A Christmas update

It’s chriiiiistmas… Well actually it’s not yet but I hope you folks are all getting festive together? Right now I am sat pretty jealous off all you guys in England where it is cold and Christmassy. I would give anything to be home at Christmas. One of the hardest things about living away is the loss of your little family traditions and rituals which make the special occasions well special I guess. My mother has always been pretty OTT about Christmas and birthdays in the most fabulous and tasteful way possible. She has always been a pretty outstanding mother and person as she takes the time to do the special touches and make these days special for everyone. She is the lady that does the details which other people think so what about and it’s all these details which add up and make a house a home and a day a celebration.

I think that I will stop with the hero workshop of my mumma now and move onto this post. I started to get a little doomful about not going home and when I was chatting to cob about it he reminded me this is our 5th Christmas together ( time flies) and I realised how silly I was being. Whilst being at home ( England) with my family for Christmas will probably always be my number one choice I have my own little family here and it’s about time I tried to enjoy Christmas Day with us lot than wish I was somewhere else.

So, we have our tree which I love , cob took me shopping for it last time I was down about Xmas. I let him choose, it takes up half the lounge, but looks great. Maybe I will start to get a new decoration each year so we build up a nice collection, this year I want to make a greenery/silver ball arrangement which will wrap around the curtain rail in the lounge. We are not big drinkers but this year we planned to put aside an evening where we would make a roast dinner, have a cheeky drink and put up the tree. I lit some candles too so it looked festive and although we had to blast the sitcom it did feel Christmassy.

Next up we have put aside a day to do our Christmas shopping together. I know I am very lucky to have another half which will help me with these things so we decided to make a day of it and treat ourselves to lunch out.

Each year I am sent an advent calendar which is on the fridge and we open the doors. I also, have all my Christmas cards from friends and family up. Which leads to the next festive activity… At the grand age of 30 I am sending cards this year. Not a gazillion as my family used to but to friends, as I don’t really send presents, and also to the elderly relatives as they love it. A festive evening of tv by tree and candle light writing cards is on the CARDS!! ( oooh terrible dad joke!).

Friday was my work Christmas party so I spent ten day relaxing, having a bubble bath, and wrapping our presents. This made me feel quite festive also. I then had a great night, drank way too much (so many pro points!) danced the night away and woke up sick as a dog on Saturday. Saturday was spent resting, we had already dedicated this day to hangover which kind of made it more of an occasion as we could let our hair down and not worry about jobs to do the next day. Rather brilliantly I am still within my points allowance for the week! In the evening once we were rehydrated ( thank god for Gatorade) we curled up and watched the royle family Christmas special, it was proper festive.

So getting closer to the day I have decided on a few transitions. We are spending Christmas morning with cobs family but they all go to other people for lunch so we are alone. Although I do like orphans Christmas ( with other people without families here) in someways it makes me feel lonelier as they aren’t people I would normally see. I have decided to have drinks and mice pies at our house on Christmas Eve for family and friends. Christmas morning we will go for breakfast and to give presents and we have been invited for drinks and nibbles at some good friends of ours late aftnoon/evening. In the middle of the day I think we should do a Christmas shop (the week before) and buy some tasty treats we wouldn’t normally have and then listen to carols and cook a nice meal. Smoked salmon, prawns, roast, pigs in blankets all the trimmings… I even have dairy free and gluten free minced pies which cost me an arm and a leg but I am saving for that day. We can then watch Christmas tv, open our pressies and Skype the family before going for evening drinks at our friends. I think this should be a lovely day.

On Boxing Day we are heading to a friends for a day at the beach and to stay so we can all have a BBQ together.


I no longer feel sad at this Christmas, I am actually quite looking forward to it. I have made a stocking full of treats for the dog, got my presents for cob, got candy canes on my tree which we never had at home but I think they look great as chocolates would probably melt. I will wear a nice Christmas outfit and after watching the royle family want to try snowball drinks this Christmas instead of minced pies, has anyone had these?

what are your Christmas traditions? Any you can recommend?


Living in separate hemispheres…. an ode to the mummatron

Today, I am blogging about a subject so very close to my heart. Living in separate hemisphere’s with particular reference to my mother. It is HARD, as in really hard to live away from your family. Let me also add that my family is not perfect, there is no picket fence and no 2.4 children we are a typical modern family. I grew up with 4 parents, as opposed to the old-fashioned 2, I have half brothers, step brothers and that alone is hard. Add another hemisphere and it is super tricky.

My mother, who raised me ( with the help of others but most of who I am and what I know has come from her), is beautiful both physically and as a person. When I was younger I used to think that my mum looked like sandy from Grease and now.. she still does look a bit like Olivia Newton John. More than this she is a beautiful person who has always been there for me 125%.

When I moved it was for work, for a chance for a better life and also for a change. I travel, we travel, it’s what my family do. It was not permanent, it was a chance to go and see what happened. Then I met my other half and he and his family are from the opposite end of the planet to me and mine and I had to make decisions. Where do we live? Where is out future? where do we get married? Where do we live with our kids? am I still a good daughter if I live away? how can I love my family if I choose to live away from them?

For a long time I held a lot of guilt about living away but I love my life here. I love my job, I love the climate, I love my partner and I can earn more. On a day-to-day basis it is easier for us to live here. I miss my mum. At the age of nearly 30 there are still days when I need my mum. After lots of thought, lots of chats and plenty of tears we have learned a few things ( my mother and I)

  • As a mother she wants the best for me and enjoys my happiness and is sad with me. If we weren’t crying because we missed each other we would be because I had a rubbish job or hadn’t found someone to be with.
  • She is proud of me… proud that I have got out there and taken on the world and proud of the things I have achieved.
  • If the biggest problem I have is that my family live far away when I live with the man of my dreams, do a job I love and live comfortably then things are looking pretty rosy.

I would not say that living apart has distanced us. I would actually say we are closer than ever. Yes, I don’t know how many cups of tea she has each day and she doesn’t know what colour socks I have on but she knows the things I am into, what is stressing me and whats going on in my life. If I have a decision to make she is always the second person I chat to ( my fiance being the first), I have a special phone line so calls are cheap and I call her a couple of times a week. We email most days sometimes a couple of times. The emails are often small and just contain links to things or recipes or just a hello. In fact we chose my wedding dress together online via emailing links.

I treasure being this close to my mother, I value her and because I miss her I love her more. Every phone call and email requires effort and is sent because we want to and miss each other and everyday I think of her and something to tell her and the best part? Well the best part is the emails are often signed love the mummatron- if that doesn’t make you smile I don’t know what will.