Le weekend

A little delayed, as appears to be my blogging style, this post is a quick wrap up of the weekend which involved lots of fun and rest. Friday night was a couple of wines and a meal at a volcanic hot stone cafe with a girlie friend. It was lovely, I was a little scared after reading some terrible reviews on urban spoon but we decided to go for it anyway as I had bought a scoopon voucher and we didn’t want to waste it. Pleasant surprise, great food, great service and a lovely time.

Saturday I was home alone waiting for the foxtel man and so hung out watching a black and white movie, making jewellery (above) and just chilling out and doing housework.

Saturday evening was dinner and a cheesy movie cuddled up on the couch with the candles lit.

Sunday was a quick food shop for the week, more house work, watching Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake at Hoyts imax 3d which was fantastic and a roast dinner with dancing with the stars! Great weekend.

I hope everyone else’s weekend was fabulous?