The plan, wiaw

Ok so I am off to weigh in today and whilst I am comfy with that and feel like I am pretty balanced I also feel like I want to do a bit of a cleaner few weeks and up the exercise. I want to also see how this affects my weight loss so I will tweak up my work day which I have been ramping up to over the last couple of swings.


Here is my workout plan, it has a rest day, and all classes are low intensity or just 30 minutes so I think this is quite balanced. I feel like I need to make an effort so it can become habit and I can unlearn lazy habits.

My eating when at work is fine but I would like to implement some operation Miranda tweaks so a day will be….

5am hot lemon and fruit

9am porridge or eggs

Lunch- soup and salad or salad with rice salad

Snack- fruit

Dinner- veg heavy and meat or fish or veggie option.

I am going to attempt to do as much vegan food as poss for the next week and quit the coffee and sugar for a detox. I also want to body brush each night and drink some detox tea to get my liver ship shape. The better the liver the quicker the weightloss. Plus 2l water daily.

For my next break I need more jobs to do at home so boredom eating doesn’t become a factor. I am not normally a boredom eater but I want to ensure I don’t get into bad habits so renovation is becoming a priority as is my tax return and some other jobs.

I am doing pretty well on the finance challenge, but today I did pick up some long wanted for items. I got the bare minerals mineral makeup kit and a mario badescu toner. I was pretty proud of myself as I just bought the necessities and will buy the other items once I have used up what I have. I also cleaned through my makeup set and have a few items which I don’t think work for me.

At home I have had a nice eating routine this week which I will detail in the wiaw below.

Am hot lemon
Blast- rice porridge with cinnamon And banana or gluten free banana bread, coffee

Lunch- fail safe salad- mixed leaves, heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum, Italian dressing, 1/3 avocado and 1/4 small piece Brie cheese or sweet potato cannellini soup

Today I have had a caramel shortbread snack (naughty but I loved it and am not sorry!)

Dinner- this has varied and I have made a proper meal each night. This weeks menus have included….grilled fish with broccoli and cauliflower mash, curry, chicken risotto tonight and our favourite recipe at the mo … See below

Taco bowls

These have become a fail safe fave meal for myself and the other half.

Fill a bowl half way with lettuce, add chopped cucumber. In a pan cook chopped onion, chopped capsicum and chopped tomatoes with a packet of taco seasoning. Once cooked stir in a tin of refried beans. Top salad with mix and add salsa, low fat sour cream, chopped avo and some treated cheese.

Voila.. Naughty but nice


I will update the weightloss page after weigh in today.

Any amazing recipes for meals or meal ideas?