Minimalism- my rules for 2015

As I have been saying I have been watching heaps of minimalist youtube videos and also reading blogs. I love so many of the concepts within these. Life being less about owning and more about doing. Simplifying life. Making time. Making space. Feeling Free. I think I would like to take our own journey a step further. For us we are by no means minimal but we are a family in a , relatively small house, that has to be conscious of what we own. We are also a young (ish) family on a single income so all savings are welcomed.


I have been thinking a lot as it seems becoming more minimal is a really personal journey. Everyone’s definition of minimal is varied and to what extent they want to follow the lifestyle is also varied. I do not think we want to rush on in. In fact I doubt we will ever become truly minimal. I tried this a few years ago and, honestly, it just made me a bit sad as choosing clothes, accessories and makeup for the day is one of my fun points. However I am also someone for whom to many belongings feels stifling. To clear out is cleansing for me and I would like to remain on top of this. Some of the areas I have identified which could be addressed are written above. I think this year my main goal is to limit spending, to find what works and to clear out as I go.

1.Tupperware- I freakin love this stuff and have acquired lots since Milly was born. I have gained without loosing the stuff which is stained and we don’t use. I need to have a clear out.

2. My Clothes- I have just done one clear and gotten rid of the breastfeeding tops finally. In a few months I need to clear through all the undies and get rid of breastfeeding stuff and see if the old stuff fits. This may mean a few new bras. I also need to look at my clothes, some of which I am so bored of, some of which are just not going to suit my new shape and some of which I just don’t wear. I am reluctant to rush in and do this as I don’t quite know what my post breastfeeding shape will be and have not quite reached goal.

3. My makeup and skincare- By my standards I have a LOT of this right now which I really need to work through and use, chuck or giveaway. I am not going to get rid of things I have not yet trialled I am going to give myself the time and space to try things and pass them on if they are not for me. I found limiting yourself to early on means you don’t try new things and can miss out on looks you may enjoy or products you may love. There is a fine line for me between minimal and stuck in a rut.

4. Jewellery- I love jewellery. I do not by any means have masses but there is plenty. I need no more. What I will do is pack away sentimental jewellery, which I do not wear, for storage and sell any unused costume jewellery.

5. Body products- I have a stash of this the size of Europe. Last year I culled all the creams as I really don’t like these and now I have a real stash of body oils to get using.

6.Nails- I have a gel nails kit and my regular nail stuff. I do use a lot of this but could lose a few colours which are not faves.

7. Pantry- I would really like to do another run down of our cupboards over the next month to use it up. Then I will do a clear out to get a good idea of what we actually like and use. I am still keen for a new recipe each week.

8. Millys stuff- I am pretty on top of this but with her first birthday approaching I may need to give her toys a sort out. As we are hoping for another baby we are loaning all her stuff to our friends who are expecting and once we are finished we will permanently pass them on.

9. Miscellaneous items- cd’s, dvd’s, knick knacks, books. I am going to work through all of this and get rid of things which are unnecessary.

10. Finally lifestyle- keeping it simple, keeping spending low, prioritising experiences over items and keeping life simple yet fun.

As a note I am subscribed to the look fantastic beauty box for a treat each month and I also have popbasic credit for new clothes which was part of my Christmas present so these are exempt

What are your rules of minimalism? Also, mums what are the rules for your children- it feels odd dealing with other peoples items?

I have


The new rules of wardrobe

I like how my wardrobe currently looks. I have a fully functioning wardrobe with just the right amount of clothes and a good spread of clothes. After a series of clean outs and being honest about what I do and don’t actually wear my new rules are one in … One out. If I want to buy something new I must first get rid of something old. It is so tempting to keep buying and then not wear all your clothes. I hope this will help me to gain a good quality, functioning wardrobe. I also hope this will enable me to not waste money on un needed items.

what’s your wardrobe policy? The more the merrier?

Image: google images

Catch up on life

Well hello there. It feels like it has been an age since I last sat down and blogged properly. With my week on week off lifestyle and plenty of activities at the moment it probably has been about a week. Anyhow, what has been occurring??

First up I have been doing the Gold Star Challenge like a champ this week. I had felt quite disheartened with myself lately and been wondering what the hell was up with me. Where had all my motivation gone? Was it so awful that I was eating these these things? Well I seem to have come through the other side and my thoughts are this. It is HARD to eat well and exercise when you are stressed and exhausted. It is more important than ever when stressed and exhausted to eat well. Catch 22. Anyway I am back, pretty much, to it feeling better and if I gained any weight it was 1kg ( but I weighed when I had my TOTM so probably nothing). Life has not gotten less busy but through forcing myself to eat well and exercise I feel better equipped to meet life head on and tackle it.

Things I have been loving this week have included some outrageous work sunsets.



I have also found this watch by a company called La Mer and am severely tempted. I actually get tax back on a watch as I need one for work as I work underground so it could work out a lovely investment.


This week I am getting my hair done and have purchased and trialled a few beauty products for my wedding face which I will probably review after the wedding. There are also some great deals about at the moment which I will do a review of.

Finally clearing out the house and focusing on meal planning and home cooked meals as per the gold star challenge has filled this week nicely. At the weekend I am off to a wedding maybe I will even do an outfit post.

Sad times this week because a witchery bag I have owner for under a year and cost $300 has broken. The strap just plain failed. I think it must be a fault and have emailed to ask them if they can fix it. I may drop in a store with it tomorrow and see.


The quality of witchery is normally brilliant so hopefully they can help me out.

I spent my birthday voucher on a great River Cottage Cookbook. The online service from Dymocks is fantastic.

What have you been up to this week? busy busy or nice and quiet?


A day in the life of… Work me

As you know I have a double life, how very James Bond right?, I have a week of work Hayley and then a week of home Hayley. Here is a day in the life of work Hayley.

4.00am gym ( sometimes) if it is too hot for outdoors exercise I have started doing 45mins in the gym


4.45am wake up, check emails etc.

5.00am dressed in high via and work uniform and steel cap boots I head to the mess to get my breakfast and pack my lunch. There are two messes at camp one is like a school cantina and the other is the wet mess which is the bar.

5.30am pre start the car, check oil and fluid levels, lights etc.

5.45 or 6.00am depending on what task I am assigned to ( underground vs overground) morning meeting, stretches and breathalyser test each day.

7.00am COFFEE! And check emails

9.00am snack

12.00 lunch

4.00 pm snack

5.30-6.00 finish work and try to exercise. Walk/run normally possibly some personal training.

7.00 dinner

Optional -drink at wet mess ( I normally have a crazy diet coke as I am fearful of the breatho each morning and only go once a swing as I like a bit of me time)
– I also do my laundry the night before fly out and whilst waiting to a mini pamper, shave legs, face mask and a bit of summer skin so I am ready for break.

My work day comprises a lot of running around, variable tasks, meetings, training and occasional night call outs.

8.30 in bed reading or watching tv and then crash out asleep.

Repeat for 8 days straight

What’s in my bag…. With a twist

I see a lot of what’s in my handbag posts and I love a onset into other people’s worlds. At work I don’t carry a bag so is doing a what’s in my donga post. A donga is a portable room which is used at mining camps.

I snapped a few quick pics of things I use most at work.




The first picture is my laundry bag $15 from cotton on body. Not only essential to keep your small room tidy but also to take you clothes to the laundry block without any embarrassing drop your knickers on the path experiences.

Next is my at work makeup bag. I used to never wear makeup to work but at this site the girls do wear a little. As I am nearer 30 than 20 a little help from products which not only make you look better but also protects your skin is welcome. In my bag is.

Invisible zinc tinted sunscreen in light. This goes on shiny, has a light coverage and I imagine is somewhat similar to a BB cream in coverage.

Elf bronze and blush duo. Natural , cheap and a perfect colour combo for my skin. Reportedly a Nara Laguna/ orgasm dupe. I wouldn’t know as I have never had the Nars but am really happy with this little combo. I also curl my eyelashes most days.

I also have Lucas paw paw ointment for so many uses ( mainly lips), a model co mascara if I want a little something for a night at the wet mess and a lipgloss ( which I never use).

There is also a lip stain, a Lancôme concealer, eyelash curlers and a foundation brush from sigma.

The next photo has more hair and body stuff. I actually have more up there than I currently use but the main contenders are.

Dove summer glow, so I am not quite so Lilly white when I go on break.

Mitchum deodorant. It is over 40 degrees most days now.. Industrial deodarant needed.

Gwen stefani love rocks body spray.. You may be at work…you don’t need to stink.

Natures instinct mineral sunscreen for body.

Coconut oil in frangipani fragrance from Fiji as the water really dries my skin out up there.

Moroccan oil curl mouse to try and get some condition in my hair. I got a Moroccan oil set with the oil, curl mouse and hair spray. I keep the oil and spray at home and relegated the curl mouse to work where I let my hair dry naturally. This saves karting products between the two places. Mario badescu glycolic toner, aveda radiance moisturiser and skinstitut glycolic cleanser.

In my shower I have organic shower gel ( sls free as this adds to the drying effect of bore water) and I am trying dermalogica micro foliant at the moment after reading rave reviews and am currently unsure. I also have John Friedan go blond shampoo and conditioner that I alternate with organically moisture replenishing shampoo and conditioner.

So there you go?..

what’s in your bag?

Birthday times

Today the other half turns the grand old age of 36. So far I have made birthday breakfast, given the gifts and got the house ready for his mum and gran to come over. This afternoon we shall be livi g it up gold class at the cinema!

Not one for a modest celebration it has been a weekend of party action starting with Fridays BBQ, yesterday’s tour of friends ( who have also had birthdays this week) and an evening at the drag racing for a burn out special! So so loud.

I am pretty happy with the way the weekend has gone Friday I indulged in food and drink. I knew I had limited points left for the week so yesterday was a proper breakfast, left over BBQ lunch and I took 2 bananas with me for dinner and was designated driver so I could stick wit diet cokes (0 points). I know they are not that healthy and I would like to give them up but they feel like a bit of treat when others are all drinking. Plus the caffeine helps keep me awake when everyone is partying and I am less so.

Today has been another cooked breakfast ( spelt toast with a slice of ham and dry fried eggs), lunch will be left over BBQ and I dare say dinner will be the same. I have plans to take a giant fruit salad into the cinema as a healthy zero point snack.

Sadly with all the fun filled time exercise has fallen by the wayside! Oops. Tomorrow I shall run 3-4 km and I am also planning a mega clean of the house. A 3 month pull everything out clean!

I am now looking forward to getting back to a month or so of renovating, exercising, eating modestly from home and saving for the silly season.

Still drafting the wardrobe update post and a few others… Anything you want to hear about?..

Anyway back to the recap I am so happy that I have been able to navigate a fun time, without going off plan, making better decisions and it not feeling hard… This is what, fingers crossed, makes it a plan for life.