Freedom london

Yet more budget beauty. My quest for budget beauty continues and this pretty little lot was delivered to australia for around $60


freedom makeup is a new launch which I had seen being tagged as #macforthemasses whilst I am not a huge fan this really reeled me in. Imagine such quality products at affordable prices!

I chose two bronzers ( animal print), two blush and highlight kits, an eyeshadow pallette and three lip butters. As always I am not planning to swatch everything but just show you some items on the face and have a general chat about them. So far I like the products, they smell nice quite powdery but nice, the eyeshadows feel a bit more creamy than I like and half of them are more glittery ( not glitter though as I hate this) and the other is a perfect everyday slight sheen. The blush and highlight kits are just lovely so much selection and honestly gorgeous colours these are complete winners for me. I have used the setting spray and will continue to do so and so how this affects the staying power of my makeup.

One product which has really suprised me is the lip butters. These look like a gloss in packaging with a wand applicator but are much more matte. They have a fairly sheer but build able colour and I really like them. Your lips needs to be in good condition but I think they are really wearable, non sticky, and a nice alternative to gloss.

Have you tried freedom london? They currently have 20% off if you sign up which takes the bargains to even better value. I would definitely recommend the blush and highlight palettes, shadow palettes and lip butters.

Here are a few pics of my ugly mug wearing some of the products. If you want proper swatches shout!




MAC and Zoeva

MAC and Zoeva and so much makeup. I had a blow out. It was a planned blow out but a blow out none the less.

A few weeks ago I went to a MAC makeup masterclass. It cost $120 which was fully redeemable against products and the lovely MAC ladies spent around 4 hours teaching a group of 8 girls how to do their makeup. MAC runs a whole series of these classes and each time you get a set of instructions which you can annotate and keep in the folder they provide you with. You also get refreshments and some lovely cup cakes. 
Whoops, I bought pretty much everything. They spent so much time going through each product, and we all applied the makeup on ourselves

My final look was like this ( please excuse the messy hair)

Nice and natural for the wedding. They also taught us to apply it all with the MAC brushes. I had bought the eco tools brushes but they didn’t quite have all the ones needed. I found the Zoeva website (link above) and had read they were a good dupe for MAC brushes. I got the complete set for Euro88 which was a bargain and contained 16 fantastic quality brushes. I cannot wait to use these. I also got an eyeshadow primer and am unsure if this was part of the set or a little freebie. All the brushes have their own plastic case, like sigma brushes, and a large wallet to hold them all.
I was so happy with these buys. I cant wait to use them all. Hurry up wedding!
Have you heard of Zoeva??

ps the shipping was really reasonable and very quick. Fantastic service.

Beauty Store Bargains!

There are some great deals out on the high street at the moment and today I blitzed them all. I did need a few things and had held off until a great deal came along and today it was there.

First up I have had very sore dry eyes and under eyes at work. I was getting a little down about my appearance at work as I felt I was looking very old. I think this is due to the dry environment and aircon. I also wanted some intensive moisturiser to use. I have a natio daily moisturiser, from a previous deal, and felt I needed something to add to this. I love my mario badescu at home but have a separate set of skin care at work. So I saw in Natio these beauties. A brightening eye cream and skin firming serum. Together they were under $40 and came with a free gift. This gift has the perfect amount of skincare and handcream for my trip home. Perfect.


Next I really wanted a new set of brushes for my wedding day makeup. I had considered the sigma set which costs around $130 for all of them. My friend recommended eco tools and I have seen positive reviews of them on twitter. I popped into priceline and they were reduced, plus if you spend $60 you get a free bag with $220 of products in it. I was keen as mustard. I got a selection of the brushes which are tucked away safely on the spare bed for the wedding day ( I have a stash of items ready for home!).


Wooo hoooo hoo look at these goodies. Although I generally choose more naturally products I love a chance like this to try new items. Included in my bag was

A pouffe
Skin wipes
A dark black/purple nail polish
a nude lippy
highlighting pencil
a primer
2 sets of false nails
cuticle oil
toothpaste and a lipbutter

Needless too say I am delighted and may start reviewing in due course. However as a review of the deal it is great.

I then noticed at the till for $25 you can sign up to be a member and get perks and a free gift. So I did that too!


A models own eye liner, bag, makeup bag, mirror and lip gloss pencil.


I also picked up the rather good nanoblur. I tried this on the back of my hand expecting nothing but the difference was definitely visible and it was down to $19.99 in priceline so I picked it up. Applied after makeup it makes the undereyes less wrinkled and fresher. I also discovered it minimises pores. BONUS!


January sale shop mark 2

I had some final vouchers to use up and so headed into town for a spend.

We both had a voucher to spend and decided we wanted to get a few bits for our house. We got a cake tin, an icing set and these….


I also had some safety vouchers from work which I spent, with a bit of Chrissie money, in kit on these beauties…


I had needed a new mineral veil and thought i would like the illuminating one, I also knew I would be up for a new primer soon so got that also in the illuminating version. I am wondering if these may be a little much together?

In the sale kit also had two mineral blushes in sweet cheeks ( the pinker) and peachy keen. Both have a bit of gold flecks and looked lovely plus a shimmery bronze which was also mineral and reduced. When I got to the till I was given a free gift with a second peachy keen in, a bronzes eyeshadow and a strawberry body butter for free.. Bargain. All this for around $90.

Swatches below


Illuminating primer on hand and mineral veil near thumb.


From little finger to thumb….sweet cheeks, peachy keen, shimmery bronzes and bronze eyeshadow.

I also spend the final of my Christmas money in witchery on a pair of shorts I already own and have worn to death in the next size down plus some earrings. These were all reduced and less than $50. I know I will wear these loads as they are flattering, casual or smartish and wash really well.


A final spend was not Christmas money but a request to smarten up my undies my the other half. To be honest my underwear is practical, but nice, and over the last year has become increasingly Bridget jones like as I have shrunk. So I will clear out the old ( and take them to work) and roll out the new.


I am really happy that I have stayed in budget, got a capsule wardrobe the fits, stocked up on beauty products for the year and been sensible.
what did you get in the sales? What are your top tips?

Sale shopping

As I mentioned in my Christmas post I was given a few vouchers and some money for the sales as part of my gifts. I haven’t spent all of it but did splash out a bit the day after Boxing Day. I wanted to be really cautious about buying nice things I would use and not just going into a crazy bargain frenzy of items I didn’t need.

I did buy the following though….


With my dusk voucher two double wick Christmas candles down to $15 each in candy cane ( minty smell) and trifle ( sweet smell), these are popped away for next Christmas. Also, a snowflake candle holder reduced to $10 which looks gorgeous and festive with a candle in. I am enjoying this while the decorations are still up and will then pack it away for the new year.


Also from dusk are these two bargains ( one is for my mum). Reduced from $35 to just $2.50 each they contain 90 baubles which I may use on the tree ( except I already have baubles), I was planning to use as trimmings for gifts next year and also the lady in the shop showed me some in a clear, glass vase as a festive centre piece and they looked amazing.

From Priceline I got…


Three scented stick kits in rainforest and vanilla bean ( $7.50 from $15), a spa bath set with gel, scrub and salts in a basket which I am now using as a shower caddy ($10 from $20), a spa set wash bag with gel, scrub a soap, loofah and bath salts ($12 from $25), one extra bath salt set ($2.50?), four scented bath salt sets ($1.50 from $3) and a batiste dry shampoo in blush with free head towel ($7.88 I think). Although i stated christmas gift money was void fro project pan 100 I really tried to get bath salts, scrubs and gels as I already have a lot of moisturisers to use, plus lots of smellies for the house as I love it to smell good.

Finally I wasn’t going to get clothes as I thought when I got to goal I would buy a whole new wardrobe. Now I am close to goal most of my clothes have transitioned well with me and all I will need is some new bottoms as my current selection is getting too big. I am hopeful the bulk of them will last the summer though so I can just get new shorts for next year. I did get these though….


A pair of airflex leather nude pumps. These are so comfy I tried them on last week when they were half price in betts ($59 from $125) but felt it was still a bit pricey for around Christmas. Today I went back and saw they had an extra 20% off… Off I went to the till and they were just $25. Bargain of the year!!!

In Kmart I tried these jeans on as a whim as they were straight legged, plain and high waisted which I prefer so you don’t get muffin top or butt crack. They fit like a charm and my jeans are all getting too roomy. I was going hold off buying jeans until after the summer but when I checked the price these were just $7 so it doesn’t matter if I only get a few wears.

I still have some other vouchers and money to use. My myer vouchers, from work, will go on a new mineral finishing veil and primer when my current ones run out and I think that’s all I will spend. I try not to get too carried away as I really don’t need much and I have a birthday in early feb!

did you sale shop? Link me to your bargains!

The splurge before the purge

Well it happened, I went nuts. This does happen a couple of times a year normally for me and it has happened now. I went online shopping. I wanted some more makeup so I had a few options to play with and not just basics.. Strawberry net had some outstanding deals on so I made the most of it,

My first order was for some perfume sets all at 70% off. I wanted a few cheaper perfumes for travel and handbags and these sets seemed the cheapest way to do it. I won’t link it all but I will say all four sets were under $100 which is a bargain for Australia. I think that’s under £60 ish, but bear in mind it’s all more expensive over here. Some are presents also, they are not all for me.


Sarah Jessica Parker twilight set- gift


FCUK gift set- unsure if a gift or not I may love this smell


Joop and davidoff cool water sets for myself.

Then I did a second order for makeup from sleek. After reading lots of reviews I order these products.


The brow kit, similar to benefit brow zings, and I love it. Mine is in light or blond and its quite dark but I increasingly appreciate a defined brow as it seems to make my face look like mine but better. A highlighting cube which is really gorgeous. I have lusted after the bobby brown ones for a while and decided to try this… LOVE! It gives a really pretty highlight. The sleek nude pallet is also amazing. I had read its a good dupe for the naked pallet which I have long lusted for but decided that I got these three items for less than the one naked palette over here so this was better value. I have used it lots and I am so pleased with it.

As if that’s not enough I got another order from strawberry net after seeing that korres was on sale. I love korres makeup. It’s natural and nice quality and that’s what I am looking for. I ended up getting heaps BUT let me add the total of this order was still only around $100 which is a bargain. One set should be a third of that as they all were gift sets, which are good value, and 70% off plus my loyalty discount of 5%.


The lip set with a gloss ( lovely festive reddy pink), jasmine lip butter in a tube and a pot.. Smells of cookies, looks lovely feels lovely.


The coral set, two eye shadows ( lovely colours) a brown liner and mascara.


Three lip glosses


A bronze kit, like the coral above but browns


A set of 5 liners and a mascara


A smokey eye kit of 4 eye shadows, a gloss, a liner and mascara


Same again in golden colours.

As if that’s not enough I got two powder sets for korres free. These are lovely and I use them if I’m not wearing a full face of makeup


As you can see I bought LOADS, but I do this once a year or so and then I am done.

To follow this up I am restarting project pan 100 as I really don’t need anything new. The rules are….

All makeup/skincare/supplements and little associated luxuries like candles are included
Birthday and Xmas gifts or money don’t count
I can replace an item if I have no possible replacement for it.
Eco box and native box do not count.

I also want to include clothes in this so I can only buy clothes or shoes if I have nothing else for an occasion or It has gotten too big.

Fingers crossed I can get back to saving and using all my lovely things I already own. Over the next few months I am going to be shopping my stash, shopping my wardrobe and reviewing so I think carefully about what I really like for repurchases at the end.

care to join me for a pp100? Have you ever done a mega shop or do you prefer more frequent shopping?


Hey hey

Well it has been a long week full of work and now I am relaxing because… I have three weeks off and my mum is coming to visit. Awesome!

Yesterday I felt like I wanted a little pick me up treat and often when I feel like a shop it’s best to go or it builds into an out of control shopping frenzy. Luckily I had $110 in vouchers which I was given at work for acts of safety and so I knew exactly what I would spend. I also had a few items on my lust list. I honestly have found a wish list is an excellent way to focus my spending when a splurge feeling comes on.

Firstly I bought some more mario badescu. I got the same glycolic toner which I already have so I have one bottle for home and one for work. I am really impressed with this stuff and now I have tested it am happy to have a second to save carrying it between the two. I also got the silver powder for $33 I think?. This is amazing for cleaning pores apparently. I have tried it twice and as someone who constantly wages the war of the nose pore I am impressed. I will keep this up and report back.


Also in the photo is a tanning set by pure tan. I really wanted a tanning mit as I would like to try and use self tan as we go into the summer months. As part of my vanity program I think a fake tan may help me look good.. The mit on its own was $11.95 but this set was reduced to $18 and included a tube of bronzing lotion (not fake tan but an instant tanner).

I also wanted some fake tan, a facial moisturiser and a new mascara as one of mine has gone off. And I stumbled upon this little bargain from natio.. It contains a whopping $127 worth of products and was reduced to just $35.


The set includes a cinnamon and tangerine body wash which is lovely, a daily protection face moisturiser with SPF 15, ageless dual action cleanser and foamer, ageless lip smoothing treat,met, meditate body butter, self tan lotion, super long lash mascara and antioxidant lip shine.

So far I have used the body wash which is lovely. The facial cleanser and face moisturiser which are both fab, the mascara is also lovely and the lip shine is ok.. Not my favourite colour a bit pearly in finish for me but a good bottom of the handbag gloss.

I am so pleased with these bargains, normally I stick with what I know but sometimes you just can’t say no to a bargain!

What’s your best beauty bargains at the moment?

Things wot are making me happy

Well I am back, thanks all for the lush comments I will be responding ASAP! How am I feeling?pretty good actually. I have had a few wins this week, such as completing week 1 of couch 2 5k, and a few losses, such as pudding around 3 times in the week at work. I did very much stick within my point limits but definitely don’t want to get in the habit of wheaty puddings so often as it affects my tummy. Today I bought some dark sea salt Lindt for my fridge at work to have rather than sponge cake! I also get my permanent room at work next swing so I am happy.

This week I did an exercise class at work, couch to 5k week one plus a longer 6 km run where I just did the same intervals for longer.

On the subject of work wanna see a picture….?


So I have stocked up with a few more items.. Some track suit bottoms, a jumper, a tracky top, a head torch for running at work, a wicking running top and a laundry bag most of which is for work. I also got some new bare minerals eyeshadows( I just am such a convert of mineral makeup I don’t really like my other stuff now), some mario badescu enzyme cleanser and korres eye makeup remover. Most stuff was cheaply from cotton on but I am so comfy in it and needed some warmer clothes for round the house.

Today we went for a bike ride round the river…



We also bought some DIY items


And I have spent the afternoon painting and cooking soup for dinner.

I was feeling a bit down about the deserts at work but hey I stayed within points. I think it happens when I under eat in the day. My average work day looks like this now ( as I am a creature of habit)

Breakfast: 2 poached eggs on whole grain ( spelt) bread with butter 7 pp
Snack: natural yog ( low fat) with prunes. 3 pp and really quite yum
Lunch: salad and chicken or soup depending on options normally around 6 pp
Snack: fruit and rice crackers 3pp
Dinner: roast meat or grilled fish and new potatoes and veggies …. 7 pp

This is around 26 pp plus I have a cappuccino and then some choc to get to the points I should be on.

At home I eat less as my days are not filled with work from 5.30 am until 6 pm and then exercise etc so I have….

Bfast; porridge with almond milk, cinnamon, banana and maple syrup. 7pp
Snack: cappuccino 2 pp
Lunch: soup 6 pp ( I make a big batch and try to have it as 1 meal daily at home)
Snack: Greek yogurt 4 pp
My other meal varies from sushi to salads to risotto to whatever but is normally around 8-10 points

That takes my total to around 26 as sometimes I skip the yogurt and leave room for a glass of wine or other treat if needed.

This is just my standard daily points I use my weeklies for treats, alcohol, or meals out. I seem to use ( generally as last week was higher) around 20 of the 49 but am now clocking up between 20-30 exercise points which may be why I was hungrier. I am trying to notice this so I can recognise it and fill up with more healthy food rather than eating puddings which I do t even like that much for energy… I am thinking bliss balls, coconut butter, peanut butter etc as options.

Anyway I am off to watch my big fat gypsy wedding and wait for my latest coat of paint to dry.

What healthy snacks do you use ? Also do you want to see pictures of my last few shopping hauls? Just let me know.

Weekend of fun… parcels and winning things

Well this week has been pretty eventful and I still have another day of the weekend to go. The week has flown by my friend left on Tuesday night and then Wednesday I was back in work before a quick overnight trip to Darwin and a saturday of cleaning the house, shopping, dying my hair and supervising a nieces birthday party.. Phew I am exhausted. Needless to say extra food ( and pro points) have been consumed and a bit of alcohol with that. I am really hoping that as I have not exceeded my 49 fun points per week and kept within my limit that I will still have a loss and that it is larger than last week. Fingers crossed last weeks slow loss was due to water weight due to the totm.. We will know come Wednesday.

I have been doing pretty well with saving money and not buying too much. I did do a larger grocery shop this week to stock up on cupboard items but for the next month I will be trying to only top up the fresh produce and eat through the cupboard and freezer. Creative recipes ahoy! I am also trying to eat out less and from home more to save both pro points and money.

Hair colour, I was blond very blond possibly too blond and whilst it looked good straight after the hairdressers and freshly washed on other days it looked a bit like Britney ( on a bad day) and so I, with the help of clairol nice and easy ash brown, have joined the dark side. For those of you with absolutely no red in your hair I find this ash range to be the best and ,most wearable options. I can wear most colours from ash blond to ash brown without a prob ( but maybe a little extra bronzer).

I have also been receiving a few items in the post which I ordered a while ago with money which had built up in my pay pal account from selling items, these have included:

Artisana coconut butter sachets

Artisana raw cacao bliss

Both of these items were ordered from which is a great source for health items and unusual ingredients with relatively cheap shipping. As it is an american store it is often cheaper than buying items in australia even with shipping costs. As a gift for any of you reading this that fancy a shop if you use the code PEH829 and get a free $5 off your first order.. enjoy.

I also got a stippling brush from sigma which I have only used twice with a liquid foundation as I currently favour mineral powder makeup but I think the brush gives a flawless finish which is quite glowy.. perhaps a good one for evening makeup.

Another package arrived from England with a whole series of exciting goodies; a book, some cards and letters and 2 skull scarfs ( love love love skulls at the mo) plus an exciting art project to help with.

Look at the colour of the blue and orange and the small skull beads on the other.. Lushness in a scarf.

Other items received have included an ebay bargain.

Item picture

I have wanted a plain trench for a while as they are wardrobe classics I wanted a good one. This witchery number was just $30 with $10 for delivery and arrived with its labels (RRP $299) still on BARGAIN.

Also some new nail polish

 I have been seeing a bit of grey around the blog world often as part of the OPI pirates of the Caribbean set. This was a cheaper China Glaze option in pelican grey. I didn’t want an expensive one incase it made me look like a dead person but I also hate cheapo nail polish which chips quickly incase I love it.. super happy with this number. I also have seen a lot of matt nails lately and rather than re buy all my colours or even a new matt polish I got china glaze matt magic. I was a little unsure how this would be but I love it, it is just a top coat which coverts all shiny polishes to matt. BARGAIN.

With all these purchases, which I made prior to operation pan 50 I thought that I would update on the progress of this. I have used 2 products up! yipeeee

Dove body moisturiser, smells nice, sinks in well leaves your skin nice but also quite plain. I would rebuy if I needed more moisturiser but I have a whole stash to shop so will get on with that for now. It does sink in quicker than body butter though which I do like about it.

Beaubelle H20 which is a moistening gel. I do like gels, it did the job, it is all gone and although it was nice I would not go out of my way to get it again. I have too many other products to use and it doesn’t replace a moisturiser. I do like nice products but I also like a relatively quick routine and too many lotions and potions makes me uncomfortable so I would probably just stick to your standard moisturiser after cleansing and toning.

I am really happy about this using up though and I have more products about to be finished… go me. I have decided that unless a new purchase is completely necessary I am holding off for 3 months or until my credit card is cleared… or at least that’s the plan!

I did get some new items in the post which were not historical purchases and this does not breach the rule because they were a PRIZE. I have never been a winner before ( I was once told winners and weinners are only separated by and ‘e’ and sadly I seem to have had that ‘e’ most of my life as a winner I was not) but I won a facebook competition and was sent these in the post

3 lipglosses from ELF cosmetics. For you Aussies who are not onboard with ELF they are fantastic, so reasonable with great dupes for more expensive products. I recently placed my first order with them, I waited for a 50% off deal as I was unsure if I would like them, and was so happy with it. The items are really reasonably priced (most are under $10). These lip glosses are nice colours, a bit fruity/bubblegum like in flavour and quite sparkly but they are pretty and great to have in my many handbags.

You will end up seeing the elf items I love as I use them up but as a heads up the studio line is great and the bronze/blush compact is fantastic for shading, the eye liner gels in colours which are easy to apply, nicely pigmented and long lasting and the all over colour stick in persimmon a lovely sheen.. Enjoy!

Anyway I am exhausted now and have a busy day of bike riding, renovating and painting, ironing, roasting chicken and catching up with a girl friend planned so for now I will go hang with these guys

and finally finish my book

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


Big Bucks and lovely clothes

Well the week has been huge fun. I have had a friend staying and had a few days off work and it has involved a bit of cider, a day in fremantle and some eating of these

We also did a 2 hour cycle ride around the river, spent a fair bit of time in the pub, ate fro yo and SHOPPED! I ended up buying 2 grey cardigans ( too boring for pictures). Two pairs of nine west shoes

I also got them in red.

watching a LOT of this

TOWIE a guilty pleasure if ever I had one!
More shopping with 5 news tops from french connection, mink pink, ojay and also a charideeee shop or ( op shop as they are known here)
Needless to say a lot of fun has been had and a lot of spending occurred and now we need to batton down the hatches and save some pennies as I have big bills coming up and a credit card to pay off! BOOOOO. So I join the beautifully glossy project pan 50 or low buy challenge. I shall be aiming to not purchase anything unnecessary until the end of July ( when I will reassess). In that time I will pay my large bill from the uk, pay off the credit card and just shop my stash. I have a heap of products which need to be used, a heap of ingredients in my fridge and cupboards which need to be used and a heap of DIY products such as paint which just need the elbow grease to get the house finished. I already have tickets to a few fun events and I have ordered some items over the last month (some from the states) so I should have a steady inflow of new items over the next month to keep me occupied.
Along the way I am going to do posts on my empties and a quick review of which I would re- buy, recipes with the store cupboard faithfuls and outfits of the day with clothes that were long forgotten, plus a possible post of two on DIY and room make overs on a budget!
So for now we focus on saving, being happy with the items we have and using forgotten items, renovating, exercising and pro point counting.
How are you all doing?