6. I cannot maintain health on that diet.

7. Health is more important to me. I am addicted to feeling good.

8. If you feel good you look good. SIMPLES

9. When you live a healthful lifestyle your body is given a new healthful equilibrium ( represented but not only in weight and fat).

10. you cannot pick your equilibrium. Forcing your body to be too small = BAD, being too big = BAD. Eating and exercising healthily in a way your body likes =BLISS

11. You just have to get over the fact bliss may not equal miranda kerr for you.. damn you genes!

I am pretty delighted with these realisations and feel that sometimes you need to let old habits in to prove to yourself you are no longer friends. Bingeing, FODMAPs, negative feelings towards myself we had a long relationship but sadly this is no longer working for me and you are no longer welcome in my life….

its not you its me

I have changed. I can`t be arsed wasting my energy on feeling bad about myself. I am happy to eat treats as long as I really want them and they don’t hurt my tummy ( dark chocolate and sea salt hello) if you are a FODMAP filled food I am eating for any other reason I do not want to know any longer. If you are a negative thought about myself… be gone. I am not interested…. I am a young woman doing my best. I cut other`s slack and respect them for trying and now I respect myself.

I fell off the wagon so to speak.. did i? or was it part of my journey? Did I need to do this in order to get the guts to break up with the past?

This post may not mean much to you, but it is massive to me. I am hayley, I weigh 11.5 stone and I think that I look ok. I love my life, I am proud of my body and what it can do and I want to nourish my body so it can continue to help me live life to the max.

What does your body mean to you? Have yoou ever broken up with yourself?

Low fodmap shopping and store cupboard guide

As you all know I can’t digest fodmaps and when I try to we get I dire situation or one of three dire situations. I think I was lucky enough to be diagnosed when fodmaps were quite a new thing. More and more people are now being diagnosed, i mentioned a friend who recently was and felt really lost. I provided her with a list of food ideas and a shopping list I use and thought I would pop it up for any other newly diagnosed people.

My store cupboard used to be full of all these fancy products but to be honest basics are mainly fodmap friendly.

In my cupboards
White basmati rice
Sushi rice
Gluten free pasta
Gluten free plain and self raising flour
Coconut milk
Tuna tins
Long life lactose free milk
Long life unsweetened almond milk
Lentils I can have a little of this
Dried cannelini beans I can have a little of this
Rice crackers
Rice cakes

Condiments cupboard
Apple cider vinegar
Olive oil
Coconut oil
Gravox gluten free
Bouillon gluten free
Tamari soy sauce
Pickled ginger
Vanilla essence
Peanut butter
Chia seeds

In my freezer
Frozen salmon steaks
Frozen berries ( check unsweetened)
Meat frozen in single portions
Frozen left over meals
Home made pesto frozen into iced cube trays for portions ( just basil, pine nuts, Parmesan and oil)
Frozen bananas

My weekly shop
Salad leaves
Fresh fruit- papaya and pineapple or rock melon are faves
Coconut water
Lindt 70% plus sea salt
Chobani plain Greek yogurt

In my snack drawer of fun at work
Eskal gluten free pretzels
Rice crackers
Rice cakes
Sachets of porridge
Almond milk

This is a little summary of how I operate . I find I always need enough of the good stuff around so I don’t wander to the bad stuff. My store cupboards and freezer are generally stocked enough I can whip up a relatively healthy low fodmap meal if I have just flown home and not shopped for fresh food.

I also keep movicol in the house for emergencies and take a psyllium husk tablet daily to help keep things regular.

Lately I have been eating away from home a bit and not taken as much care and have suffered as a result! This definitely works for me. Life can be varied with fodmaps it just takes a little planning.

do you have a shopping groove?

My New Approach #Firstworldproblems

Hello folks, its been a long time hasn’t it? To be honest I really haven`t wanted to blog for a while, As I mentioned in a previous post I have been feeling quite flat and so I have been doing some soul searching.

Historically when I felt like this I would have run off at the deep end and tried to change everything and set myself ridiculous goals that I would never be able to keep. This time I have tried to resist. I have been open about how I have felt, honest to myself about it and chatted a lot about it.. Thanks for listening mumma!

Once again the universe has provided and I have a few ideas and answers. I went to weigh in at the nurses office after a few weeks of eating most of my points but exercising lots and I had only maintained. Obviously I wasn`t delighted I have maintained for about 2 months now. I made some kind of grumbly comment and the nurse asked me to sit down, she is a friend also, and have a chat. She asked a few simple questions and essentially realised that whilst I had made some great positive changes to my life all the crazy pressure I put on myself was still there in some ways. Weightloss had become a favourite of mine because it was measurable in numbers. I think often people talk about being hung up on the numbers and whilst I hadn`t really realised it the bigger the amount lost, the bigger my buzz, and my goal weight which was a nominal number from the middle of my healthy range, had become a focal point for me.

She also asked if I ever looked in the mirror and to be honest I barely recognise myself nowadays. I look at my head when I do my makeup and I check my clothes but I don’t really link it to that being me. I had also spent so many years unhappy with the way I look and developing techniques to cope such as being the best at work, more bubbly, better at this and that so that being really unhappy with the way I looked seemed less important each day. In order to loose weight I had to acknowledge that It wasn’t just about how I looked, but that it was also related to my health, and make it a priority, It is pretty hard to change habits learned over about 10 years.

Anyway, after this chat a few things fell out of the conversation. Firstly I may not have much more to loose, I am currently fitting size 10 and I am fairly tall, 5`7 ish. Randomly I have actually got taller as I have lost weight. Secondly it may be a stall and a detox is a fab way to boost that. Over christmas and until this weekend there have been a few extra treats so over the next month I am doing my own version of the the ultimate liver detox by Dr Sandra Cabot. This was recommended to me by both the naturopath and also the nurse. I have done this before it is a very effective detox, for me, and not too hard. I will post some details of this, my version of it, and a review at the end. Thirdly whilst I have maintained I have been working out and may well have lost fat but built muscle so am toning up all the time, and my body has shown changes to this effect.

Finally she suggested some Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) sessions. These are a cross between counciling and massage and it helps you to move forward and forget the past. I am hoping it can help me to get used to not having massive goals, as I am nearly there with them, but to just concentrate on being happy and maintaining. This is in more senses than just weightloss for me. I am also hoping it will help to lay my old learned negative habits to bed.

Have you ever had this kind of problem? Ever heard of EFT? Ever used it? Advice please….

What`s occuring?

Well Hi folks.

This is my second attempt at the blog post. I put up the first one and took it down within an hour as I felt like a spoiled brat… very first world problems. However, this is a small problem which I am facing and however minor it may be it is affecting my life at the moment. I have always been honest on here and I am sure this must be a natural part of the weight loss program.

Basically, I have spent years being not that happy with myself. Striving for more in terms of weight loss, personal development and fitness, work based goals, savings goals etc. As you may have noticed on here I am a list based person that loves goals. I also never stop to enjoy it once I am there. I just move onto the next thing.

In january I made a series of resolutions. I have not really stuck to them. I tried a low carb diet, TWICE, because everyone else was and I felt like I should. Thinking I am not good enough and making plans or resolutions to start again is a long learned habit. For over 10 years I have been doing that. Whilst I would never say I was deeply unhappy I was never 100% happy.

Right now I am happy. I have lost 23kg and have about 8 to go to get to my named goal. To be honest people have said I am getting quite small now and maybe that will be too much. I am fitter than I have ever been. All of these changes have happened, whilst organically, over 12 months.

12 months is not a long time when you consider 10 years of planning. I don`t always recognise myself. I only read plus size fashion blogs as that is where I feel comfortable. I spent lots in the sale at asos on clothes in size 12. I thought only a few generous ones would fit and I would send the rest back. They all fit, or were a bit loose, and I kept them all. I felt sooo guilty. It has been ages since I spent on clothes, clothes which I didn`t really need I just liked.

I have had so many plans about what I would buy at goal, so many thing I put off until i was at goal and now I am close I feel really uncomfy.

Right now, I want to be with the girls at work on low carb diets, trying and failing to stick to them.I am almost jealous as it is a comfort… what I have always done. You may have noticed I have been absent from blogging a bit lately. I have just been trying to work out how I am feeling. I tried to join in and it just made me feel sick as I like eating whole food when I am hungry and stopping when I am full.

I finally have some free time on my hands and I feel guilty. I have always been a worker, always had a to do list as long as my arm and not having this bothers me. I have never had such a balanced work life profile and I know I should learn to enjoy it.

I think for now I need to scrap my resolutions. I need to make good decisions one at a time. I am keeping on counting points and trying to be healthy and low fodmap. I am exercising most days. I am chipping away at the house and I am taking time out to enjoy life. Each time I feel guilty or try and make resolutions I take a time out and pep talk myself. I feel that I am at a bit of a fragile point where I can remain positive or could slip back into old habits easily.

My weight is easily maintained,it seems, and doesn’t require me to do things I don’t enjoy. I actually don’t want to be the healthiest person on the planet I am happy living moderately. I am in a funny spot as I don’t want to drop the ball and go back to old habits but I don’t necessarily want to make more changes. I want to keep doing what I am doing… this is unchartered territory for me. What I do want to do is to make new habits which involve not waiting for life to start when I am thinner but realising I am thinner and I need to really live each day.

Apparently I know how to be bigger, I know how to loose weight but I have forgotten how to just be. That is what I am going to try and work on. So tomorrow I am doing Bikram with a friend, a couple of jobs and spending the day at the beach with a girl friend… eeep. Not staying in avoiding indulging. Indulging a little if I want to. Not feeling guilty just enjoying myself.

I will never be the thinnest, fittest or most fashionable person. As I approach 30 I am happy with who I am, obviously I am not perfect, but I am ok with being me.

From now on this blog is no longer weightloss focussed. If I loose a little more fabulous but otherwise no matter. This blog is about health, especially fodmaps, and my adventures in living life to the fullest.

Have you ever reached this point? had similar feelings? how do you deal with this?I would love some advice/ reassurance/ input

How weight watchers works for me

Over the last few weeks I have discovered how the weight watchers plan works for me.

If I eat my daily points and up to half weekly points I loose quickly.

If I eat daily and all weekly but not exercise I loose steadily.

If I eat all my daily, weekly and earned exercise I maintain or loose un noticably!

I loose more the 2 weeks after my period.

I feel better eating points regularly spaced through the day.

Use your daily points for healthy, nutritious points, and save the weekly for unhealthy. This makes 80:20.

I feel better and loose more when my points are spent on whole grains, lean protein, veg and limited fruit.

Less free fruit equals faster loss.

Diet drinks sabotage only water is best.

Plan a treat if you try it and aren’t keen don’t finish it.

Hunger regulates itself to keep you in points.

Loosing weight and maintaining are very different.

Fodmaps make me sick and bloated.

Food is fuel and enjoyment get a balance it’s no fun feeling sick!

Taste buds change with time!

This is what I have learned so far what have you learned?