Popbasic wanderlust

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Yves Saint Laurent genuine leather pants
$2,665 – montaignemarket.com

Converse sport shoes
$78 – office.co.uk

This is the breastfeeding diaries #2. Popbasic is a great little company who curate micro collections of wardrobe staples. I have found quality and value to be great. The wanderlust collection has been paired with converse for running around like a headless chicken ( me most days!) and leather trousers ( easy wipe clean- mums best friend). A tshirt and cardy also works for breast feeding mummas to allow a subtle snack for baby where ever you may be ( bus stop anyone? Just me?).

You can get $15 off you first popbasic order using this link


The breastfeeding diaries

The breastfeeding diaries

Breastfeeding fashion is in a word ugly! Frumpy cuts, plain styles and not at all trendy! I have found using a set of breastfeeding tanks or singlets I can wear a variety of regular clothes and continue on my merry way. Shirts over a tank provide easy access for an ad hoc feed whenever needed. I like tshirt to be embellished ( so you don’t need jewellery) but I like any detail to be flat or rounded so there is no risk of scratching babies! Flat shoes are perfect for slipping on in a hurry- feed baby, burp baby , throw baby in pram/ carrier to get from a to b before they cry! Always a fan of real leather I am converted to good faux leather jackets- mine is from new look and can be chucked in the wash or wiped down after spew attacks! Finally a liquid liner that won’t budge all day works and a lip stain which doesn’t transfer or those little bubbas end up covered from all the kisses!

what do you wear to breastfeed?

Wardrobe update

Ages ago I talked about possibly posting a few outfits on here as I started to enjoy my clothes more. With the possibility that we may need to downsize some of our belongings due to sharing our house I have a new rule that I need to get rid of something if I want to replace it with a new item. So I am trying to make the most of my current outfits. Here are a few from the last few weeks…





A silk top and skinny jeans for lunch with a friend, a black skater dress and flip flops for drinks and a pink dress and leather jacket for a concert.

what have you been wearing lately? Do you like these posts?

How much of your wardrobe do you really wear?

I often wonder this and with the transition from a city based job to site based I need a lot less clothes. When I heard this sneaky tip ( I can’t remember where from sorry) I knew its an easy measure of what you really wear. I really do think its a great idea for me, especially if you are loosing or gaming weight, so you only replace the essentials.

Firstly turn all your clothes on hangers round the other way. As you wear items hand them back up the right way which gives an easy visual of what you really do wear.

For my drawers I am going to put stuff all in one half of the drawers and move to the other as I wear them.

I think this is a great way to wardrobe detox and be honest about what you wear most.

have you tried this before? How do you wardrobe edit and update?

Wardrobe update

I thought that I would draft a post with a bit of a wardrobe update. Since my mum visited with her valuable advice I have revamped some of my wardrobe and now spent a week or so wearing some of the newer combos. Rather than seeing all of my wardrobe I thought that I would assemble some equivalents…
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River Island black sundress
$24 – riverisland.com

Leather aviator jacket
$945 – coggles.com

Hue stocking

Blowfish black fold over boots
$105 – office.co.uk

Havaianas black flip flops
One dress…. two ways. If you are not 100% comfy with bare legs some cropped leggings work well with havianas. Or in winter tights, ankle boots and a leather jacket. Job done.
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Maxi dress $54 – topshop.com

Hollister Co jean jacket hollisterco.com
Nice and casual perfect for a BBQ . A maxi hides many sins, a jacket to be warm if needed and some classic bling.
Untitled #6

Warehouse studded ballet flat $38 – warehouse.co.uk

Crystal Evolution ring swarovski-elements.com
A more smart day look, or could be done with heels for a night out. Skinnys, blazers and casual tshirts are still staples for me.
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Forever new $93 – forevernew.com.au

Dolce Vita roman sandals couturecandy.com

Never did I think coloured jeans or jeggings would work for me… but with a fresh and feminine kaftan (mine is from All Saints) and some good accessories… it worked, I had a skinny day and it is now a favourite.
So far these are my go to looks for summer. Still within my usual style, denim, leather, casual but with some more daring bits I would not have dreamed of 20kg ago.
I have also found myself attracted to more feminine pieces as I have lost weight. Next weekend I will be at a hens do in a polka dot sundress in a size small!
What clothes are you loving??

luxe loungewear

Its cold in my house, we dont have heating, and whilst I want to be warm and comfy I dont want to look like a complete slob. Loungewear is often never flattering but a few nicer jumpers or cardys, some nice tracksuit bottoms which fall well ( wide leg for me, no pockets) and comfy jeans are a staple. I wear jeans and jumpers most days, I slip on the uggs for inside ( you can wear them outside if you like) and when I am ready to go out just chuck on a leather jacket wahey. If I am in all day or have just got out of the bath its a nice pair of tracky bums and a jumper combo for some quality house time…
What do you wear to relax? I used to wear my old clothes but I actually appreciate nice relaxation clothes to wear it makes that part of my day all the more enjoyable.



Balmain leather pants
£1,220 – brownsfashion.com

Pollini thigh high boots
$595 – saksfifthavenue.com
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Morning Folks!
Sorry about the random layout of this post, clearly my editing skills are not up to scratch at all. Lets talk about the weekend, which for me was great fun. It involved a lot of lounging around at home getting jobs like laundry done. The construction of my favourite soup ever and quite a lot of cider. Lets also discuss the fact it is monday morning and I am not at work… lovely. Lets ignore the fact that next weekend I will be working 12 hour days ( less lovely) still this roster is working for me. Today will be filled with blogging, exercise with friends, dog walking, ironing and finishing up a few jobs.
Lets talk about loves… more specifically my loves at the moment. For some reason polyvore didn’t write all the details but loves are pictured above.
1. leather trousers for when I am skinny ( one of the things I am looking forward to most)
2. Over the knee boots. I definitely like these when they are flat. Yep I want to be Mrs Cptn Jack Sparrow.
3. Tiffany double circles necklace. This one has been a long-term obsession.
4. Fringing.. not sure why but I LOVE it!
5. Sigma makeup brushes. I have a stippling brush now and it really affects how your foundation looks. Imagine how good I would look with all these brushes.. More always equals more !?! right???
6. Clarisonic. I have heard this my revolutionise my skin. It is pricey. So pricey you would probably need xmas money to treat yourself but I feel I would benefit. That said the skin is looking quite good as the skinstitut I purchased a few weeks ago has got my skin back under control. This really is the only thing which works for me.
Now onto my other loves and there are quite a few.
1. Cherry Healey.. Do you uk folks already know her? My abc catch up app is getting a work out watching her Cherry investigates series. I love it. I have found they all deal with tricky topics she is interested in and as a young woman they help me to get some exposure to all sides of the argument.
2. This fella
(Image from channel 4 website)
Controversial perhaps, and for all you vegetarians and vegans sorry, but I love the use of wild and basic food he has collected and if you are going to eat meat you may aswell use it all. Also watched on my abc catch up.
3. Walking. The weather is a bit rubbish here in Perth but a brisk walk with the pooch certainly blows away the cobwebs.
4. Weight watchers. Yep I am still loving this and not finding it too challenging at all if this takes me all the way to the above trousers I will be one happy lady.
5. Skype catch ups!
So all in all I am feeling pretty happy. Now for the final thing which makes me happy and is the best pumpkin soup recipe you will ever need!
First up chop 1 onion and fry in a splash of olive oil on a low temp until they become clear. Then add a teaspoon of brown sugar ( I used coconut sugar) and stir until it caramelises. Add curry powder ( I use 1 tbsp) and heat until fragrant then add the veg ( I used 1. sweet potato, 1/2 butternut squash and 2 carrots) with stock and leave to simmer until veg is soft. Blend and serve with cracked black pepper and sour cream. I reckon cashew cream would also be lovely on this if you don’t eat cream or a swirl of coconut cream also matches in really well.
On that note, I shall leave you and get to my ironing and jobs. What are your loves at the moment? Share


Well it is my last day at the current job and on monday I start at the new one. This current job has been a lot more office based with trips to the field and other places. As I have mentioned previously the next job is fly in fly out to the mine site and so I shall wear a uniform all day at work. This means there is no need for a work day wardrobe. I do intent to return to office based work at some point in the future and so wanted to put a post together on my standard work outfits. I have included 3 daily outfits ( obviously not exactly my clothes) but I tend to put outfits together along these lines.



Low jeans
€45 – zalando.it

Charlotte Olympia cat flat
$595 – kirnazabete.com

Givenchy grey leather handbag
$1,935 – ssense.com


Sleeveless top
$32 – topshop.com

Acne low rise jeans

£150 – net-a-porter.com

Rekavago high heel pumps

€239 – ourstyle.hu

Tote bag

$29 – maurices.com

Michael Kors leather wrap bracelet

$95 – lordandtaylor.com


Printed t shirt

€20 – claireandbruce.com

Black blazer

£18 – chiarafashion.co.uk

Dsquared slim jeans

£219 – farfetch.com

Stiletto heels

£45 – debenhams.com

Cleobella leather handbag

$328 – swell.com

My job is quite casual but at the same time it is still an office and still work. The men wear work trousers and shirts but no ties type arrangement. I wear jeans most days dressed up with a nice blouse/shirt or t-shirt and blazer combo. I find these staples wear well over time and are easily updated with a few new purchases of the cheaper items each season. Fingers crossed the next time I work in an office my current wardrobe will no longer fit so I can use this post as reference to what I actually will wear and not waste money on dresses and skirts that I just don’t choose on a daily basis.


What do you wear to work? how do you make your working wardrobe work?