The Detox Plan

Details of the detox plan I will be using have been requested on twitter. So here goes. What I am doing is loosely based on Dr Sandra Cabot Ultimate Detox . As I work away I cannot really do 2 weeks straight as I have limited control over my food and also its origin, organic is recommended. It is also impractical to make fresh juices up there. I plan to blends scoop of vital greens powder with a coconut water and drink that each day instead.

The plan is a two week plan based on vegan whole food, plenty of fruit, veg, wholegrains, juices and also a soup which you have to eat daily made of a rainbow of foods. Obviously some of the foods are not appropriate for FODMAPS, including juices, so I will make substitutions- such as juices made with limited low fodmap fruit and including lots of veggies. The plan has no dairy, caffeine and sugar also.

I am starting tomorrow, as it is was my birthday last friday so I wanted to celebrate that first . I am planning for that week of work to be an ease in week which will comprise of most of the aspects of detox as best as I can implement them at work. After that on my break I will do the plan to a T for the week. The next week at work I will take up the soup for dinner and follow as best as possible, then do a second full on week on break followed up by an ease off week.

Most of the foods are on the weight watchers filling and healthy plan for which you don’t have to count points so I may well give that a miss whilst I detox.

Each week I will recap how I have felt and what I have eaten and keep you posted.

Have you ever done a detox?


A note on anxiety

Let me first say I have never been diagnosed with medical anxiety. Anxiety has not inhibited my life, if you just look at the surface, but I have always been an anxious person. A worrier, stressy bessy, nervous nelly… all of the above. One strange thing about it was that it always went through phases of being better and then worse. Another strange thing about it is that as I have gotten older and am less effected by other adults it should have dissipated. It has , a little, but it is still there.

I remember my mum questioning if it was because she was stressed whilst carrying me? I remember thinking it strange that my grandma stresses about having nothing to stress about and I remember thinking I don’t want to be like this. Yes I have learned tools that have helped me. The number one tool being to stop, breathe and think through the situation to the worst that could happen. Often I find once I realise this is not that bad I can move forward. Sometimes I like to sit back and think how small i am in a big world, to envisage the peaks and troughs that are life, to accept that challenges and stresses are inevitable and to ride out the lows and enjoy the highs.

I have found that sleeping well helps. That not taking on too much helps and that by speaking about it helps. Sharing it. It is a commonly accepted fact in our house that sometimes I will have a bad night. A bad night where I cannot sleep, I wander, I toss, I turn and I stress. I now know that whatever I am stressing about is generally not a big deal come the morning. Nowadays I accept it, have a read, have a sleepy tea, distract my mind, move on and then sleep.

Over the last year I have learned massive amounts about the person I am, the qualities about myself I want to encourage, and what I strive to be. Anxious and stressy is not in that list. I dont want to be the thinnest, healthiest, fittest, most successful person on the planet as, in my opinion, that is not balance. Balance is what I strive for.

Lately we have realised there is a massive link between FODMAPS and my anxiety and mood. If I have eaten fodmaps I seems much more susceptible to feelings of being overwhelmed, stress and also overactive concern for other peoples well being. I am so glad I know this as it was the oddest situation where my problems were not necessarily linked to times of stress etc but food.

I had always assumed that excess stress affected my stomach. Women primarily hold stress in there stomach. Little did I know that actually the stress and anxiety ( beyond normal and reasonable stress) was a result of the food.

I look forward to embracing being the most balanced person I can be. I look forward to a future which involves a healthy amount of stress, after all it is a greater motivator, and I look forward to all of this with a FODMAP free future.

How does stress affect you? Do you find a link between eating and stress?

Exercise lately

In some ways whoops… I have not run in about 3 weeks! In others to quote these Aussies. no worries mate I ran a little the first week my mum was here, in Ali I walked a few hours daily and swam daily, I also did a 6km walk round the river each weekend. Last week it was wet at work, I did a lot of running around, zero running and 1 walk… But you know what? My appetite regulated to less and I missed it… This weekend I am easing back in. Today I want to swim and do a big dog walk, tomorrow a 20-30km cycle and Sunday a 10km walk, Monday ack to a 3-4km run… I will walk and run the following week to ease back up to where I was at and then continue onwards and upwards.

Honestly I think these little diet and exercise holidays are the best thing. The reassure me I have made proper changes and that I am enjoying what I do!

how do you get back in your groove?